Monday, December 26, 2005

My life

Nope, this post has nothing to do with Bill clinton's autobiography..

Okay okay, one more late post and here i m musing around with Clinton!!, but this time the lethargy was intended... Well 4 my own reasons i wanted 2 discontinue my blog :( but i guess there r somethings which u just can't b without.. somethins which u can't b displeased 4 long..and probably the BLOG is one of those.....

Read this article on the net, v have one xtra second this year, and that, it seems, is reason 2 rejoice!! well 1 sec does matter, probably...

Lots of things hav happened in this month.. and the best part, or the best news, that i have heard in years is " I have Passed".. yes, the sem xams( my last post), which i was sure would let me down, turned out 2 b favourable..I hav scored a decent 8.00 GPA. ofcourse, could manage only a D in the lic xam.. :D. Anyways, this implies that i m still in the run 4 the ensuing campus placements:). one more sem. and inshallah i may land up wid a job( hopefully INFOSYS).. that was on the acads side...

Done a lot of readin the past month, what with all the time in this world and no substantial work 2 do.. Read
1. Deception point
2. one night @ the call center
3. harry potter - 1( again, this time on the comp)
and some light ones..
presently, am engrossed in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy...

On the lighter side, it is just a month or so that i m back 4m the tour,and there is already one more in the pipeline... V have planned, or decided to go to IITKGP, 2 participate in KSHITIJ, their annual techn management fest... hope it rocks :)

lastly,on the personal front, my life has been running on a somewhat better note( touchwood).. it has been a rockin time with the opp. gender(pun intended), and even i feel a change in my persone, more confident than ever, more demanding, and more DIGNIFIED.... it feels good :)

Thats all 4 da day, i promise my nxt post will b very soon...

Monday, November 21, 2005

The damn lab externals

Hello guys, and sorry 4 the late post.. I was out on a tour( Called Industrial tour, with only 2 industries in 9 days!!..).. Later about the tour, actually hav tyoed it all on my comp, but as the net connection at home is down.. will hav 2 get it into a memory stick and post it here.. Sorry :(

This post is about the sucked lab externals v had the past 2 days.. I mean common guys after a fortnight break from studies, and a long trip.. Who the **** remembers the circuits - which capacitor goes where, and the pin diagram of a 555 timer.. It was all blanked out, and one night of prep was not at all sufficient, and with luck against you, u can't expect anythin' more worse..

V had LIC lab on sat, and i got 2 do ASTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR.. i did not even know the circuit diag.. i struggled hard, and after a few passes, and one hour could finally arrive at the right circuit.. The apparatus( probably been there right from the inception of the coll), were given and even after fiddling with them 4 around tree hrs, the CRO did not show any signs of movement.. It was adamnant to fail me, and lo! it has probably succeeded.. Ma'am after exhausting all her patience, finally asked me 2 giv up, and tere 4 the first time in my life - in a lab xam - i did not get the output( Now i understand how ppl feel when things don't go their way)..

The viva after that was equally sick, with me being able 2 answer just around 40% of the questions.. So it all got screwed up, and now i stand at the juncture of failing in the lab :(( Can't help, my impeccable record, may be broken, and there may b a red star on my certificate...

Sorry guys, i did'nt exactly want 2 post this, but wanted something 2 rest my sobbing head on.. so this post..


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Hi everyone,
Last week i had my mid xams, so could not post :( Even the motherboard of my pc has screwed up, so internet cafe's are the only respite...
Anyways, the mid xams were good and now i m burning the proverbial midnight oil for the sems( This is the only time of the sem that i study)..and after the sem, i m off 2 the Industrial tour, with my classmates, for 10 days from nov 7th.. wow!! i m so excited..

Abt the ind. tour: v r goin 2 Bangalore, mysore, ooty and Chennai( No, it is not a honemoon package, as mocked by our HOD).. We will be off 2 b'lore on 7th, and visit the places in the above specified order.. wheeela!! I m dying 2 c B'lore, after all those raving reviews that i got 4m my cousins and friends.. I m raring 2 step into the IIM and INFOSYS, 4 the time being, as a visitor only...

You must b wondering abt the misplaced pic at the header.. Well last week( just b4 the mids), i went 2 the DANDIYA NITE, at TAJ residency, on my friends insistence.. It rocked!!.. Initially, i decided 2 go just one day of the 5 days, but eventually got tempted to go one more day.. V here in Vizag are lucky 2 escape 4m any blanket timing( like 10pm in Mumbai).. V partied away( if i m allowed to call it that), late nights.. and returned home only after 3AM??

