Thursday, December 06, 2007

Industry Interaction

On a lazy evening, a few days back, got a scrap from one of my juniors!

They are planning to come out with a magazine in GITAM, and she asked if i could contribute something( credibility, good writing skills or jus bein gud??)...
whateva, after agreeing to the offer and pondering over what would be apt as a person who has just passed from the college, i zeroed in on the drawbacks that GITAM had.

Something i always wanted to say, and actually did say, but could not get the right medium. So i thought this would be the right platform to catch the eyes of people who matter.

Here is the article

Industry Interaction

Is there any such thing in place in GITAM University?? Unfortunately NO!
This is a big lag on the part of the educational institute recently recognised as the best private college in Andhra Pradesh.

No knowledge is complete without hands down experience on the shop floor – the actual place of action. Now, A sachin cannot be born just by reading manuals on cricket. Vizag is a booming market and one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and this could be leveraged to the complete advantage of the insti. One other advantage of frequent industry interaction is the relation building exercise with industry, which would be beneficial to build a brand image of the insti and act in favour of the placement scenario.

Here, as recent alumni of the college, and having seen the model work quite well here in my insti – IIML would like to highlight the ways in which interaction could be fostered in GITAM.

• Many labs, like VHDL, MicroProcessor( being from ECE I am more versed with these terms) could have projects sponsored by the industry on problems they are currently facing. These could act as live projects, and could be headed by a Prof. and a group of interested students. With the coming of private MNC’s in India this model would go a long way in giving live exposure to the student community.

• External registration programmes for research where an industry guy could be working together with the college profs, taking advantage of the infrastructure and the high relevance and modernity of the approach. This could also help in getting grants from the industry to develop and modernise the lab infrastructure, and GITAM being in the city vicinity would be an added advantage for these industry professionals.

• An extension of the above model is the collaboration work, where the prof works as an external consultant, and this way is updated of the latest happenings in the industry. Consultation also is an excellent source of revenue to the insti.

• Industry visits: I would suggest to take these more seriously, rather than just picnics, and should be held more frequently. I remember we had a visit to 4 industries in 4 days, and it was more or less like just one more hangout for all of us. Instead if we had one per fortnight in a particular semester and actually had a presentation or submission (improving soft skills), it would be a lot more beneficial.

• Internship: These should never be taken lightly as the students actually work, for the first time in their life, as a part of an organisation. The college could as well have a placement week, or a similar mechanism for summer internship placements. Having two internships – one after 2nd year and one after third would add value, and give more exposure. The exam timetable in GITAM is perfect for such a setting, giving it an advantage over other private enginnering colleges.

• Courses offered by Industry: this prepares the students for the real world like nothing else. These could be evening voluntary classes or maybe a complete credit course. This would set a relationship with the particular company( setup of IT park near GITAM is an advantage to be leveraged for this) and also re-administer in the students mind the present needs of the industry.

• Incubation center : This is already present in GITAM, and should be given more importance. In the present boom time, lots of angel investors would love to provide seed funds to promising plans.

• Workshops, Seminars, talks, etc..: Industry people love getting back to college and try to gauge the student community. This also acts as a good HR practice for the companies, and this helps the students to hear from a person who hahs already been there, done that. This would also give a lot of contacts, and show the right direction for the upcoming ventures.

• Finally, leveraging on its vast, diverse, spread alumni is one thing that GITAM completely lacks on. The alumni could be the best resource in such initiatives, including funding. Gurudakshina still holds relevance, and especially for collaborating with the industry, the alumni would be more than eager to help out.

In this direction, I suggest the initial step should be to first form an INDUSTRY INTERACTION COMMITTEE and an ALUMNI COMMITTEE comprising a group of dedicated students working completely in this endeavour. Industry interaction could be the one differentiating factor in favour of GITAM, and would help building a strong brand value for the college, taking it to higher pedestals.

(The author BHARAT JHURANI passed out of the Electronics and Communications Enginnering department of GITAM COE in 2007, and is presently a first year student at IIM, Lucknow>

now just hope that some of the suggestions get implemented.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Summer done.. now W.I.N.

7Am. and m still awake. Woke up so early??.. Nah!, din sleep the whole night. Thanks to Prof. Sahay, and his unrealistic assignments.

It was quite an eventful night. Woke up at 12 on a call, and headed straight to the common room for the INDEX work, albeit after a trip to the mess. It was fun out there, with each one of us coming with stupid, idiotic funny ideas for the fair. A thermocol cow, which needed to be milked, a layout for the tent, with a inlet but no outlet!! n loads of other things! Secret right now! )

Later Dua was kind enough to lend me his Santro keys to drop the girls back to their hostel! Two beautiful girls with a hot guy in a Santro! - Perfect for a ride! Well, yea it could have been the perfect ride had the driver known how to drive well, but for a person who has got his license after the inspector could buy a new mobile for his wife, we don't expect much! Do we? So, after many bumps, some breaks, and me trying to move the car with the handbrake on, I finally managed to drop the girls and return back safe!

n after finishing the final touches of todays work, returned back to room for a night not yet over!

now lets get back in time a little. IIML had the bi-annual show, called placements last week. Quite a funny process all together. one day you sit completely free, and the next day you keep jumping from one GD to interview, not even knowing which interview you are sitting for.

yours truly has manged to get into CADBURY, and will be spending two good months in the financial capial of India - Mumbai, during Summers! April and May! So now you know who to please for free chocolates!

One more exciting situation occured the other day night on the way to the railway station to drop a friend. More about that later.. keep Waiting!!!

p.s. : Well, by the way, W.I.N. is the name of my Index team( Acronym for " WHATS IN a NAME?"

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


ECO mid term in 2 hrs.. n i hav not studied anythin!!!

n well, i am totally new to macro economics. Y?? kept delain it, tht i would do it in the end.. n there in the end!! I SLEEP IN ALL GLORY!!! right from 12 to 4!!! wow! 4 hrs of sleep before xams!! not warranted..

Neways, now tht i grapple wit Macro.. tryin 2 put in pieces 2gether.. read on my article tht appeared on rediff 2day..


On CAT n all.. the global GYAN tht i keep dolin out!!!

Pray 4 me!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


nothing important about that date!!

Nothing. it is not sept 11, it is not Bharat Jhurani's bday.
and before you assume, no! I am not getting married on that date!!

What will you be doing at 3:11 on 3rd november?.. Well, that exactly is the relevance of that no.!!


