Thursday, August 25, 2005

changes of wind

The one thing which I have learnt about Life...especially in the last one year....Change is an integral part and one needs to embrace it with complete consciousness!

No one can run or hide...coz it just hits your entire system...and makes one go thro' a complete overhaul even before you realise it!

What made me say this?
Well the change that i discover in myself!! I was just goin thru my diary of 2003 - the year i had got a seat in GITAM.. and i found a completely different me!
Then i was this egoistic, proud, don't giv a damn kinda person.. but now i find myself a lot more sober - good or bad, I don't know!!

I particularly recollect the day i got my EAMCET rank... I was least expecting 2 get a gud rank.. and i even had a bet wid a friend on our ranks.. He is intelli', so i betted that whoever gets the better rank would giv a treat 2 the other.. Fair enough.. He got 2600 s'thin.. and i was reluctant 2 check my results... But then on everyone's force.. I went 2 the internet cafe.. and guess what - My rank is 874.. Wow! did not expect it even in the wildest of my dreams.. Obvi,the treat followed and Ganesh( my friend) took complete charge... The bill was a massive 400 just 4 2 ppl( Me & Ganesh)... The irony, or the sad part, is that The DHIRUBHAI AMBANI test was ensued 4 the nxt day.. and as expected i did badly - gettin a rank of 948...

This is completely different 4m the present me. Today, i m a lot more cautious, and more responsible( My peers say that), Maybe that is due 2 the brief stint of being the Class rep in the 1st year... If that incident occured 2day, i would probably postpone the treat and prepare well 4 the xam.. This does'nt mean i m this Nerdy kinda person.. It is just that my priorities r more vivid..

Of course there r some negativ changes in me, which i wish were not there.. Like i hav become a kinda 'introvert' and i hate myself 4 this..I listen 2 ppl and cannot say no to them - i think i should get rid of that...

This is all 4 2day, and thank u all 4 goin thru this post so patiently, inspite of it being borin( or so i feel - y would anyone b interested in my life).. I promise 2 come back wid more lively issues...

A joke 2 relieve u of my life!!

WOMAN: U know neutrinos hav no 'mass'
MAN: What!! I did'nt even know they were catholics??


Thursday, August 18, 2005


Just back 4m the strenous PD classes.. I don't understand why everything has to revolve just around us getting a job? The PD classes, meant to develop our personality, have turned 2 b just another training program to get us closer to that coveted job...

I mean, any classes that v attend, any xtra time v spend, any xtra curricular activity v do - If it has 2 b popular it has to do s'thin related 2 getting a job, a good placement in a top company... Why don't v think of actually improving as a person; try 2 inculcate some habits that would make us a better human being, do s'thin constructive 4 our satisfaction...

LITERATI for xample, last sat' a guy rose up at the end of the session, and in a rebellous manner accused us of not organising the event in a systematic way. He blamed that v were just whiling away the time and not sticking to a fixed agenda!!.. Com'on dude, this is supposed to b a fun activity, and fun has no agenda.. Yes v r responsible 4 the happenings and v do work under a frame work.. but 'agenda'... After the session, i met the guy outside the class and informally asked him his expectation 4m the club?.. The reply, 2 my utter dismay, was : "I want group discussions to be held, so as to get a job in the campus easily.."

I was aghast!!I had nothing 2 say, except an assurance that v would do it nxt week..
Please, there r many more things other than chasing a job.. and if u r the right person, "the jobs would b chasing u, and not vice-versa..", So plz guys, b open minded and look for broader perspectives...

I m sorry, I m no saint 2 giv sermons on what ppl shld b thinking.. but this one, I could'nt resist myself...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hello everyone,
Surprised!! two posts in two days, after a long hull.. Well our mid xams got over last week.. and Rajesh sir( Lab LIC), has agreed 2 let us go after v finish the experiment 4 the day... so i m here...