Inspite of my initial appprehensions,that i would get bored, It was really exciting.. Once you get on to the dance floor, u get addicted( What with so many good looking females out there as partners).. I really enjoyed, more so the second day, when i had made a couple of new friends, and could b in a group...

Even though i tried not making any comments on the ppl there, my instincts did not stop me, so here are a few observations abt the junta:

Main madhuri dikshit banna chahti hoon!!
There are this typical girls who perhaps have spent more than Rs.1,000 to dress up for this five-day festival( The organising society here does it for 5, instead of the customary 9 days). They are armed with all the essential Ingredients: A designer wardrobe, a skin clinic back-rub, lots of hours spent at the beauty parlour and formal dance training a month before the festival starts. All this for that one goal: "Best Dressed Female Dancer".

Step1-Step2-Step3 and turn around. This particular type although here to play Dandiya ends up doing some kind of a P.T exercise like the ones you did in school. No smile, no enthusiasm or the excitement of the music. It's more like the rhythm of the music just moving the body like a robot. I was in this category, a couple of years ago.

Abhi to main jawan hoon..
Age no bar, this old generation is here to dance till their legs hurt and backs break. I have noticed this one particular old lady who dances right from the start to finish of the round( aroud 1 hr) and is present again , rejuvenated for the next round.( Wonder where she gets all the energy from??.. hats off to u ma'am)

Made for each other
Dressed in the most authentic attire for the night, this couple will be dancing like a pair from Bollywood movies. Steps perfect to the T and above all, a wide smile to top it up. Award: "BEST COUPLE FOR THE NIGHT".

Disco Dandiya
There are some of these boys and girls( most of them from HSBC call center), who know not a thing about Dandiya, but manage to shake a leg or two,albeit in the Disco style.. Can't blame them, V - the gen X, are more familiar with that kind of dance.. Anyways, their enthu to learn the traditional dance need to be commended...

Then, there is this Garba round- the philosophy of which is still out of my comprehension.. er!!. Everyone gathers to form a large circle, and move their entire body like a drunken person in a circular kind of a chain.. the same thing happens for quite a large number of ciircles, until everyone including the band ppl are exhausted.. aagh!! Yes the steps seem 2 b rythmic to the beat, but i could never get over it.. pooh!!

And of course, then there is this other type which makes up for the huge crowd who has come there with the only intention to "watch" the above mentioned types. "No playing and no dancing - STRICTLY NO.That is for the kids, let them njoi, while i sip my drink..."

That was all about the DANDIYA RAS nite.. I m off 4 now, and would b back soon after these horrid xams( when will our educa'SHUN' systm shun off its false perceptions??)

ps: thanks 2 all my blog readers, 4 their continued patronge by making the counter reach 200( a new high - Sensex style)..It took less than 2 months to reach this, after surpassing the 100 landmark.. Once again thank you all, I promise to continue with the same zeal...

best of luck,

Friday, October 07, 2005

Papers Galore

Hello everyone..
Sorry 4 the late post, actually was kinda busy.. in assignments, presentations, and LIFE!!..

I and sirish presented a paper on "frequency division in mobile communication", at tech-twirl 2k5, organised by Avanthi college, last week..and guess what?? V won the first prize of Rs.2000/-(wow!).. and then started the usual nagging for a treat by friends.. It feels gr8 2 b the best speaker among some 30 speakers, from various places..

Yesterday, I along with many of my classmates went 2 Al-Ameer college, to present a paper at Technocom - 2k5.. the place suxx.. man, u call it a damn engineering college.. It looked like a long abandoned cottage in a forest surrounded by mountains allover.. NO cell network, no STD in sight, no canteeen nearby!!... Pity those who are cursed 2 spend their precious 4 years in that hell..( Sorry, no hard feelings anyone)

The days ahead would be strenous, and please bear wid late posts.. My Pc's motherboard has screwed up, so no other alternative other than goin 2 an internet cafe( I am posting 4m an internet cafe, right now.. aagh!!), and amidst xams, doin that would be suicide..

The spam that i receive these days, most of my surfing time is sacrificed deleting them.. so much that these days, i dump away the entire BULK mail folder, without even a glance.. My appeal 2 all the spamsters:
To all spammers:

1. I do not wish to purchase any property.
2. I do not wish to visit your "cool" web site.
3. I do not wish to extend my schlong, thankyou very much!
4. I do not wish to receive any free debt counselling reports.
5. No, I do not need to send you my banking/eshopping account details.
6. I do not wish to purchase black-market pharma products.
7. I do not wish to see nude celebrities.
8. I do not wish to purchase MP3s at 1 cent/song.
9. I do not wish to avail of any loans, credit cards, or share-plans.
10. I do not want to participate in chain-marketing

Please if u're listening, exclude me 4m ur mailin list...

