Monday, December 26, 2005

My life

Nope, this post has nothing to do with Bill clinton's autobiography..

Okay okay, one more late post and here i m musing around with Clinton!!, but this time the lethargy was intended... Well 4 my own reasons i wanted 2 discontinue my blog :( but i guess there r somethings which u just can't b without.. somethins which u can't b displeased 4 long..and probably the BLOG is one of those.....

Read this article on the net, v have one xtra second this year, and that, it seems, is reason 2 rejoice!! well 1 sec does matter, probably...

Lots of things hav happened in this month.. and the best part, or the best news, that i have heard in years is " I have Passed".. yes, the sem xams( my last post), which i was sure would let me down, turned out 2 b favourable..I hav scored a decent 8.00 GPA. ofcourse, could manage only a D in the lic xam.. :D. Anyways, this implies that i m still in the run 4 the ensuing campus placements:). one more sem. and inshallah i may land up wid a job( hopefully INFOSYS).. that was on the acads side...

Done a lot of readin the past month, what with all the time in this world and no substantial work 2 do.. Read
1. Deception point
2. one night @ the call center
3. harry potter - 1( again, this time on the comp)
and some light ones..
presently, am engrossed in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy...

On the lighter side, it is just a month or so that i m back 4m the tour,and there is already one more in the pipeline... V have planned, or decided to go to IITKGP, 2 participate in KSHITIJ, their annual techn management fest... hope it rocks :)

lastly,on the personal front, my life has been running on a somewhat better note( touchwood).. it has been a rockin time with the opp. gender(pun intended), and even i feel a change in my persone, more confident than ever, more demanding, and more DIGNIFIED.... it feels good :)

Thats all 4 da day, i promise my nxt post will b very soon...