Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weirdo BJ

Well, thank you for the long wait, I am really very sorry. I was busy talking to so many people on so many unknown topics, and was being grilled by them, that i did not have the guts, or the patience to post. At times, i felt like writing out a vehement post criticizing the entire system and letting out the fire within, but was soothed on time by " her ". I think this is one single reason, why every human needs someone - to fall back upon in times of distress. Why humans?? Even monkeys find themselves partners!! Now they undergo depression or not, is something i have no idea of.

Ahem!! I hav been tagged by Dharmu, and am supposed to reveal to the world how weird i am. I like this thing about being tagged( surprised?). It gives me something to write about, and escape away without a reason or a motive behind writing it. Well, to start with, i am not so uniquely weird. The things which are generally considered weird are done by me too, and that too in large ammounts, and with a high frequency rate.

1 . I sometimes spend entire nigts on the computer without realising that it is already time for the rooster to sing. I particularly remember this night, last summer when i started watching the movie VAASTU - SAASTRA at 11:30pm, well after everyone was asleep. After the movie, at 2:30 , I started seeing a damp squib of a movie - " Balle Balle.. Amritsar to L.A.", and trust me i did not fall asleep till 5 AM. After the movie, i was still raring for one more flick, but alas, had none stored in the comp, nor any unseen DVD. I was tempted to re-watch LOTR, but controlled myself.

2 . I have this peculiar habit of reading old magazines and newspaper. Reading history :-D . Newspapers, a week old or sometimes even a month old can be found on my table, and i go through them in detail, even looking at the engagements of the day column. I am sure i'll be seeing even my wedding card only after its all over.

3 . I update my diary many days after the actual day has passed. so, all people who banter with me, or who deserve space in my diary( good pages or bad pages) are very well there in my mind for a long period.

4 . As i said i am not so uniquely weird. This one can be identified by most of the students( especially the engineers ). I study only a night before the exams, i.e. inspite of getting nightmares right a week before the actual exam begins. I do keep telling myself that i would be studying well in advance, but inspite of ample time, i tend to waste them all, and go for the last minute rambling.

5 . I very much believe in serendipity. I feel that good accidents do happen, like my recent road disaster colliding with a five year old - who had 6 stitches on his head and a fractured leg, and i escaped with a small scatch, of course with my wallet becoming light by 6000 rupees, and my bike being quarantined for a month. With this belief in good accidents, i hope i would be able to meet my miss perfect in a twist of destiny. people listening??

I think this is enuf of my weirdness, although i can go on and on.. I know, i am quite a weirdo...

Even though i love being tagged, i know many out there hate it. So, i spare all of you from this compulsive writing, and leave it at your own discretion to choose the topic.( Read it as, ALL OF U R TAGGED )

Well, BTW , the reason for the late post is actually the campus placements at my college. I have been plaved at CSC - computer science corporation. More about it in my next post.