I m sorry, 4 the haphazard manner of the post.. it was an accumulation of a lot of things in one, so could'nt help it.. :)

Best of luck to all..

Friday, September 23, 2005

Where were u, when it was dark? er.. Raining

Rain rain go away
come again another day..
little johnny wants to play
Rain rain.. go to spain...

Don't show your face again..

A small rhyme v, as kids, used 2 sing whenever it rained.. Then, it was just a
way of frenzy, without actually meaning it.. It was euphoric, and in a sense of
excitement, v all cousins sang in a chorus..

Y m i speaking about childhood all of a sudden.. nostalgic? not exactly.. Last
few days my place has been receiving pretty genorous doses of rain, and i
observed some kids, in my apartment, with the same excitement.. Then did i
realize the meaning.. How rain can throw our life into an havoc!! A case study
here... er... my experience.

Right from Sunday morning, it has been drizzling in Vizag and v were confined
indoors for most of the time.. Evening i had planned 2 go 2 a movie wid my
parents( after a real long time), and was very keen on it.. but lo! the rain was
determined 2 play spoilsport... Nevertheless, i convinced my mom of the
credentials of the movie( APARICHITUDU), and v did go.. Albeit completely
drenched in the super cooled theatre. The theatre probably had a tie-up wid the
doctors( what else could explain the low temperature set on the
air-conditioner?). Anyways, v had a great time in the chilled theatre and the
raging movie, and on our return got 2 bath , in the purest form of natural
water, once again.. this time amidst the different processions of the
pot-bellied "Lord Ganesha"..

Monday morning, woke up lazily, as usual, only 2 find a heavy rain outside.. Mom
asked not 2 go to the coll.. I refuted. Srinivas baba sir is to take 2
classes and i can't afford 2 miss them( I actually like his classes!!).. The
rain was real heavy, and some friends called 2 check if i had any info about the
coll.. At around 8:30, Varun broke the news - It has been declared a holiday,
and then started my woes??.. I was confined 2 my house, fortunately dad also
decided 2 wait 4 the rain 2 wean away, and v had a long chat till 11AM.. Dad
left 4 his work, and i fell into the grips of boredom.. Tried 2 read something(
as power had already run away, fearing the rains..), but how long could one do
that??.. Cursed myself 4 being stingy last evening by not buying a copy of
Business today.. i read( or rather studied) the entire newspaper.. It was just
12:30.. the clock hands seem 2 have stuck 2 their positions.. wonder how ppl
used 2 pass time, when electricity wasn't there??.. I slept all the afternoon(
Even Ravana is put to humiliation..), and evening woke up at the cool air by the
fan, which i had left 'on'... The power had come, but the cable connection was
still afraid of the rain, or maybe the rain has managed to kill it.. Any ways,
at least the comp is there at rescue.. I started my movie fare - Aashiq
banaya Aapne
and BLADE...

Tuesday morning, Upendra managed 2 wake me up by his call informing me of the
rain.. Damn! one more day of boredom!! No i am goin 2 get away, at least 2
someone's place and hang out there... Got a spate of calls, from my classmates,
soliciting my suggestion - I asked them all 2 come 2 the coll, and they abided..
I traited!! Got a last minute call from my bro( studying in the hostel at Sri
Chaitanya), that he is not well.. so went there 2 pick him up.. and by the time
i reached back home, Vamsi called and informed my mom the "good news" that it
was a holiday even today.. called him back, and gave a good dose, along with
some piece of mind.. He promised 2 compensate by giving me company( actually he
himself was bored, and had a car at his disposal),... V played on the comp( Yes!
the power has braved up against the rain, or maybe just got used 2 it..
whatever.  Thank u - APTRANSCO).. At 2:30, after vamsi left, I continued my
movie fare - Virudh.. ( bah!! it was borin'.. want to squeeze the neck of
my cousin, who referred it to me.. ).. To overcome the virtual house arrest, I
headed off to the CAT class, in spite of a drizzle.. Thus, the day passed on
well ( at least better than yesterday), but the deluge still continues...

