Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Hi everyone,
Last week i had my mid xams, so could not post :( Even the motherboard of my pc has screwed up, so internet cafe's are the only respite...
Anyways, the mid xams were good and now i m burning the proverbial midnight oil for the sems( This is the only time of the sem that i study)..and after the sem, i m off 2 the Industrial tour, with my classmates, for 10 days from nov 7th.. wow!! i m so excited..

Abt the ind. tour: v r goin 2 Bangalore, mysore, ooty and Chennai( No, it is not a honemoon package, as mocked by our HOD).. We will be off 2 b'lore on 7th, and visit the places in the above specified order.. wheeela!! I m dying 2 c B'lore, after all those raving reviews that i got 4m my cousins and friends.. I m raring 2 step into the IIM and INFOSYS, 4 the time being, as a visitor only...

You must b wondering abt the misplaced pic at the header.. Well last week( just b4 the mids), i went 2 the DANDIYA NITE, at TAJ residency, on my friends insistence.. It rocked!!.. Initially, i decided 2 go just one day of the 5 days, but eventually got tempted to go one more day.. V here in Vizag are lucky 2 escape 4m any blanket timing( like 10pm in Mumbai).. V partied away( if i m allowed to call it that), late nights.. and returned home only after 3AM??

Inspite of my initial appprehensions,that i would get bored, It was really exciting.. Once you get on to the dance floor, u get addicted( What with so many good looking females out there as partners).. I really enjoyed, more so the second day, when i had made a couple of new friends, and could b in a group...

Even though i tried not making any comments on the ppl there, my instincts did not stop me, so here are a few observations abt the junta:

Main madhuri dikshit banna chahti hoon!!
There are this typical girls who perhaps have spent more than Rs.1,000 to dress up for this five-day festival( The organising society here does it for 5, instead of the customary 9 days). They are armed with all the essential Ingredients: A designer wardrobe, a skin clinic back-rub, lots of hours spent at the beauty parlour and formal dance training a month before the festival starts. All this for that one goal: "Best Dressed Female Dancer".

Step1-Step2-Step3 and turn around. This particular type although here to play Dandiya ends up doing some kind of a P.T exercise like the ones you did in school. No smile, no enthusiasm or the excitement of the music. It's more like the rhythm of the music just moving the body like a robot. I was in this category, a couple of years ago.

Abhi to main jawan hoon..
Age no bar, this old generation is here to dance till their legs hurt and backs break. I have noticed this one particular old lady who dances right from the start to finish of the round( aroud 1 hr) and is present again , rejuvenated for the next round.( Wonder where she gets all the energy from??.. hats off to u ma'am)

Made for each other
Dressed in the most authentic attire for the night, this couple will be dancing like a pair from Bollywood movies. Steps perfect to the T and above all, a wide smile to top it up. Award: "BEST COUPLE FOR THE NIGHT".

Disco Dandiya
There are some of these boys and girls( most of them from HSBC call center), who know not a thing about Dandiya, but manage to shake a leg or two,albeit in the Disco style.. Can't blame them, V - the gen X, are more familiar with that kind of dance.. Anyways, their enthu to learn the traditional dance need to be commended...

Then, there is this Garba round- the philosophy of which is still out of my comprehension.. er!!. Everyone gathers to form a large circle, and move their entire body like a drunken person in a circular kind of a chain.. the same thing happens for quite a large number of ciircles, until everyone including the band ppl are exhausted.. aagh!! Yes the steps seem 2 b rythmic to the beat, but i could never get over it.. pooh!!

And of course, then there is this other type which makes up for the huge crowd who has come there with the only intention to "watch" the above mentioned types. "No playing and no dancing - STRICTLY NO.That is for the kids, let them njoi, while i sip my drink..."

That was all about the DANDIYA RAS nite.. I m off 4 now, and would b back soon after these horrid xams( when will our educa'SHUN' systm shun off its false perceptions??)

ps: thanks 2 all my blog readers, 4 their continued patronge by making the counter reach 200( a new high - Sensex style)..It took less than 2 months to reach this, after surpassing the 100 landmark.. Once again thank you all, I promise to continue with the same zeal...

best of luck,

Friday, October 07, 2005

Papers Galore

Hello everyone..
Sorry 4 the late post, actually was kinda busy.. in assignments, presentations, and LIFE!!..

I and sirish presented a paper on "frequency division in mobile communication", at tech-twirl 2k5, organised by Avanthi college, last week..and guess what?? V won the first prize of Rs.2000/-(wow!).. and then started the usual nagging for a treat by friends.. It feels gr8 2 b the best speaker among some 30 speakers, from various places..

Yesterday, I along with many of my classmates went 2 Al-Ameer college, to present a paper at Technocom - 2k5.. the place suxx.. man, u call it a damn engineering college.. It looked like a long abandoned cottage in a forest surrounded by mountains allover.. NO cell network, no STD in sight, no canteeen nearby!!... Pity those who are cursed 2 spend their precious 4 years in that hell..( Sorry, no hard feelings anyone)

The days ahead would be strenous, and please bear wid late posts.. My Pc's motherboard has screwed up, so no other alternative other than goin 2 an internet cafe( I am posting 4m an internet cafe, right now.. aagh!!), and amidst xams, doin that would be suicide..

The spam that i receive these days, most of my surfing time is sacrificed deleting them.. so much that these days, i dump away the entire BULK mail folder, without even a glance.. My appeal 2 all the spamsters:
To all spammers:

1. I do not wish to purchase any property.
2. I do not wish to visit your "cool" web site.
3. I do not wish to extend my schlong, thankyou very much!
4. I do not wish to receive any free debt counselling reports.
5. No, I do not need to send you my banking/eshopping account details.
6. I do not wish to purchase black-market pharma products.
7. I do not wish to see nude celebrities.
8. I do not wish to purchase MP3s at 1 cent/song.
9. I do not wish to avail of any loans, credit cards, or share-plans.
10. I do not want to participate in chain-marketing

Please if u're listening, exclude me 4m ur mailin list...

I m sorry, 4 the haphazard manner of the post.. it was an accumulation of a lot of things in one, so could'nt help it.. :)

Best of luck to all..