Anyways, here let me tell u abt the launch of LITERATI, saturday last..
Actually i had bunked the afternoon classes on friday, along with Semin, KP, Bobby, Suri, and Sulu.. v had planned to go 2 the english flick SAHARA at ramadevi..but v rather saw the video of the industrial tour of our srs... Evenin after gettin back home, i got a call at around 6:30, 4m Shrik, that ma'am had come 2 our class in the afternoon and asked 4 us.. She announced that LITERATI was 2 b launched 2morrow, on principal's orders. phew! v were movin at a pace of doin it nxt sat.. Anyways, I asked him 2 meet me 2morrow, with both of deciding 2 bunk the classes...

Nxt day, v went to ma'am's room, where v were told that v have been alotted space in the CV RAMAN bhavan, near the communication lab... I then headed off to the principal's room along wid ma'am, 2 ask him permission 2 go 2 all classes 2 announce the LAUNCH.. He agreed. Meanwhile the others went to the venue..

On my arriival there, i found that the room was locked, and everyone was waitin outside.. I went to the incharge who led me to another person, and so on.. until ma'am herself came and obtained the keys. V were happpy wid the alotted hall - air conditioned and beautifully cushioned. After some work there, I, Niharika and Aparna(both my jrs.), set off 2 announce the event 2 each class.. V returned back at 11:30.

Then i had 2 rush to GIFT,by ma'am's car, to get a colour printout, then i went to ma'am's room in Viswesvariah bhavan, 2 get the presentation out of ma'am's comp.. Then, i had 2 search my mail 4 the GD topics, sent to me long back, by a frnd. V were ready at 1 ven ppl started pourin in... My announcement had wkd..

I initially hosted the show, and also divided the members into 3 groups, 2 conduct GD - The agenda for today... Then the principal arrived and addressed us 4 abt 1/2 an hr.. Then v had the presentation, by Praveen.. Man! it was impressive. He kept us hooked 2 our seats with his humour.. Then i delivered the vote of thanks, and v called it a day...

Praveen gave his birthday treat at Food-ex, to 14 of us. On the whole it was a very satisfying day... A day 2 b cherished 4 a long time...


Monday, August 08, 2005


Wondering, what on earth does the title mean??.. Well this is the name of the latest club that we hav formed in our coll...
It is an english club( or english space, english meet, however u term it)... It was formed on sugestion by our principal under the esteemed guidance of our english ma'am...

It all started out like this:
3 weeks back on a friday afternoon, ma'am called 4 students 4m our class 4 givin innovative ideas in english - We did'nt get it!! Later ma'am explained us all the details and asked us to form a club, whhich was met with mixed response??

On the following wednesday, we( 40 of us, 4m different sections), met in a classroom, in the presence of ma'am, to discuss the ideas.. Everyone had their own share and i got 2 meet a whole lot of new ppl.. Anyways we called it a day, without actually deciding much, with a promise that v would meet again the nxt day..

Nxt day, that is thurs, only 8 of us turned up( REASONS - best known to the traitors), anyways v were happy, now v had zeroed in on the elite few who were genuinely intersted, we again had heated discussions, especially to name the club.. Their were many names proposed - ODYSSEY, RENAISSANCE, E cube, and etc.. V packed up deciding that we would meetat the weekend elsewhere...

On saturday afternoon, 11 of us - 4boys and 7girls, met at cafe coffee day
There it was a very informal enviro' and the barriers btw Srs. and jrs. were broken( 4 the better) and each was free in his thoughts. After spending the whole afternoon there, we decided to meet at my place on sunday evenin'...

On sunday evenin'.. I was ready with the rough PPT. which was improved upon by Praveen, Shrikanth, Murthy and Nitin. Finally, we named it LITERATI
, which means the class of intelligent people, The intelligentsia.. I was left with the job of giving animations to the word perfect ppt., which i done the nxt day morning...

On monday, in the evening we presented the ppt to the ma'am, who was quite impressed, and declared that she would fix an appointment with the principal, 2 whom we would have to present.. That was supposedly to be on Wednesday..but..

Tuesday morning, in the borin classes, i was praying to God to let someone in and call me out of class. My prayers were answered. The attender callled me out asking me to call Sandhya ma'am - Our English ma'am., Who said that the principal has given an appointment at 12:30 in the afternoon, asked if we were ready. I replied in the affirmative... V gave an impressive presentation to the principal, who agreed to most of our proposals..

That was it - we got the nod - LITERATI is on :)

More on the launch meet in the nxt post..