Now, I really wish the rains go away 2 Spain, or 2 the farmers who need them

Request 2 RainGod :   please pour at regular intervals, instead of
blessing us " Chappad phaad ke"... It has happened in Mumbai, New Orleans
and now Andhra... all at very close intervals?? - Hope it is not a scheme, to
reduce the population!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

MIDS : Engineering's curse on students..

Ahh!! I can already hear those grunts," Finally, he has posted".. Anyways, My sincere apologies 4 being late.. had my mid xams last week, so was 'kinda' busy..

About the mids??.. 4get it.. This is the only time that v study in Engg. ( other than the Sem xams, ofcourse).. On my first day in engg. i was told 2 b punctual, dediicated, study everyday, and blah! blah!.. and i did follow them 4 a week or two, until seniors took over.. and i got elected the CR of the class... Then started the procrastination - do everythin, except study.. Any ways, why dwell on the past??..

Lemme tell u s'thin abt the prep last week.. Sunday afternoon, everyone was havin a gr8 time, planning the evenin, and my evenin' was already decided, albeit by mom.. get in love with the study desk.. No! I can't, It is just 3 in the afternoon and my eyes were begging me take them off the Latin and greek paper.. No i decided, V hav MP 2morrow, and the sides may change during the xam.. Headed off to Tarun's house 4 combined study..

Tarun's house at 4: 7 young boys( my classmates), all cramped in a small room - sufficient 4 2, and crowded 4 three!!.. and me being the 8th person.. boy!! were v supposed 2 study there.. what with the sleek computer on with internet plugged in, the air conditioner at its minimum temp. - v were freezed, and a friend's IPOD lying unused?? I immediately plugged in the IPOD, and went into oblivion with Aashik banaya aapne.. ( Apple really needs a commendation)...

This was goin till 5, with my occasional inputs 4 the online chat goin, when v got a call that its a friends b'day treat.. Off, v headed, leavin everythin as it is... After all the b'day bumps, the water champagnes, and overflous treat of sweets in Raju's( the b'day boy) room.. V realised tat its not a hol 2morrow..
After a heated debate, v decided 2 forgo the roadside noodles, and returned 2 Tarun's.... I just learnt "how 2 spend 3 hrs doing nothin', and unable 2 withstand it any more( combined studies don't wrk 4 me), left 4 my place.. It was 7 in the evenin.. and the beach was overcrowded - how my heart longed to b there, just doing nothin..but, no! v hav the mid xams 4m 2morrow

Fortunately, the mids went on well, and i am waitin in wide anticipation - 4 the marks??.. who cares, until the nxt mid!!

Anyways,Be good, take care, and, as is "en vogue" right now, Salaam Namaste...


Friday, September 02, 2005

Sidney Sheldon's "Banti aur Babli"

Surprised!! what the heck am i writin?? Bunty aur babli, the hindi masala movie, and Sidney Sheldon, the bestselling author, How are they connected? Well, so was i, when i recently read Sidney sheldon's If Tommorow comes.. Gawd it looked so much like Bunty aur babli.. inpsiration huh!..
My foot!! It was a neat adaption, by the producers of the movie, 2 cater 2 the tastes of the indian public.. Wow! and it went largely unnoticed.. and the end result - the film is a block buster, raking in a huge moolah, to the already superflous producers..

In the book v hav tracy whitney, the protoganist, gettin into the arena of consters succumbing 2 the circumstances, ala rani(or babli) in the film.. V have Tracy assisted by Jeff Stevens, for the more manly jobs, ala Abhishek(or Bunty).. Initially they con people 2 fend themselves, and in due course get addicted 2 it.. They no more do it for the money.. Its pure fun.. and u can't help laughing at the gullible nature of most of the ppl..

The execution of the swwindles look more realistic in the book.. In the movie selling of TAJMAHAL 2 a foreigner looks too silly 4 the audience 2 digest( pitfalls in the name of adaption).. One more similarity 2 the movie:- there is a tough cop behind the consters, who always manages 2 b outsmarted by them, ala BIGB..

Of course, bunty aur babli being a indian movie, needs a decent happy ending, with a win-win situation 4 all.. So BIBG manages 2 change the consters and reform them, in the end, using their intelligence 4 constructive purposes.. While in the book the "con" continues...

Thus, v c a classic case of piracy infringement.. unfortunately without any acknoledgement 2 the rightful owner.. Sorry Mr. Sheldon.. but it happens only in INDIA!!

And finally i would like 2 thank u all 4 baring with my musings..


Thursday, September 01, 2005

100 and growin'

Wondering what on earth does the title mean?..
Well its abt the counter, which has crossed 100 hits, aand is growin'...

