Monday, May 14, 2007

IIT - Delhi

A long break again! no matter what?? These gaps just creep in.. and what exactly i intend to do?? just copy stuff from my diary into the blog!!.. basically DATA ENTRY!
Actually was caught up in exams all these days, and then the post exam freak out. went Down to aruku last weekend with friends. More about that later.

As promised, i still have four more GDPI experiences to be chronicled in this blog. and here i do away with IITD.

My interview was scheduled on 24Th Feb, just a week after the IIML fiasco. The students committee in IITD organised it pretty well and i staying in the hostel enabled me to make some real good friends who are still in touch.

My scheduled time was at 12:30 PM, and i reached the DOMS building half an hour earlier. After the usual verifications of the documents we were lead to an auditorium showing the presentations of the insti.

I was called for the GD at about 1:30, and the topic was " SHOULD CELL PHONES BE BANNED?".. we had four people in the panel, including one from the engineering college and one from industry. The topic was shown to have been decided on the spot, and it being a very open ended topic led to a dog - fight among the participants. I put in decent levels of entries, and made good sensible points. The GD was for around 15 - 18 Min's.

Next for the interview.

I was third in the queue and the best part was it had different panels for the GD and the PI, so there is no scope for any bias.

There were three people in the panel and it was like a round table setting. They were well settled on a sofa, and poor me on a high chair, which turns around( the ones we find in a pub!). I was literally playing merry go around to have an eye contact with each of them. They started of the general - Tell me abut yourself?.. what do you do in your past time?.. then they started the normal acads quizzing( on fiber optics).

As soon as i told them of my interest to be a writer.They seems interested and questioned - " Do you think it is necessary to do an MBA to be a writer".. when i quoted them Chetan Bhagat ( an IITD alumnus) and Tushar raheja( Anything for you ma'am.. also an IITD alumni).. he then asked me the names of the 3 characters in Five point someone, which stumped me off. I could recollect only 2, and he remarked sarcastically - "Nah, just asking.. u just said that you are very inspired by it na".

Then a person in the panel picked up in hindi - "paper vaper padte ho aap?".." kaunsa paper padte ho?".. i replied.. THE HINDU. he quizzed me a little on current affairs which i sailed through. Then after a little more quizzing they wished me luck, and thus ended the interview. It lasted for around 7-8 min's

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