An interesting initiative by Chennai metblogs, ever wondered what is the world, atleast the city doing at any particular thing??.. That exactly is the concept. Waiting to see the different pics.

Thnx to Govar
for making me aware of this!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Introducing MoBulAri

Cha.. Shit of a life..

Well, a disclaimer. This post is primarily meant for guys, as girls may not receive it quite well. Well, Girls, inspite of saying this if you read it and scold, abuse, threaten,etc… I m not responsible!!!

And people, well again only boys, especially in the software industry.. Do read it!!

Story of a close friend of mine – MoBulAri!!!

All the time in college, MoBulAri like all of us just used to yearn for one thing – WHEN WILL I BE THROUGH STUDIES? When will I be done with all possible exams??.. when will I have my own money for Beer!!

All said and done. Moved around so many places. Attended so many of those idiotic gds and interviews, Technical tests, Tech interview, HR interview.. was shown the door in mass recruiting companies like TCS and WIPRO.. and then finally landed up a job USWORK INDIANBRAIN Software limited!!

FIRST ONE MONTH - no work.only enjoy - all happies second month - work + enjoy – ok third month - only work. no enjoy - problem starts

My poor innocent friend Just starts getting to know the office politics, by being a victim. Its always the close by team that is gifted. The manager is good, one who does not give any pain! The girls are inevitably good in the close by team. The hikes are good out there, and to top it there is no work at all (with all happily preparing for CAT) in the close by team. But for MoBulAri.. It is a crocodile festival every day.

The work he does.. the work he does not.. Everything is entitled to be screwed by the upper heads. One client gives all unrealistic requirements, knowing very well that they would not work the way he wants it to, he still persists for the same thing. Support in the middle of the night, when our dear friend is well into something else – sleep! The on site work would attract all kind of abuses never ever heard of even in the worst of the galis of chavula mandam! The only reason he still sticks to the job is the FREE internet connection at office and the fact that the coffee vending machine in the office is still working.

Weekly once or twice he just calls up all friends and arranges a drink party – his only mode of entertainment( now you now why Infy Mysore campus requires that huge bar?) The entire party time is spent hurling the topmost, or as they say - state of the art, abuses to the TL, PM, etc.. life just carries on for 6 months. By now, eyes have all formed dark circles around them, the forehead has wrinkles over them, The neck pains bad (bad ergonomics I say), all kind of never heard before diseases start making his body their home! Poor MoBulAri.. seems so old than he really is!

He is starved to see his own brother, sister, father, mother, relatives. It is just like saying them a hi at the station.. He reaches Vizag and starts packing off for the return journey. Only his door ka rishtedar who incidentally is in the software field understands his plight. For everybody he is the black sheep of the house. One who has just started earning and is showing attitude, and not even sending any money home!! Wish they actually knew that what he gets is peanuts!! So, all the phone calls directed towards, or received from home are filled with abuses and makes him believe that he lacks any concern for anyone.

On the salary front, yeah the cash registers in the bank do ring in his name at the beginning of every month, but then BONDS, Mutual Funds, credit card bills, ab to sodexho paas bhi.. all take them away, just leaving enough for his basic survival, very basic han!. Well, yea the remaining peanuts – the intelligent ones deposit in a home loan or something, but good for nothing like us just blow it away in Alcohol, Ciggies and roaming around the country side!! Oh! There he again forgot my dues!!

Life was all chill till now, now starts the real problems. One fine day one ex – colleague/ colleague comes down with a sweet packet in one hand, and a card in the other inviting us to his wedding. Now our friend gets this idiotic idea – “How good it would be if even I had a girl!!“ Well, talking about the software field – the good looking ones are all booked, married or are north Indians( remember MoBulAri is a southie..) so 95 of the 100 girls get filtered. Another 4 girls would be better called “sister” rather than even a friend, forget – “JUST A FRIEND”. So now we are left with this last one girl (remember the movie MatruBhumi)

Now for this one last girl( Murthy said infy has 27% of its workforce females?? Where are they??) The whole team is behind like dogs!! That one girl is very intelligent and moves around with everyone, but gets committed to no one (Well, me not a MCP please..). One more fine day, MoBulAri gets one more card – that one girl has called it a day! She is getting married. What else. One more night.. one more mehfil.. and the next day, start off the search for One more girl( here the standards just keep falling with every such card)

Now time for reviews and appraisals– “ You are excellent!” “ The company would be void without you!”.. “etc.. etc.. blah!! Blah!!”.. but the salary raise – Add one more peanut to the bowl. MoBulAri charges up.. The body cannot take anymore. Resume gets updated. The thought process is again churning ideas, but this carries on for long.. and even after 6 months of the added peanut – MoBulAri is still at the same place! Life just moves on..

Wait!.. Did anyone say it??
Life is a shit!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

what if i told you that you are already in????

I know guys. please stop grinning. This is one more of those long gapped posts, and this time it has been really long that i have posted. AGREED! Cant help it. This is what a B school does to you. Loads you with so many things that one has no time for activities that do not add to the resume!!! No time for activities that you actually enjoy, but know that it would not be quotable. It is like " you have 24 hrs in a day, and the time spent on such activities is all mundane, and gone down the drain!!". I don't care!!

i would not mind spending this time into the drain. i love blogging, and i owe it a lot. It has given me a formidable network. A hobby that really destresses me out! n it is a real feel good factor to me!!

One small warning before you proceed. I am right now in a very "good" mood, and the contents further down may be quite "biased, narrow minded, and very disturbing". Proceed at your own risk!

Its been quite an insightful 3 n more months spent out here in helL. Always something new crops out. Some or the other event for others to prove their legacy over me. A chance for the junta to prove that i am fit for nothing.

i was never a topper, neither in school.. not in college. never. But had no regrets. Coz, i always believed that i was the best. and that i was. Always came out victorious. Always the envy of the batch. I knew, if not pure acads, i was the prefect mix in all.
but here, no!!! Everyday, this feeling is more strongly drilled in my mind, that " I AM USELESS"

I M A LOSER. so much that one f my classmates actually said.. " Abbey, tu jis team mein ho.. woh kabhi jeeti hai??" He n ya, actually!!

What all small victories i get as a team are attributed to others. I AM A FREE RIDER, or so would others say!! but any loss - " Abbey, tu bharat ki team mein hai na, isliye"

Got second runners in WHACKOPRENEUR.. " NO, that was because you had a good team. Everything must have been done by them".. Won third in ops quiz.. " You are one cunning ass.. U always team up with the right guys, so as to win with the least effort."