Anyways, this milestone( is it really one??) was acheived in about a month.. It was a chance encounter wid the sitecounter and i felt the importance 2 keep a track if anybody is actually readin the blog( The visitors r unfortunately, lazy, or time pressed, 2 leave a comment)... and lo' it worked..

Now s'thin abt my blog:
Early june,this year, I was njoin my hols, wid aimless browsing, when i seriously gave a tought 2 blogging, many of my friends had told me abt it, but i never felt the urge.. and thus started the blog of the year, I think my name is good enough 2 b the title, and what better than COLLEGIAN, 2 define the blog in brief?..

What is intended 2 b on the blog:
My thoughts!!! Well that is what a blog is meant 2 b.. And i take this oppurtunity 2 announce that i would b updating more regularly , and please the views expressed may vary 4m post 2 post - evolution, or s'thing... nay! its just what runs in my mind, at the time of writin(or typin), is out on the blog.. so simple!!

Future plans:
I have this bad habit of always scheduling all my activities, and unfortunately not sticking 2 any.. Anyways, even in this arena, my idea is 2 include boook an movie reviews,study plans, and blah! blah!( sound nerdy.. just kiddin!!).. Its goin to contain more malice, more of me and the thing called LIFE revolving around me!!

So be waitin in anticipation..

Finally, a small dream that i would like 2 share wid u - Hope the counter increases exponentially, here on.. and the blog bcomes the blog of the year
.. 4get it man! i was just kiddin'.. who cares about the stat counter, I blog as long as i feel like doin it.. and nothin can deter me 4m doin this..On this note, bye bye.. take care..

Luv and Luc,

Thursday, August 25, 2005

changes of wind

The one thing which I have learnt about Life...especially in the last one year....Change is an integral part and one needs to embrace it with complete consciousness!

No one can run or hide...coz it just hits your entire system...and makes one go thro' a complete overhaul even before you realise it!

What made me say this?
Well the change that i discover in myself!! I was just goin thru my diary of 2003 - the year i had got a seat in GITAM.. and i found a completely different me!
Then i was this egoistic, proud, don't giv a damn kinda person.. but now i find myself a lot more sober - good or bad, I don't know!!

I particularly recollect the day i got my EAMCET rank... I was least expecting 2 get a gud rank.. and i even had a bet wid a friend on our ranks.. He is intelli', so i betted that whoever gets the better rank would giv a treat 2 the other.. Fair enough.. He got 2600 s'thin.. and i was reluctant 2 check my results... But then on everyone's force.. I went 2 the internet cafe.. and guess what - My rank is 874.. Wow! did not expect it even in the wildest of my dreams.. Obvi,the treat followed and Ganesh( my friend) took complete charge... The bill was a massive 400 just 4 2 ppl( Me & Ganesh)... The irony, or the sad part, is that The DHIRUBHAI AMBANI test was ensued 4 the nxt day.. and as expected i did badly - gettin a rank of 948...

This is completely different 4m the present me. Today, i m a lot more cautious, and more responsible( My peers say that), Maybe that is due 2 the brief stint of being the Class rep in the 1st year... If that incident occured 2day, i would probably postpone the treat and prepare well 4 the xam.. This does'nt mean i m this Nerdy kinda person.. It is just that my priorities r more vivid..

Of course there r some negativ changes in me, which i wish were not there.. Like i hav become a kinda 'introvert' and i hate myself 4 this..I listen 2 ppl and cannot say no to them - i think i should get rid of that...

This is all 4 2day, and thank u all 4 goin thru this post so patiently, inspite of it being borin( or so i feel - y would anyone b interested in my life).. I promise 2 come back wid more lively issues...

A joke 2 relieve u of my life!!

WOMAN: U know neutrinos hav no 'mass'
MAN: What!! I did'nt even know they were catholics??


Thursday, August 18, 2005


Just back 4m the strenous PD classes.. I don't understand why everything has to revolve just around us getting a job? The PD classes, meant to develop our personality, have turned 2 b just another training program to get us closer to that coveted job...

I mean, any classes that v attend, any xtra time v spend, any xtra curricular activity v do - If it has 2 b popular it has to do s'thin related 2 getting a job, a good placement in a top company... Why don't v think of actually improving as a person; try 2 inculcate some habits that would make us a better human being, do s'thin constructive 4 our satisfaction...

