Tuesday, February 20, 2007


hi everyone..
Well, let me add a disclaimer at the very beginning. This post is one among the many GDPI processes i am undergoing these days. This may be useful to some peoplen those isolated souls.. Read on!!!

IIFT done.. I mean done with My GDPI for IIFT. Had it on Tue, Jan 30th at hotel Golconda, Masab tank at hyderabad.

I reached the centre at 8:45 itself, as i did not want to take any chances. It was good anyways, i got a chance to interact with others out there. There were totally 22 people called that day, divided into two groups of 11 each. I was the 9th person in the second group.

All my group members, lets call it the ebony group, were seated in an hall. At about 9:30 we were called to a board room kind of hall, where each of had to sit at the alotted place. Each seat already had a plate with our roll numbers. The eighth person of our group didn't turn up, so it was 10 of us. The group comprised 9 guys and one girl, with most of them having work-ex, barring me and one other guy.

there were two mods, a lady and a gentleman, who handed us blank sheets, for the essay. then after listing out the procedure, the topic was given - "balance between Professionalism and Family". we were given 20mins for the same, and the word limit was 300 words.

Just after the Essay, even when the gentleman was collecting the sheets, the lady started of with the rules of the GD. The same as expected - Initially each one gets about 90seconds to speak on the topic, and then it is open for all, with each one of us being the moderator for about 2-3 mins. The topic for the GD was - " RTI act is an hamper to decision making process". It was a very decent GD, with each one gettin his own ample share of limelight. No one exactly knew what the job of the moderator was. Bring in order to the group, Show direction to the discussion!! it just went on. There was a bell being passed on to signify who the moderator is.

I was pretty decent in the GD, with a whole lot of facts to throw. I vomitted all of it in the initial start itself, and came into the GD a pretty decent number of times. While moderating, i tried to get the discussion to the beginning core issue - "Before carrying on, Why don't we first look at what the present RTI act states??". On the most of were quite satisfied with the GD, and thanked everyone for not making it a fish market. As the time came to an end( around 45 mins), the last 3 ppl did not even get a chance to moderate( Not that it really mattered!!). We were not even asked for a conclusion.

At about 11, after the GD, we were asked to wait in the other hall for the interviews. Here the panel gets swapped, between the two groups. I guess IIFT believes in the concept of " Better 6 ppl give an opinion rather than 3" or maybe they do this so that the panelist does not have any preconcieved prejudice towards anyone on the basis of the GD.

well, more about the interview later!!! Digest this first yaar!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

M in the NEWS!!!

Hey.. Very quick post.. I know.. BUt this has a reason. I m in the news, ah! well not 4 the wrong reason for once!!! He he.

I have been quoted in the Hindu in an article on Eve-teasing!!! Ah! ok, trust me its not for the reason that i was eve-teasing or somethin. Just because the reporter thought i am a sensible and a responsible citizen of the city, and i can give good comments( No wrong meanings.. u perverted minds!!).

Here's the quote :

However Bharat Jhurani, final year engineering student at GITAM, has a neutral approach to the issue. "It's a part and parcel of college life, it can't be avoided but guys have to keep within their limits," he says.

well, for the full article.. find it here.