What happens to this " right team" when i lose some thing???

guess thats the way life treats you. Still gotta get used to it. Will learn. true, IIM does teach you lotsa things

he!! neways, i m so sorry, to have got you too into this sad shit. the humour will still continue!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

7 weeks into a B school

Its officially the eighth week of my stint out here at a B school. And one thing that could pretty much sum up my time out here is " THE EXPERIENCE". Everything out here has been so new, so exhiliriating, so different, so challenging.. One thing is for sure - I don't know what learning of the course would i be applying to the real life situations, but ya, the learning in terms of a person i am sure would stay with me for life, constructively.

First the induction, giving us the initial jitters, and ensuring that we get enough scared that the weak hearted actually leave the campus!! The whole of two years was pretty much summed up in those three hellish days. We thought that all the pain was done with after that, but little did we know, that its gonna be like that for the coming two years( more precisely 20 months)

One thing that i really admire in the IIM system is completely straight, very transparent and very strict. Simple rules of the game. 2 fakkas( f grades) and you are asked to repeat the year. and some more combos of dakkhha'a and fakkas to be able to repeat the year. The grading is a little mysterious, with the relative grading in vogue. U may get 38 and still fail, while a 35 in some subjects may pass u. Similarly with the upper grades.

Had our first mid terms last week. And one hell of a week it was. slept like around 25 hrs in the entire week. Not that i studies all week. It was like one of the most chilled out weeks out here. no presentations, no projects, no submissions.. just simple plain exams!! The marks are not yet out, and that is the reason of my chillness regarding the issue. The marks got here would determine, how many movies i see during the end term exams.

We pretty well completed the weekend by getting totally drunk and doped sat afternoon, so much that i could not even take full advantage of the insti party later in the night. Just had to do away with real juice most of the time. Now that is what i call lack of patience. free liquor on the house with a live disc, and we rather spend money and booze in the afternoon.

Now to plan for the section party. One thing i have noticed about the IIM system is the parties out here. No party is complete without booze in the extreme form, and no conversation is complete without a smoke. All the college canteen talks, the rumours, even the stock market discussions take place only at gupta's - the smoke joint out here.

one thing very valuable out here is your PGP id, or your room number. Everything is post paid. Just lift anything and flaunt your ID. Its been such a long time that i have actually moved around with a wallet on my rear. now you know why i don't resemble ayesha takia any more.

After the mid sems, we thought the first week would be chill, as happens in an engineering college( there the party continues till one week before the next set of exams) I could not be more wrong. The plethora of workload begins again. And to top it, we had our final presentations for the various committees.I had INDEX, PRISM and STEX, in my kitty. With IIC, ALCOM and BHAVISHYA left out due to lack of time.

DISHA is one new initiative out here, implemented from this year. Our preparation for the summers. We have regular classes, tests, CV preparation workshops, all happening in the better part of the 24 hrs day - the night!!

August 15th, the country all over enjoys a holiday on that day. We enjoy it doing assignments. Now i understand the reason for brain drain all these years. Obviously, how the hell will the student know th importance of the country if the independence day itself is not kept free??

Even sunday was totally filled with lectures comprising The functional induction program, with alumni from various fields coming in to explain us the careers in various verticals. It was quite infromative.

I realise that the post is very haphazard without any structure, and that was because i intended to sum up the maximum possible events happening out here. this is just a comprehensive list of the ones i was active in. There was also a international conference on agri business and scores of guest lectures, most of which i spent in deep slumber on my cozy bed.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mid sems done..

The past one week could well be termed as the most chilled out here in helL.. had exams!! heh! yeah, no assignments, projects, deadlines.. what else does one care for?

Saw the maximum number of movies, this week!.. boozed at a high frequency... n did all kinds of bhagchodi possible. No! if you are thinking that i could sleep long?? NO!! that is one thing we can never get!just slept around 30 hrs the whole week. not that i am complaining.

now some details about the exam!
We out here have six subjects in the premid term with four of them carrying on to the post mid, and two subjects being added.

the rules out here are simple and rigid. Grading system is followed. A+ to F.. staring from 10 to 0 in that order. the rule reads - 2 fakkas( lingo for an F) or 4 dakkas( for D).. or 1 fakka and 2 dakkas.. n you are out of the campus asked to come back next year to repeat the course. So it does get on you. and dries you. After all who would like to leave hell??

For more details on the mid sems.. read Shankar

More on life out here..
have tasks going on to get into the various committees. This is one thing unique that i found here. First thing, the whole process to get into a committee is so transparent, and clear and ensures that only the right person gets into the right committee according to his abilities. The process runs across 3 weeks - interview, mid term review of task.. final review.. n then a presentation. Secondly the rush to get into a committee. back in engg. we literally had to pul people to participate. Yeah, many do t primarily for the CV point!! lets see whats in store for me..

the guest lectures out here are simply mind blowing. have such top notch people comin on the campus that you just can't help but feel honoured to be here. We had a chief judge, the founder of subex-azure, etc.. Now a Mc Donald guy!!

and the number of events that one can participate is great. Me and my friend Amirinder took the initiative of enrolling in a market research project. got shortlisted and also had an interview with the guy in charge.it was a good experience.. interview on gtalk. Was quite funny.

We were informed that it is better to mute the talk, when the other person is talking as it would echo. now it goes like we are speaking to literally no one.. n one gets the feel that the person on the other side is actually doing something lot more important than listen to out blabber. then my friend, who always carries disaster in his pocket, actually cut the call by mistake. What can get more funny. We trying to call the person - supposedly a big shot alumni of IIML, and he trying to do the same. and he actually goes to the extent of typing - "R U thr?" No prizes on guessing.. we did not get the project!

one more funny, actually not that funny, incident took place last week. me, abhinav an KK had some tiff, and i literally dragged them out of my room, in the right spirit of course. now would they keep quiet? No ways. They lock me from outside with a huge 10 lever lock( KK probably has gold in his room), and they even get logs and all shit possible to seal my balcony. So, literally no way for me to come out of the room on my own.

Even my neighbour who tried freeing me was threatened - " agla tu hoga..". now after that who would come forward. these sadist idiots.. D F's.. were deriving pleasure by smoking on my face through the window.
But ya, one mistake they committed. Let the phone be with me. the constraint on me was 2 re. balance. So a max of 2 calls. had to make the right call. Prakash Babu comes to my rescue and am free. i go to their room, give this dirt smile and blow smoke on their face in a sense of triumph!! he he.. innovative game it was.!!