LITERATI for xample, last sat' a guy rose up at the end of the session, and in a rebellous manner accused us of not organising the event in a systematic way. He blamed that v were just whiling away the time and not sticking to a fixed agenda!!.. Com'on dude, this is supposed to b a fun activity, and fun has no agenda.. Yes v r responsible 4 the happenings and v do work under a frame work.. but 'agenda'... After the session, i met the guy outside the class and informally asked him his expectation 4m the club?.. The reply, 2 my utter dismay, was : "I want group discussions to be held, so as to get a job in the campus easily.."

I was aghast!!I had nothing 2 say, except an assurance that v would do it nxt week..
Please, there r many more things other than chasing a job.. and if u r the right person, "the jobs would b chasing u, and not vice-versa..", So plz guys, b open minded and look for broader perspectives...

I m sorry, I m no saint 2 giv sermons on what ppl shld b thinking.. but this one, I could'nt resist myself...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hello everyone,
Surprised!! two posts in two days, after a long hull.. Well our mid xams got over last week.. and Rajesh sir( Lab LIC), has agreed 2 let us go after v finish the experiment 4 the day... so i m here...

Anyways, here let me tell u abt the launch of LITERATI, saturday last..
Actually i had bunked the afternoon classes on friday, along with Semin, KP, Bobby, Suri, and Sulu.. v had planned to go 2 the english flick SAHARA at ramadevi..but v rather saw the video of the industrial tour of our srs... Evenin after gettin back home, i got a call at around 6:30, 4m Shrik, that ma'am had come 2 our class in the afternoon and asked 4 us.. She announced that LITERATI was 2 b launched 2morrow, on principal's orders. phew! v were movin at a pace of doin it nxt sat.. Anyways, I asked him 2 meet me 2morrow, with both of deciding 2 bunk the classes...

Nxt day, v went to ma'am's room, where v were told that v have been alotted space in the CV RAMAN bhavan, near the communication lab... I then headed off to the principal's room along wid ma'am, 2 ask him permission 2 go 2 all classes 2 announce the LAUNCH.. He agreed. Meanwhile the others went to the venue..

On my arriival there, i found that the room was locked, and everyone was waitin outside.. I went to the incharge who led me to another person, and so on.. until ma'am herself came and obtained the keys. V were happpy wid the alotted hall - air conditioned and beautifully cushioned. After some work there, I, Niharika and Aparna(both my jrs.), set off 2 announce the event 2 each class.. V returned back at 11:30.

Then i had 2 rush to GIFT,by ma'am's car, to get a colour printout, then i went to ma'am's room in Viswesvariah bhavan, 2 get the presentation out of ma'am's comp.. Then, i had 2 search my mail 4 the GD topics, sent to me long back, by a frnd. V were ready at 1 ven ppl started pourin in... My announcement had wkd..

I initially hosted the show, and also divided the members into 3 groups, 2 conduct GD - The agenda for today... Then the principal arrived and addressed us 4 abt 1/2 an hr.. Then v had the presentation, by Praveen.. Man! it was impressive. He kept us hooked 2 our seats with his humour.. Then i delivered the vote of thanks, and v called it a day...

Praveen gave his birthday treat at Food-ex, to 14 of us. On the whole it was a very satisfying day... A day 2 b cherished 4 a long time...


Monday, August 08, 2005


Wondering, what on earth does the title mean??.. Well this is the name of the latest club that we hav formed in our coll...
It is an english club( or english space, english meet, however u term it)... It was formed on sugestion by our principal under the esteemed guidance of our english ma'am...

It all started out like this:
3 weeks back on a friday afternoon, ma'am called 4 students 4m our class 4 givin innovative ideas in english - We did'nt get it!! Later ma'am explained us all the details and asked us to form a club, whhich was met with mixed response??

On the following wednesday, we( 40 of us, 4m different sections), met in a classroom, in the presence of ma'am, to discuss the ideas.. Everyone had their own share and i got 2 meet a whole lot of new ppl.. Anyways we called it a day, without actually deciding much, with a promise that v would meet again the nxt day..

Nxt day, that is thurs, only 8 of us turned up( REASONS - best known to the traitors), anyways v were happy, now v had zeroed in on the elite few who were genuinely intersted, we again had heated discussions, especially to name the club.. Their were many names proposed - ODYSSEY, RENAISSANCE, E cube, and etc.. V packed up deciding that we would meetat the weekend elsewhere...

On saturday afternoon, 11 of us - 4boys and 7girls, met at cafe coffee day
There it was a very informal enviro' and the barriers btw Srs. and jrs. were broken( 4 the better) and each was free in his thoughts. After spending the whole afternoon there, we decided to meet at my place on sunday evenin'...

