Friday, October 20, 2006

Its a vast space - The INTERNET

Well, a long time that i have actually posted( The last one was just a tag!!). Was caught up with exams, AIESEC, Friends and many other people who feel it their birth right to eat up my time. Jus kiddin!! I actually had a rocking time, met some real good people, and had a blast of time with them. It were probably the most engaging days in my college life, and wait!! " NO, I still don't have a girlfriend!!". Whatever.

This brief period of time also presented me with loads of oppurtunities to interact with different new people in the course of organising events - The AIESEC LTS( i am the Oc - VP - Logistics), the teachers day bash in my college( Dude, we are the seniormost students!!) and the freshers party being the major ones. The least i can say - " It was a lovely learning experience".

Well, the contents of this post too are, unfortunately, too general. Me reading quite a few blogs these days, and these are some ideas directly lifted from them. Dude!! I have got exams from the 24th, and reserving my limited thinking capabilities till then to make up some real creative write ups( In Engineering?? Yes.)

Bharat Jhurani at the HOGWARTS

People who know me would swear i am not a muggle and that i was actually supposed to graduate from HOGWARTS!! J.K. Rowling really helps get out of all the lows in life.
And Harry Potter?? - Why am i in GITAM??
Now, if i was actually in Hogwarts, which house would i be in?? This site came to my rescue. It has the legendary Magic Sorting hat. All it requires is answers to some questions, and the legendary magic hat would do the sorting job. And, i belong to

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Yes, the coveted GRYFFINDOR!!! Yipppeeee!!!


No, don't get me wrong. I am not dwelling into my borin engg subjects, they are for the 24th. I was just curious to decode my name and this is what i have found -


width="240" height="180"
alt="Biomechanical Handcrafted Android Responsible for Accurate Troubleshooting"


width="240" height="180"
alt="Beguiling Handsome Adonis Readily Administering Touches"


width="240" height="180"
alt="Bloodthirsty, Hitchhiker-Abducting, Redhead-Attacking Terror"

Well, do these acronyms really make me up?? I have no clue!!!

And, now for the jackpot -


Once again, don't get me wrong. M not talking about jackie chan or someone. Heard about a site called Googlism( I am sure Google has nothin to do with it). It lists out all the attributes associated with a persons name. Alas!! It had no searcehs found for BHARAT JHURANI, so had to settle down on BHARAT. After weeding through all the relatedness with Our beloved country( Yeah!! i share my name!!!), these are somethings about me...

bharat is the man with accurate info on dsq
( What is dsq???)

bharat is special
( That i am..)

bharat is to be king and you are to be banished for fourteen years
( Still want to read my blog?? he he.. i am sure this one realted to the Ramayana. Eeks, i share my name with a way lot of people)

bharat is an international student at missouri tech from nepal
( Next, it'll come up with - " Bharat is a maoist!!!)

bharat is in love with a dancing doll renu
( My favourite. I guess two people need to meet, or atleast know each other to love!! So, when am i meeting RENU and dancing with her??)

Well, that was all. With the promise of coming back soon, am off to a meeting with Mr. Gulati - he happens to be the author of the text on Television engineering