Monday, November 21, 2005

The damn lab externals

Hello guys, and sorry 4 the late post.. I was out on a tour( Called Industrial tour, with only 2 industries in 9 days!!..).. Later about the tour, actually hav tyoed it all on my comp, but as the net connection at home is down.. will hav 2 get it into a memory stick and post it here.. Sorry :(

This post is about the sucked lab externals v had the past 2 days.. I mean common guys after a fortnight break from studies, and a long trip.. Who the **** remembers the circuits - which capacitor goes where, and the pin diagram of a 555 timer.. It was all blanked out, and one night of prep was not at all sufficient, and with luck against you, u can't expect anythin' more worse..

V had LIC lab on sat, and i got 2 do ASTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR.. i did not even know the circuit diag.. i struggled hard, and after a few passes, and one hour could finally arrive at the right circuit.. The apparatus( probably been there right from the inception of the coll), were given and even after fiddling with them 4 around tree hrs, the CRO did not show any signs of movement.. It was adamnant to fail me, and lo! it has probably succeeded.. Ma'am after exhausting all her patience, finally asked me 2 giv up, and tere 4 the first time in my life - in a lab xam - i did not get the output( Now i understand how ppl feel when things don't go their way)..

The viva after that was equally sick, with me being able 2 answer just around 40% of the questions.. So it all got screwed up, and now i stand at the juncture of failing in the lab :(( Can't help, my impeccable record, may be broken, and there may b a red star on my certificate...

Sorry guys, i did'nt exactly want 2 post this, but wanted something 2 rest my sobbing head on.. so this post..