Just now back from a pcom batch meet. Ahh!! not worth writing it out here. now, at 5 PM, it is official sleep time out here at IIML!!
gud nite.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Induction.. Now 2 Hostel!!!

If you are thinkin why am i repeating the post on induction.. well, this write up is the one about the hostel induction. Out here there are various things that we facchas get inducted into. The Insti, hostel, ur gang( gult, mallu, etc..).. n then the committee.

As written earlier, during those three hellish days of the insti induction, i was already down and out, and was crying to get back home, cursing my very decision to write CAT. After the exam from 12 to 3Am, i had my induction( the formal one) in the hostel.

I just stepped into the city of nawabs, and entered the hallowed portals of IIM Lucknow – a place I always yearned to be in. As soon as I arrived here, I was allotted, what would be my hideout for the next two years – My hostel room. Hostel number 10, known as one of the most happening hostels of the insti, and yeah! That it was. I thanked my luck for being allotted a room in the city! Little did I know what was in store?

note: for the uninitiated, city are the new hostels, which are more spacious, clean and party centric( Titanic, vast terrace, well, etc..).. while the older hostels are called slums

First night at IIML (no perverted thoughts!)

Induction was scheduled the next day, and I consciously slept early at 11 itself, just to be awaken by the door bangs at 1AM. One of my fellow facchhaa informed me about the informal induction, well, in other words – Ragging! Thirty odd seniors, some of them drinking, most of them smoking, but all of them out rightly alert were ready, in what we call the well. In front lined up were a similar number of juniors – my batch mates, all with sleepy eyes!

After some informal dilly dallying, and some mild task round( bringing in the supplies), we were asked to give our intros. Well, how can anything happen in a normal way at an IIM? A broken chair was brought in, and we were asked to stand on the chair – which itself was counting its days, standing. INTRODUCE, in chaste Hindi! For south Indians , this was a task as big as probably getting through CAT itself. After lots of mocking, and pulling of leg by the seniors we were let go at 3:30AM., after a short round of drinks with them. My first at hell. Now, Time to sleep. Little did I know that this would be my earliest hour to sleep for days?

Second night

Now as anywould would swear, the actual action (in all terms) in an hostel happens well beyond midnight. A test from 12 to 3 AM (yes u heard it right! A test in the middle of the night!) After that I was grippling towards the room, when the formal induction of the hostel was announced. The choicest of spirits, with lots of other stuff lined up. I thought I was in for a party, but could not be more wrong! We were given roles – superman and r****. We had to form appropriate pairs among ourselves and entertain the seniors. We lined up, again, this time in pairs. Performed all kinds of profanity, and titillated the audience to all the jhatkas and matkas. After a tiring duel of 2 hrs, were we allowed to go near the alcohol, and the tiredness in us, assured that we complete till the last golden drop? And dropped dead! 6 AM in the morning!!

The hostel induction done!! And now the seniors are all friends!!

p.s. : I wrote this as a task for the alcom committee. Hope they don't consider this their propetry and sue me under copyright laa

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Inducted.. class of 2009!

June 21st, 2007:
I had just stepped into the city of Nawabs, Lucknow yesterday and the morning breeze though a stranger to me, welcomed me with a cool hug. As I moved in the IIML campus, a hope and a belief crept in me - here is a launch pad for a successful career ahead in the corporate world. The welcome speech by the Director on the induction day was a clear indication of the mercilessly hectic life as well as the worthy returns thereafter awaiting me
In order to inculcate ethical business practices and sound value system in its new batch of students, IIML took the initiative of inviting Swami Muktinathananda, a monk of high stature, to inaugurate the new batch (23rd batch) of Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) students.
The tempo started building up right from the first day both by professors and seniors, though on different platforms and at different degrees. The whole day was occupied with lectures by the various prominent people in the administration. The evening, we thought was free to sleep (Valued Pleasure) but the students council thought otherwise. We had a batch meeting in the evening, notifying of a test from 12 to 3AM. Yes, you heard me right the test is midnight. Now this was least expected after a tiring previous night spent on the informal induction at the hostel
Somehow went through the gruel, and the arrogant seniors, who would point mistake in every step, and make us feel that we are simply not fit to be here. At 3:15, just grippling over to my room, I was in for a surprise. Those merciless seniors have organised the official hostel induction tonight, probably because tomorrow happens to be the birthday of one guy’s girlfriend!! We get into the required dress form to suit the assigned character – Superman and ***( will be screened out for obscenity). After entertaining them till 5, we were allowed to have the very much required pegs of whiskey and vodka. Slept at 6AM

June 22nd, 2007:
The registration is scheduled at 8:30 AM. Now who would explain to the authority that we have not slept! And I don’t think anyone would like to take the risk of not registering, or rather confirming, and his seat after going through the grueling billi successfully.
In the evening, we were all called for a health run. A long marathon round of the entire circumcircle of the campus, not once but twice. Probably, the seniors wanted us to realize the vastness of the campus. It was one long tiring run, damn! My stamina has actually come down, but to think of it. I completed the run successfully!
Have the seniors fulfilled their sadistic pleasures? NO!! Mentors assigned, CV submission deadline given, case study late evening (that is upto 12), then GD’s extending till 3AM. So, no sleep for one more night!

June 23rd, 2007:
When will this ordeal get over? When will I be out of this place?? Or more predominantly, when will I sleep?? These are some lingering questions and the only respite is call up your girlfriend (plz, am not an MCP, just going with the majority), and crib. Else call up juniors and future aspirants and scare them with the reality. Its no fun cracking the CAT! HELL was showing its true colours.
One earlier rise, and rush to the class! This time sans breakfast! One gets a feel that the profs are so good, it is the seniors. One more hectic day in hell. Rushing to the mentors, whose faces we have never seen. Run your ass out to find the way out of the puzzle called H13. Rush for the CV submission, and in spite of all the bhagadoudi never reach on time. The clocks of the seniors are all set fast am sure.
Now look at the new notice at mess (we were asked to keep in track with notice boards every hour, later relaxed to every two hours understanding the absurdity). We the facchhas were all divided into groups of 4, and given a group topic each. Now this is the trip! We have no clue who the hell is the partner! And now we go about searching for them. This is where management helps! Ok, we do met up.. prepare the presentation, and get all ready. At the venue, some are sent away for not wearing ties, some for not shaving and some to get their entire group! It was hell showing again.
After the long presentations, in which we all grilled and mocked to the core, there’s an announcement of a batch meet. The overcrowded room is filled with tense air. Smile?? One cannot even see a concave posture on any face! The student’s council president ridicules the present batch saying it is one of the worst batches IIML has ever had, and the likes. He reads out a list of 57 students who supposedly are not fit to join any committee and would require extra mentoring. Well, my name figures in that coveted (is it?) list. Then he reads out another list of 7 people stating that they have indulged in malpractice and would be reported to the PGP office, threatened with fatal consequences.
The whole room is silent, Drop a pin and it could give a heart attack to the feeble. And……………….