On sunday evenin'.. I was ready with the rough PPT. which was improved upon by Praveen, Shrikanth, Murthy and Nitin. Finally, we named it LITERATI
, which means the class of intelligent people, The intelligentsia.. I was left with the job of giving animations to the word perfect ppt., which i done the nxt day morning...

On monday, in the evening we presented the ppt to the ma'am, who was quite impressed, and declared that she would fix an appointment with the principal, 2 whom we would have to present.. That was supposedly to be on Wednesday..but..

Tuesday morning, in the borin classes, i was praying to God to let someone in and call me out of class. My prayers were answered. The attender callled me out asking me to call Sandhya ma'am - Our English ma'am., Who said that the principal has given an appointment at 12:30 in the afternoon, asked if we were ready. I replied in the affirmative... V gave an impressive presentation to the principal, who agreed to most of our proposals..

That was it - we got the nod - LITERATI is on :)

More on the launch meet in the nxt post..


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Wrong Decisions

Hello everyone,
Today could rightly be termed as the day when my deciding abilities have gone complete haywire..

Firstly, I never go to the coll on sats, very proudly boastin' that sats ar hols 4 me, but tosay here i m in the GOD DAMN COLLEGE... A very bed decision indeed...

I generally have someone 4m my class as a pillion rider when i come to coll, but today i was alone.. not that i don't like being alone, but.... on the way, a not so good looking guy raised his finger 4 a lift. I mistaking him for a friend of mine( Who looks eqaully bad!), gave him a lift. After some distance I find my very own claasmate asking a lift, and i was in a helpless situation.. BAD DECISION

In the coll i m the first one to run out of the class, but today i don't know why?, but i felt like sittin in Srihari sir's xtra voluntary class on communication skills.... Not that it was borin, but i was dead hungry and rats had my stomach their playground...

Anyways, there is one
that i had made last year compared to which these are nothin.. I would be lucidating that some other time...


Tuesday, July 12, 2005



I m here posting this blog, with the class goin on.. Yes i have bunked it. Even though many ppl wouldn't believe it, but yes i do bunk. and i m worried my attendance may not meet the required criteria!!! - A terrible nightmare!!

These days, every fri and sat are turning to b hols 4 me. I m BUNKING the classes dude.. It was a movie last week... I, Dinesh and Semin planned to go to Sarkar but went to a new Telugu flick instead.. Last weekend was horrible - 3 movies in 3 days, and on sunday evenin i have no money at all...

Now i would have to rush to the class or else one more 'red dot' would be marked against my name...


Friday, July 08, 2005


Ok so.. by now u may have realised that i blog( or for that matter, be online), more often on thus and fridays.. Well true. These are the 2 days when i find ample free time in the coll - to be in the digital lib - Our lab on fri morn gets over by 10:30 itself, and the afternoon classes begin at 1:00.. So lots of time indeed, to blog or otherwise ?????

U know what i mean!!!

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Thursday, July 07, 2005


I have this nick in me.. I let all te gyan in my mind( if any), to be distributed very freely. There r osme bacchas in my class who consider knowledge sharing as knowledge loss.. Well sick ppl.. Knowledge only gets augmented by sharing, and honestly it does....

Why am i tellin u all this???

Well today i broke the ice in the class by lettin everyone know, or enlightened everyone, on BLOGS.. hoping that atleast a few would b attracted to the concept and increase the number of 'blogs I spot'...

It actually happened so...

I was late to the PD class by one complete hour... Well, it was preponed at the last moment and there was to let me know... Whatever...
At the end of the session, our trainer asked us to volunteer and give a short damn speech... Generally i am the first person in such invites.. but today i felt i shouldn't, as i was late to the class, and also because many think i brag a lot.. So a serious decision NO!!!

After many 'volunteers', the sir pointed out at me asking if I had to say s'thing. I replied non affirmatively. He insisted me to come on to the dias. Then there was no stoppin. I went on 4 about 2 minutes, making it more of an interactive session-of course answering all the queries myself - as all had blank faces on them... so I cut it short gracefully.

Y m i tellin u this???

Come on man!! S'thin directly related to the blog and u want me to be silent???....

Too engulfed...

The only time that i get to relax online leisurely is Thursday 1 to 2... PD classes from 2... Otherwise the entire week is cramped in the coll.. The latest news being that we may have 5 classes per week of every subject, instead of the present 4.. That would raise our evening time to 5 from 4.. make sat a full wkng day... and further cramp our already busy schedule....

