Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well.. thsi must b looking like a ritual.. Me always posting on the last day of the month!!! Omens. Follow them, like said in " THE ALCHEMIST". Well, the results wagon is out.. the days of ups and downs begin.. One moment i m on a high.. nxt m at a depressing low. Its all in the game.. n m havin fun!!!

Jan has been an awesome month for more than one reasons :

1) We had a long list of holidays for about 15 days.. our last actual vacation in coll i guess.. N i made the most of it.. Sleepin!!!

2) Had a trip 2 Hyd for some workshop by TIME. It was fun, intercating with some of the best brains of the country.. trying to compete with them.. and eating all day.

3) I had my first sip of MARTINI at 10 downing street.. Man!! Telling u.. it may be expensive( What the heck?? Yes, it is expensive at 250/- bucks a glass).. but it is totally worth.

4) Hmmm!!! Well, i guess even a blogger is entitled to have some privacy!!! He he!

well, that is all for now. one more thing, My next post would be useful to guys aspiring to get in a B - School in general and IIFT in particular!!! So keep waiting...

Well, it maybe useful for anyone infact, anyone who cares to read the random crap and craves to pass a small number of his/her( No prejudice) precious seconds.

It feels good to give a small tease of the next post.. smack!

ps : sorry for the SMS lingo, have to rush!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year!!

Long time.. no c.. Was globe trottin!!!( ah!! well, sleepin). well, the hangover is still not over.. jus felt lik scribbling somethin.. so m here..
BTW, A very very Happy new year 2 all of u..
gud nite..
m sleepy..