Next I find myself, dancing out at the insti party, after having a lavish sumptuous dinner. Now this was very much required after those hellish 3 days. All top brands – Signature, Bacardi, Smirn off laid for us to grab. A dj playin foot tapping songs, and half of the junta drunk to the core. Come on dude, it’s a booze on the house party – first time for many.! I myself drank 6 pegs, and my friend who had limited himself to sips and smells till now, had a hang of 2 pegs. It was one awesome night, ofcourse sans much sleep!

June 24th, 2007
Slept at around 3 AM last night to wake up at 10 in time for the chairman, board of Governors - Mr. J. J. Irani ‘s welcome speech. Business ethics, value system and the likes were stressed upon, and he wuite nicely filled the hall with his witty anecdotes and also struck an emotional chord emphasizing values in the TATA context.

The rest of the evening was chilled, with nothing much to do. That implies the much required sleep. And get ready for the actual grilling beginning tomorrow.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

After Exams.. Summer Time...

This is one of those pending posts, that was long due. What did i do this summer?? Am i reviewing the movie or something?. No!! the Summer just gone by, was a very eventful one. lots of things done, for the very first time. And it had to be. This is the time i Graduated for the first time!( Abbey, ek hi baar grad hote hai!!).

First things first, went down to aruku with some friends - 4 of us. Went on a Saturday morning, and returned on Sunday evening. For the uninitiated who are still wondering what the hell is ARUKU?? It is a cool hill station, close to Vizag city, famously referred to as "OOTY of ANDHRA". Well, for college goers, it is nothing else but a safe haven for their drinking stupors on a marathon level. It was fun out there, escaping from the scorching heat of the city and living the tranquility with slight drizzle of a small tribal hamlet in the right atmosphere of a cottage. We even went down to Borra caves, which are believed to be over a million years old. Me being the only local in our group, i was fekkoing at its best. trying to explain every random shape in the cave to some natural phenomena. creativity at its best!

then was the trip to kolkata. Had to go there to escort my granny. It was just half a day out there in Kol.. but it was fun filled. My cousin Vishal n Bharat( yes, i share my name with him).. left no stone unturned to ensure that i see all the vital places in Kolkota.. Even went by the underground metro rail.The return journey was eventful. It is not everyday that you find a hot girl in your compartment in Indian rail!. and to top it, she was pretty impressed by the fact that i am getting into an IIM( i ensured that she comes to know of tat fact, thanks Bharat( my cousin)). Also realised that the so called bad habit - smoking, is actually quite socializing. Met a guy in the side compartment who himself walked up to me to offer a smoke. Guess, he must have seen me smoking near the bathroom last night. I also met one his friends,and even the TT shared a smoke with us. Now this is something different.

I always wanted to work part time, and earn some money in the bargain. I got this opportunity in two ways this summer - Market Research and TIME classes. Yes, i was offered a faculty position at TIME, teaching or rather tutoring CAT aspirants, occasionally taking classes for Campus recruitment programs, GRE and even ICET. It was very hectic with some days me ending up taking classes for 8 hours. Not that i am complaining. I made neat money out of it. A nice experience and am looking forward to it. in fact, i would prefer taking classes in all my future vacations. it keeps the mind so much fresh, and interacting with so many intelligent minds is quite a challenging job.

Another endeavour of mine this summer was the market research project. More about it in my next post.

By the way, after all this stints with part time jobs, K.s.Vidya of THE HINDU considered me appropriate for the article on Pocket money for youngsters. Some extracts out of it..

.....Easy jobs at call centres, growing job market and much-hyped globalisation have changed the spending pattern of college students. “It’s easier to be brand conscious if you have the money to spend,” says Bharat Jhurani, who recently completed his engineering from GITAM. Presently he is working as a faculty member at the TIME institute, teaching four to six hours in a week earning Rs. 100 for each hour. Alongside he is also working on a one-month market research project for a consulting agency for which he hopes to earn a tidy sum of Rs. 6,000.

Set to join IIM Lucknow in June, he took up the transition job offer to spend his time more productively.

“My parents used to complain about my frequent requests for money and wanted me to earn to understand the real value of money,” he says. In college he received roughly Rs. 350 every week for petrol and other expenses. Mobile recharge took another Rs. 400 and occasional trips with friends would have him approaching his parents for some more. “I am not a spendthrift really, and my parents are quite okay about the few occasions I have some extra expenses,” he adds.

Although he never felt the need to take up a part-time job, he feels that taking up a part-time job is not as easy as it sounds.

“Getting the ‘right’ part-time job is easier in bigger cities than metros,” says Bharat. Parents, he believes, still have strong notions on respectability of jobs.

“Dignity of labour is yet to sink in here. There is still a long way to go before parents can accept their children taking up jobs as waiters or at petrol pumps,” he adds.

The whole article

now this is what i call popularity!!.. he he!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


ok. I guess i have bored you guys quite a lot of these seemingly unnecessary interview details. Maybe they seem trvial to the majority, but for the few preparing for such interviews, like i was a couple of months back, this would serve as a teasure trove, hopefully.

Ya, there are many other better sources of such information, but well what the heck? there's no harm adding to the list right? Its taken painstakingly long hours to type all of them just out of my diary. Most of the content was written on bus stands, guest rooms, railway waiting rooms, airport lobby and the trains. while travelling after y interviews, this was the semingly the best thing to do. Ofcourse after the indulgence of going to the door( in train), for loosing out some stress in thin smoke.

Well, after all the running here and there, the results of the same are so..
You must have already figured out about the the IIFT convert.. the remaining..

IITD ----- WAITLISTED 9 ( Converted )
NITIE ----- WAITLISTED 11 ( Converted )
MDI ----- WAITLISTED 96 ( Converted )

as we se it, only IITB was rude to reject me. Arrey bhai, agar le bhi liya hota to nahi aata.

The IIM results took long to be declared so i rather paid up for IIFT, a sum of 90.
now later as the IIM brand bestowed upon me, i complied and have finally joined INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, LUCKNOW

and after that i also appeared for ICET - 2007, in which i got the state second rank. Here are some media articles in realation to that.

