Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mere yaar ki shaadi hai( thi)...

well, well, well before u jump into any conclusions - this post is not a review of the 2002 disaster movie... It is abt my neighbour's wedding, that took place last week. The two brothers( yes, both of them were gettin wed the same day!! ), stay in the flat below mine. They hav been stayin with us for the past 12 years, and i was nostalgic of all those kiddie years v spent together( okay, they were not exactly kids then), v played gulli cricket, broke chachi's window panes, burst crackers on the watchman's legs, hit the next lane bully, incognito( hope he's not reading, for now he is a well built gym toned guy, and i still stand very much at the same physical setup i was, say 6 years ago)... V also did lots of crazy things together. They being a little elder to us, my parents didn't mind us strolling around late nights. My first night show movie was with them, my first abuse in telugu was nurtured by them, my first sip of beer is to their courtesy, my first ciggie, my first bunk, and so many other firsts are due to them.

Now, they stand apart with a lady beside each, and i am sure, in a party, they would prefer giving their spouses company, instead of poor me. So, now i hav to be contend with that can of beer and as Dharmu would put it Ms. tanhayi.( Atleast a female here!!! )

geting back to the wedding, i still wonder how people agree to marry someone they have met, or rather seen, just a couple of months back, someone who is from a different place( different state in this case), someone who comes from a completely different background, someone about whom we know nothin( atleast not much). I mean this surely is not love. the only time the two ppl hav spoken freely is on the phone. On the engagement day, which took place a couple of months ago, it was a total comic affair, as i get to hear by them. The girl is brought into the room, in the typical bollywood style, with a tray of tea-filled cups( Why does it always have to be tea?? ), with her chunni taking care that no part of her face is even faintly visible to anyone, and then after offering tea to everyone present, she comes to the guy concerned and says, "CHAi.. Shakkar kitni lenge( probably, a way of determining ur taste buds.. afterall, the way to a guy's heart is through the stomach, or so it is said).. " he replies, " Ek chammach..( or whatever).."

I mean the whole thing is simply crap. And mind u all this happens in the constant gaze of the relatives, and even the four-year old son of Bhabhi does not flip his eyelid till the entire proces is over. This tradition( of arranged marriages, and not the tea tray thing.. ) may be coming through the ages, but is it worth it?? Maybe, we have the least number of divorces, but that is due to the family system. Look at the number of dissatisfied people, who bear each other, just to remain goodie-goodie in the eyes of the society, just to avoid becoming the topic of debate at a marie biscuit on a calm evening!!!

Ah!! just can't understand some things. Neways, while these people were gettin wed, Rakhi sawant, remember the hot-chik, item girl.. it seems was forcibly kissed!! Why would someone do it forcibly?? clearly, nothing less than a sting operation, to tarnish the image of poor MIKA, who recently sprung to limelight with his " something.. something..." but, even rakhi is set to lose out here. poor girl. the media channels, in their bid to be exclusive and sabsey tez do whatever it takes and have been jooming on her bosoms and other private parts, at the party. The camera was literally going through her body. It was open on-the-cloth pornography. Really, whats got to these so called high society people?? First it was Rahul mahazan, along with his gang, now rakhi!! where is it leading to?? Who cares!!!

In the meantime, i suggest everyone to have a look on the latest endeavour of indian bloggers.

Know a website called flixter ?? sign up!! V can share the reviews of the latest movies, thus enabling us to decide better on how tob spend those two hrs - eating popsorn on a corner seat along with "her"... or just manage with a stroll on the beachside, spoiling our health with those economical bhuttas...

And as i m typin this, i have got a mail from my uncle with the pics of the engagement of his daughter. No marks for guessing, it is once a arranged alliance. Phew!! somethings, just don't change.


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  • Monday, June 05, 2006

    My blog's birthday and the 1000 mark

    Ah!! well.. if you are wondering what took me so long in posting?? My blog has recently celebrated its first birthday, and i was busy arranging the party. The cake, candles, disco lights, DJ( everyone likes to dance..) inviting all its fellow blogs( not 2 forget the cute female blog, tht it has been eying for long), and co-ordinating the various events tht go with a party. After all, its my blogs first birthday!! I still remember that hot sunny afternoon of jun 2nd, 2005. I was enjoing the holidays, and mom asked me to accompany her to my cousins place. Most of my cousins are very elderly to me, with many of them being married too, and their kids being just about 5 years younger to me..so, instead of reffering them as cousins i prefer to address them with the tag chacha which irks them, as that makes them feel to be quite elderly. I have still not understood this over-zealous attitude of middle aged people to conceal their actual age??

    Neways, coming to the history of the blog.That afternoon i just dropped my mom at my cousin's, with a promise of returning back after some time, to pick her back. In the meantime, to kill time, i logged in into a sify iway, and there started this blog. The first post was diectly copy-pasted from a mail forward, as my aunt was getting furious that i come to her place immediately. Why the topic of love in the first post?? Since LOVE is immortal, and i wanted my blog to be like that.( This is a different way of saying that i love the topic :-D)

    Initially, the frequency of posts was quite irregular, but after i got my broad-band connection, i got more regular or was rather addicted (By the way, BSNL is resposnible for my temporary aloofness from the internet community, as my phone went dead in the past week). Gradually the addictiveness reduced, and these days i m hooked to ORKUT. A wonderful place, especially for not-so-gud-looking guys like me. I have found a host of ppl there, many of my old classmates, my previous neighbour, my friend's ex-GF, and i hope in the near future i find my future GF. Google surely controls the way v live!! HAIL GOOGLE!!!

    One tendency i have noticed among bloggers, as they spend time here is their general pattern of evolution. First it is a plain blog, with a simple template. Then the updates of personal profile is done very thoughtfully, as he realizes that the cute crush in college is a regular to his blog, and no stone is left unturned to attract her. Trust me, its the general case, and not mine :-

    Then one feels the need to link his favourite websites so that the world comes to know about them, and therby give free publicity to the sites. Then one realizes the need to earn money from this venture, and once again GOOGLE namah! comes to the rescue in the form of google adsense( indirect hint : I get my money from ur clicks at the ad..although, it has not reached the mandatory 100$ cut-off yet )
    After the furnishing, the template of the blog is played with, and all kinds of additional unnecessary crap is placed on the index page, thereby cluttering it. and finally one feels proud that he has succesfully blogged for so much time!!!( one year is a gud period) and as one goes through the old p

    It is a big day for my blog for two reasons - one, it has become one year old. and second, the counter has registered 1000 hits. Maybe it has taken lots of time in reaching that figure, but considering my initial days of managing the blog which were comparable to the officials who managed( or mis-managed) ENRON, or the UPA governments management of the reservation issue, the number of hits doesen't seem to be surprising.

    Now coming out of this blog frenzy, let me speak about better things in life.

    In the last week of may, we have formed, or rather strengthened, the vizag wing of YOUTH FOR EQUALITY, and various plans were also devised at the meeting on 28th. V even started plannig a strategy for a rally in protest to the reservation issue. All that has been nullified by the supreme court's order :( Nevertheless the blog ( http://vyfe.blogspot.com ) created in this endeavour reamins, and it would hopefully be active. and finally, LET MERIT PREVAIL...