Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello people,

it has been a wonderful journey here on blogger.com, and now i decided ( with so many other changes in life), that it is time this blog gets its own home. 

This is a short message to everyone out there who have religiously been following me by email and rss subscriptions, to the present blogger page. I have now moved on to my own standalone domain, www.bharatjhurani.com and thus all the subsricptions have also moved along.

Really my mistake. I should have ensured that everything else also moves along like this, but well that technical challenge!!! Sorry! :)

Yes, but now what you can do is, to point all your current readers and email subscriptions to the new links:

1. RSS Feed for posts
2. Email Subscriptions

So power up that feedreader and plug in the new details.

With all these new developments, it would not be complete without having a presence on social Media. So,  here is the FaceBook page, for the Sphere - within which everything lies.


Thank you so much, and welcome to the new home.


Bharat Jhurani

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving to a new ( small) town

The last post was about the bright future in the small towns, and the huge potential they carry. Here I would like to ramify about some things you SHOULD look while moving to a new city.

After shifting to hubli, and getting my stuff too transferred from Bangalore, the first thing I did was Unpack ( obviously). Set up my virgin house with whatever little I had, and head straight to Big Bazaar ( yes, hubli has one!) to fill up the rest of the house.

Although moving sucks, it doesn’t end when you finish unpacking the boxes, and getting more stuff then and there and unpacking it. Every body needs to find certain spots (and a few people) in a new city to make his own.

There are some things that one should always look down while moving to a new city.
    BARS – These are the places you have the chance to network, hook up, set a date and in short do everything to start your social life. Alas! Hubli just has these shady bars, where you have the overgrown uncles and frustrated sales people, frustiyaying about their bosses. No chick around. But well, Networking is not all about finding chicks. Is it?

Food spots – As a bachelor, in spite of having a microwave and all the necessary amenities in the kitchen, you would never ever cook on time. Very important to eat a full satisfying meal atleast once in a day. Go find about all the good eating out places ( being Hubli, by all I don’t mean many!) and ensure your daily bread and cereals are taken care for.

 Coffee house – While initially moving in, I did not expect a decent coffee place where I could hang out in the evening. Hubli surprisingly has a CCD( yes, they have managed to get a franchise even here). This is the place, where you need to go to get rid of your loneliness and in your quest to see some live people, and also to give rest to your Facebook and google talk account for some time. Accept it, humans do need live interaction with other humans. Not to talk about the prospects of hooking up with some one.(  here I drift again!)
  Impressing ladies place – You never know when you get lucky, or when you be able to score. So do find out about the existing parks and “local sight seeing places converted to lover’s parks” around your town. Even if you don’t find anyone like me, you can always go there to see other happy people and just dive into the beautiful memories you would have had till you were shifted here. ( yeah, CCD will get boring after a point of time!)
GYM – If you are lonely, staying alone in a big city, the Gym would be your only partner, and this applies to small towns too. Hubli has a talwalkars( yippee!!). This is the place where you start your not-so-social day.

Many other things I might have missed out,  which I would keep updating you as I go through this exciting journey called “ Living in the fortune!”