......For students like Jhurani Bharat, a native of Visakhapatnam who secured the second rank (183) marks in the entrance, the rank will give him another option to pursue his management course.

“I do not want to end up in a stereotypical career. With management degree, I will be more acceptable among the corporate,'' he said adding that he can alternate management and core subjects, if need arises.

He has appeared for the Common Aptitude Test and secured a rank to fetch him a set in IIM Lucknow. “I have not decided if I will take to management or computers,'' says the Gitam Engineering College student......

The Hindu front page

The Hindu local news

Indian express

p.s. Yeah, got the whole sum of 90k back from IIFT. So, no wastage of money.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


the last one in my itenary. Took me near to three months to complete witing about 6 interviews. tht is to little work according to the standards of the place i am presently in.

Anyways, The IITB GDPI thing was on 17th march. had flied back from bangalore the previous morning, and put up at my mama's place in powai. I was scheduled at 1:30 in the afternoon, and it was pretty borin to even think of speaking out in the hot sun. Anyways, helpless situation.

The whole thing was quite nice arranged, but i felt the IITD thing to have been better organised. We were around 9 of us in the group discussion and it was a case discussion. My participation in the case was prety bad, patrly due tom y laziness, and to the fact that i have already cleared IIFT, and am anyways going to prefer that to this. But, the zea to be able to show converts was the only driving factor.

After a harrowed wait of about half an hour, it was my turn for the interview. There were three panelists. As soon as i walked in with the file, the firs thing they asked me was - "How was your participation in the case?". i honestly, infact with a slight attitude replied that i was not that god. After some delibrations we moved ahead.

Unfortunately, the interview moved towards the technical side, and 80 percent of the questions assked were from acads, in the time period of about 15 minutes. Now that is somthing bad, and unexpected. My answer to most of the questions was a big " I DONT KNOW" or a more diplomatic " I AM NOT TO SURE".. and so.. Finally they wished me luck and thus ended the interview.

p.s. : After the interview process, we had a PAGALGUY meet at cafe Mocha in the hiranandani complex, POWAI. That was fun! 25 odd people. All MBA Aspirants. I didn't know anyone personally, except through the virtual world by their ID's. We had brezers, pastries and also HOOKAH! And then hanged around out in the complex for sometime. It was quite memorable.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


know its quite late in posting this. n well, now i m sure that i am lazy. Just a typing job and this is the time i take.

well, not exactly. Was travelling all these days, and did not have access to a computer for long duratons.

Well coming down to business, the fifth one in the sequence. This one - MDI, hapenned at IIM Bangalore on 15th march. Had to fly form bangalore after attending the NITIE interview there on 13th!!

We were just 8 in the group in the morning 9:30 batch, and 3 did not turn up. So, just 5 of us - 3 guys and 2 girls. For the group discussion we were given a sheet of paper with 2 graphs on it. It had the movement of the GDP growth of the country and the various sectors contributions form it. The GD was pretty good with everyone chirping in a good number of times. It went on for about 15 minutes.

Then the interview. Here the unique thing was that we were not numbered and were told that anyone could be called anytime, after anyone. So we had to be on tenterhooks, always ready. As luck would have it i was the last one to be interviewed.

At around 12 noon, i expected to be called in but one of the panel members himself walked out for a sutta. Then the lady walked out and called me in. The interview startd of informally. As to where i am from, what does my father do, which other calls i hav, n stuff.

Then after the person came back, they started serious quizzing. First some stuff on probability in electronics in which i faltered. They started mocking at me sayin how could i get 9.82 percentile in quant in CAT. Probably trying to check my coolness level. he they asked me to rank the top coleges in the country. This was again tricky, as MDI's place also needed to be put tactfully. The lady then after looking at me resume, asked me some stuf on blogging and went to the extent of asking me to write a couple of lines on the ongoing interview process. During the time i was wrting, the two panelists turned towards each other and started chatting to each other. Funny. Then they grilled me on some current affirs and thus ended the interview.

During the whole 10 - 12 mins of the interview i was being asked to eat some mixture from the plate, drink water, and the panelists were trying to act very informal. They even joked that as IIMB has not given me a call i should eat up this pack and ask them for one more pack of mixture. Overall, the whole interview was very very relaxed, could be called the exact opposite of a stress interview.

Thus, done with the MDI interview. I had a MAGGI in the canten, and went back to the guest house to have a sound nap.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This was a quick one. The month of march, i was totally packed up. Three interviews lined up, then my dwindling attendance at college, to top that the project deadline was nearing. It all literally left me with no time for any other activity( now u know the reason for my absence from the blogging circuit for so long?)

Anyways, had my NITIE GDPI on 13Th of march at the NITIE campus in mumbai. I reached Mumbai on 12Th itself, and stayed in the campus hostel. The TEAM IMPACT there did a real wonderful job, and our stay there was very comfortable. I just idled away my time on 12Th, catching up with some friends, moving around the campus, and also meeting one of my uncles who stays in mumbai.

ON 13th morning, we were asked to report at 8AM itself, and i did not even have my shagun ka ** the previous night. I reached the auditorium sharp at 8 itself, and after the regular document verification we were asked to sit in the auditorium. ( This was one bad thing about NITIE organisation - they had called all the applicants at 8 and many of them( including me) had to wait all the way till 7pm to get out of there). They could have rather scheduled us all at different time slots!!

Anyways, they kept us occupied by showing nice movies like CARS, COUPLING SEASON, etc..( heard from a friend that they actually projected LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI the next day). My turn for the GD was at around 11:30. We were around 10 people in the group and the panel consisted of 3 people. The topic was " NUCLEAR TREATY - WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO?". The topic required lots of facts which was lacking with most, and the GD was quite peaceful. In fact, there were even brief spells of silence in the middle, and every participant was waiting for the other to pick up from him, as the points would get exhausted very soon, and even GLOBING was not possible. Overall, a very calm GD, and i quipped in decent inputs.

My turn for the interview was scheduled at 3:30 so i returned to the room and slept for some time. Ultimately i was interviewed at about 6:30PM. There were 4 panelists. After the initial normal question - tell me about yourself, Why MBA?, etc.. the shift happened to current affairs. the present economic situation, the budget, the inflation rate, policies taken by the government, etc..