More so 4 the students goin 2 GATE coaching.. they have classes 4m 8 to 5 on sundays at TEA - A gate coaching insti... so literally they would just have time to travel in the buses hopping from one place to another and to sleep( that too meagrly).. Won't this curb our creativity. Coll life is supposed to be the best part of one's life.. and here it has bcome a living hell in hope of a better future...

" Study hard 4 this 2 years.. and your 'future' is secured"
This muses me a lot..
I have been hjearin this from the past several years...
FIRST IN TENTH: Study hard this one year. This is the most crucial exam in your life. All your future would depend on this exam( This one xam!!)..
Fine got thru 10th in flying colours in hope of a secure future, but then started the real grind---
INTER:: IIT: Inter in trouble
This was the adage that my more luckier, less marked friends had for me.. But I was told - just these two years of perspiration and you would be separated from the trash 4ever.... Ya got separated. From my friends, my social life, my communication skills, my affable nature.... got separated 4m all of them....
AND NOW ENGG. COLL: Study 4 these 4 years and you would be placed.. garner all the possible skills - C,C++, JAVA,.. Communication skills.. Personality development and blah! blah! blah!..


Well I have nothin against studyin', infact i njoi doing so.. It is just the mad rush and over emphasis given to just one aspect of life.. and turning out non-creative NERDS,out of a billion ppl....

Bye, its two.... Time for PD classes...

Oh! by the awy PD means Personalty development.. My personality really needs a rehash.. or so they think....


Thursday, June 30, 2005


Ok I think finally it is the time that i shld tell u abt my trip to ARAKU, 180km 4m Vizag, considered the OOTY of Andhra. It is 800 odd meters above sealevel,and very cool 4 that... After sweating in the hot and humid vizag.. one would ifnd any city cooler!! but this actually was... and i had to don a quilt at night.. a practice that i had stopped since ages.... Anyway who blankets himself in VIZAG....

More about the trip in the next post....
This man here at the digital lib of our coll is really sick man... He ought to be in a govt. office... He starts pestering us to turn off our systems at 4:30 itself with the actual closing time being 5.... Don' talk about the morn... it is never open b4 9:30.. when it is supposed to be at 9.....


Well these days the net and i have become reclusive... i.e. I don't find time..
Life has indeed bcome very crampy, hope they fade away as adjustment problems after a long vacation... All things seem so contracted, it is really irritatin'...
No, no I m not a complain box.. but..

The coll, Comp classes, GRE, CAT.. they hav greatly robbed my time... Well did i overload myself?.. Maybe i could hav arranged the claases sequentially instead of cramping them all at once. MAYBE, but if it is not now then my nxt really long vacation would b only after Engg. and that i believe would b too late.... So SUFFER ( or ENJOY, yes it is fun to be busy)in silence...

About the coll... well it is lot of fun, and crampy... Yes it is too congested? Our class of 67 is provided a room with only 20 three seater benches, out of which 2 are generally kept vacant by the junta, to avoid being too close to the prof, or too far... So 18 benches for 67, which compels us to sit in 4s or even 5s( 4 friendship!!) in a bench meant 4 three.. and well most of my classmates are gifted generously when it comes to the volume of the body, now i believe u understand the meanin' of CRAMPY, and to compound it this shit dress code in place which allows us in formals only, that means a tucked shirt above a neat trouser, with a pair of borin shoes....

Life is indeed very crampy...

C ya,

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Long time

Its been a long time that i haven't blogged.... REASONS: College has started man.. where do u hav the time?.....
Any ways i 4got to tell u about ny trip to ARUKU a week ago... more abt it in the nxt post

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Oh! the colege grind is al goin to start again....
Ya! after all these holidays comprising 50-plus odd days.. it sounds really very lazy to sit in the class for 6 hrs a day...

Thursday, June 02, 2005


A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph down the road on a motorcycle.This is the conversation they had...
Girl: Slow down. I'm scared.
Guy: No this is fun!
Girl: No it's not. Please, we're going too fast!
Guy: Then tell me you love me and I will slow down.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
*Girl hugs him*
Guy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on? Its bugging me.

In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two ppl were in the accident, but only one survived.

The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his breaks went out, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead,he had her say she loved him and felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die.

"Love is not selfishLove is not being happy it is to make happy to whom you love even if you are unhappy with it."

So Keep LOVIN'.....

U know what:This story struck me while listening to the song "Tere liye.."
4m Veer-Jaara.......