When they realised that my father is in the retail business( he runs a grocery store), the focus shifted to the present boom in the retail sector - the various entrants, their impact, and other related issues. the interview lasted for about 10 mins, and luckily there was not even a single question on acads!!

p.s. : I came to know of the IIFT convert just about half an hour before my interview, and i was booming with euphoria, and had this extreme levels of confidence, as i did not really care for the outcome. IIFT was any day better than NITIE!! The only thing, it was not yet clear if it was IIFT- Delhi or IIFT - Kol that i had converted!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

IIT - Delhi

A long break again! no matter what?? These gaps just creep in.. and what exactly i intend to do?? just copy stuff from my diary into the blog!!.. basically DATA ENTRY!
Actually was caught up in exams all these days, and then the post exam freak out. went Down to aruku last weekend with friends. More about that later.

As promised, i still have four more GDPI experiences to be chronicled in this blog. and here i do away with IITD.

My interview was scheduled on 24Th Feb, just a week after the IIML fiasco. The students committee in IITD organised it pretty well and i staying in the hostel enabled me to make some real good friends who are still in touch.

My scheduled time was at 12:30 PM, and i reached the DOMS building half an hour earlier. After the usual verifications of the documents we were lead to an auditorium showing the presentations of the insti.

I was called for the GD at about 1:30, and the topic was " SHOULD CELL PHONES BE BANNED?".. we had four people in the panel, including one from the engineering college and one from industry. The topic was shown to have been decided on the spot, and it being a very open ended topic led to a dog - fight among the participants. I put in decent levels of entries, and made good sensible points. The GD was for around 15 - 18 Min's.

Next for the interview.

I was third in the queue and the best part was it had different panels for the GD and the PI, so there is no scope for any bias.

There were three people in the panel and it was like a round table setting. They were well settled on a sofa, and poor me on a high chair, which turns around( the ones we find in a pub!). I was literally playing merry go around to have an eye contact with each of them. They started of the general - Tell me abut yourself?.. what do you do in your past time?.. then they started the normal acads quizzing( on fiber optics).

As soon as i told them of my interest to be a writer.They seems interested and questioned - " Do you think it is necessary to do an MBA to be a writer".. when i quoted them Chetan Bhagat ( an IITD alumnus) and Tushar raheja( Anything for you ma'am.. also an IITD alumni).. he then asked me the names of the 3 characters in Five point someone, which stumped me off. I could recollect only 2, and he remarked sarcastically - "Nah, just asking.. u just said that you are very inspired by it na".

Then a person in the panel picked up in hindi - "paper vaper padte ho aap?".." kaunsa paper padte ho?".. i replied.. THE HINDU. he quizzed me a little on current affairs which i sailed through. Then after a little more quizzing they wished me luck, and thus ended the interview. It lasted for around 7-8 min's

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My lone IIM call.. after all those arduous AIMCATS... toppin them, working hard.. and even managing a 99.36 percentile in CAT. what do i get?? One single IIM call!! IIM - Lucknow. Reason - My slightly low percentile in Verbal ability section.

Anyways, no use crying over spilt milk. Gave it all my might. A hard competition to all. It was scheduled on 17th feb at 2PM at Hotel Monarch, bangalore.

me in panel 2 numbered 9( y does it always have 2 b ??)

Was called in 4 the GD and essay at about 3. They were two panel members and 12 of us in the group. IIML is known for giving abstract topics and it maintained its reputation with us 2. Topic - The most effective way to eradicate poverty is through effective governance. As soon as it was dictated, we were asked to write a small essay on the topic, in about 150 words within 5 minutes. after the stipulated 5 mins, the papers were taken away leaving us to discuss. With such an open ended topic thrown in... it was literally a fish fight in the beginning. everyone hurling in whatever facts they had in hand. Me no less. Chirped in quite a number of times during the process. Overall it was a pretty good GD, but could have been better.

The interview :
the interviews were quite short for everyone, and my turn came pretty early at 4 : 30 itself.
I walked in. It was the same two people who were there for the GD.

My interview went on for about 6 minutes overall.

As i entered in i was asked if i would like to join the agro-business mgmt( ABM) offered by the institute. I initially relented and then informed them that i would like to keep it as my second option. From here started my unpreparedness!!!

initially, was asked the clinched question. tell me about yourself
answered it pretty decently highlighting hobbies, blogging, basketball, CR, etc..

Was asked some questions on Statistics, probability and simple mathematics. Answered them quite well, but surprisingly got confused in a basic concept of Probability. Told the definition of independent events when asked for disjoint events. Mixed up the two even when asked for an example of a disjoint set. Was so confused that they had to explain it to me. All because of unwarranted tense state. The lack of comfort showed so much on my face that one of the panel members actually had to say - Don't feel tensed. Be cool. It is not a stress interview.

Was asked what do i do in free time? said about sports, and then luckily mentioned Blogging.
The younger guy of the two seemed to get interested. He queried on the content of the blog, and also noted down my blog address!! the only feel good factor of the interview. hope he sees it before deciding my fate!!

With this my interview ended, with them asking if i had any questions for them. i replied no.
bid them a thank you, and left the room confidently.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Finally.. the IIFT interview!!!

This is a long impending post.. but my laziness to actually sit and type the whole thing right from my diary on to this box, using a not so friendle slate( the keyboard!!) kept me away. now finally when i have exams going on, so relatively free, i am doin this sacred job.

As i have already told, this interview experience is not for me.. but the few people who are to attend ant forthcoming interview would find it beneficial. So next time people, U know where to look for any such kind of experiences???.. "google Search"!!! he he..

K, without any more bullshitting lemme copy paste the thin..

30th jan.. at around 12 noon.. I was the 9th guy but as one did not turn up, was called in 8th in sequence. Spent the time till then chattin to fellow aspirants, reading the newspapers in the lobby and jus ogling at the magnificent hotel!!
As soon as i entered in.. made it a point to wish each one of them. they were four in total, waitin to slaughter me. n this was my first MBA interview.
let me call them Panel - P, as i don't really remember who asked asked who.( Tol U ' kal kare jo aaj kar.. aaj kare jo abhi!!' )

bj - gud morning
p - gud morning, plz take ur seat.
p - Som you are Bharat Jhurani.
p - Bharat, i saw that you were interacting well with people outside??

BJ - Kind off sir.

p - u know them before coming here??
bj - No sir.

p - So, u mingle with people very easily ha!!
bj - smile in afirmative

p - k, they must have told you what questions we are asking. Give us our feedback on the whole process?
bj - Sir, the whole process is being conducted very well, especially the exchanging of the panels for GD n Interview is an excellent idea.

p - So, U must be knowing what questions we are asking? what different should we ask you??
bj - Sir, according to the inputs i hav got, it appears that you are asking a different set of questions to each. But if you insist, I would suggest asking on Hobbies as that would be unique to that person.

Some questions on Hobbies. My answer - blogging, reading, music, Writing articles.. n was grilled a little on them,

then was asked a few questions on general awareness - inflation def., present rate, y is it increasing, what implications, etc..

Was also grilled on the fact that i am a fresher. Said that "Any college should strive to attain a balance between Freshers and work-ex people so that we compliment each other's learnings"'..

then was asked a few questions on Acads - Wht subjects in final sem? Fibre optics.. n stuff( Moi from ECE)

The interview lasted for about 8-10 mins, and was pretty satisfied with it over all..

That is reproduced from my diary dated feb 4th. Was sitting bored in the class, and so wrote tht.

other interviews on the way. Still five more to go.. will come as and when i have borin xams going on. Else my mind would crave for better things in life... he he..

Monday, March 26, 2007

Am i a NERD??

one thin tht really hits me sometimes is.. AM I A NERD?? i wanted an answer. Now do i hav to sit under the bodhi tree and seek enlightment?? or ask someone?? could not think of anythin.. till i bumped on the link.. now i m relieved. I take things positively. it is not "u r nerdier than half of the test takers".. it is " half of the test takers r more nerdy than u!!!"

nerd :
1. An insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious
2. An intelligent but single-minded expert in a particular technical field or profession
3.Someone considered boring because of their obsessive hobby or narrow solitary interests

Your Score Summary

Overall, you scored as follows:

41% scored higher (more nerdy),
2% scored the same, and
57% scored lower (less nerdy).

What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

Somewhat nerdy. I mean face it, you are nerdier than about half the test takers.

well by the way... for record sake.. I HAVE CONVERTED IIFT-DELHI!! YIPPEE!!!!
ah! ya, the pending interview experience is on the way!!! soon!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


hi everyone..
Well, let me add a disclaimer at the very beginning. This post is one among the many GDPI processes i am undergoing these days. This may be useful to some peoplen those isolated souls.. Read on!!!

IIFT done.. I mean done with My GDPI for IIFT. Had it on Tue, Jan 30th at hotel Golconda, Masab tank at hyderabad.

I reached the centre at 8:45 itself, as i did not want to take any chances. It was good anyways, i got a chance to interact with others out there. There were totally 22 people called that day, divided into two groups of 11 each. I was the 9th person in the second group.

All my group members, lets call it the ebony group, were seated in an hall. At about 9:30 we were called to a board room kind of hall, where each of had to sit at the alotted place. Each seat already had a plate with our roll numbers. The eighth person of our group didn't turn up, so it was 10 of us. The group comprised 9 guys and one girl, with most of them having work-ex, barring me and one other guy.

there were two mods, a lady and a gentleman, who handed us blank sheets, for the essay. then after listing out the procedure, the topic was given - "balance between Professionalism and Family". we were given 20mins for the same, and the word limit was 300 words.

Just after the Essay, even when the gentleman was collecting the sheets, the lady started of with the rules of the GD. The same as expected - Initially each one gets about 90seconds to speak on the topic, and then it is open for all, with each one of us being the moderator for about 2-3 mins. The topic for the GD was - " RTI act is an hamper to decision making process". It was a very decent GD, with each one gettin his own ample share of limelight. No one exactly knew what the job of the moderator was. Bring in order to the group, Show direction to the discussion!! it just went on. There was a bell being passed on to signify who the moderator is.

I was pretty decent in the GD, with a whole lot of facts to throw. I vomitted all of it in the initial start itself, and came into the GD a pretty decent number of times. While moderating, i tried to get the discussion to the beginning core issue - "Before carrying on, Why don't we first look at what the present RTI act states??". On the most of were quite satisfied with the GD, and thanked everyone for not making it a fish market. As the time came to an end( around 45 mins), the last 3 ppl did not even get a chance to moderate( Not that it really mattered!!). We were not even asked for a conclusion.

At about 11, after the GD, we were asked to wait in the other hall for the interviews. Here the panel gets swapped, between the two groups. I guess IIFT believes in the concept of " Better 6 ppl give an opinion rather than 3" or maybe they do this so that the panelist does not have any preconcieved prejudice towards anyone on the basis of the GD.

well, more about the interview later!!! Digest this first yaar!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

M in the NEWS!!!

Hey.. Very quick post.. I know.. BUt this has a reason. I m in the news, ah! well not 4 the wrong reason for once!!! He he.

I have been quoted in the Hindu in an article on Eve-teasing!!! Ah! ok, trust me its not for the reason that i was eve-teasing or somethin. Just because the reporter thought i am a sensible and a responsible citizen of the city, and i can give good comments( No wrong meanings.. u perverted minds!!).

Here's the quote :

However Bharat Jhurani, final year engineering student at GITAM, has a neutral approach to the issue. "It's a part and parcel of college life, it can't be avoided but guys have to keep within their limits," he says.

well, for the full article.. find it here.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well.. thsi must b looking like a ritual.. Me always posting on the last day of the month!!! Omens. Follow them, like said in " THE ALCHEMIST". Well, the results wagon is out.. the days of ups and downs begin.. One moment i m on a high.. nxt m at a depressing low. Its all in the game.. n m havin fun!!!

Jan has been an awesome month for more than one reasons :

1) We had a long list of holidays for about 15 days.. our last actual vacation in coll i guess.. N i made the most of it.. Sleepin!!!

2) Had a trip 2 Hyd for some workshop by TIME. It was fun, intercating with some of the best brains of the country.. trying to compete with them.. and eating all day.

3) I had my first sip of MARTINI at 10 downing street.. Man!! Telling u.. it may be expensive( What the heck?? Yes, it is expensive at 250/- bucks a glass).. but it is totally worth.

4) Hmmm!!! Well, i guess even a blogger is entitled to have some privacy!!! He he!

well, that is all for now. one more thing, My next post would be useful to guys aspiring to get in a B - School in general and IIFT in particular!!! So keep waiting...

Well, it maybe useful for anyone infact, anyone who cares to read the random crap and craves to pass a small number of his/her( No prejudice) precious seconds.

It feels good to give a small tease of the next post.. smack!

ps : sorry for the SMS lingo, have to rush!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year!!

Long time.. no c.. Was globe trottin!!!( ah!! well, sleepin). well, the hangover is still not over.. jus felt lik scribbling somethin.. so m here..
BTW, A very very Happy new year 2 all of u..
gud nite..
m sleepy..