Sunday, July 29, 2007

Induction.. Now 2 Hostel!!!

If you are thinkin why am i repeating the post on induction.. well, this write up is the one about the hostel induction. Out here there are various things that we facchas get inducted into. The Insti, hostel, ur gang( gult, mallu, etc..).. n then the committee.

As written earlier, during those three hellish days of the insti induction, i was already down and out, and was crying to get back home, cursing my very decision to write CAT. After the exam from 12 to 3Am, i had my induction( the formal one) in the hostel.

I just stepped into the city of nawabs, and entered the hallowed portals of IIM Lucknow – a place I always yearned to be in. As soon as I arrived here, I was allotted, what would be my hideout for the next two years – My hostel room. Hostel number 10, known as one of the most happening hostels of the insti, and yeah! That it was. I thanked my luck for being allotted a room in the city! Little did I know what was in store?

note: for the uninitiated, city are the new hostels, which are more spacious, clean and party centric( Titanic, vast terrace, well, etc..).. while the older hostels are called slums

First night at IIML (no perverted thoughts!)

Induction was scheduled the next day, and I consciously slept early at 11 itself, just to be awaken by the door bangs at 1AM. One of my fellow facchhaa informed me about the informal induction, well, in other words – Ragging! Thirty odd seniors, some of them drinking, most of them smoking, but all of them out rightly alert were ready, in what we call the well. In front lined up were a similar number of juniors – my batch mates, all with sleepy eyes!

After some informal dilly dallying, and some mild task round( bringing in the supplies), we were asked to give our intros. Well, how can anything happen in a normal way at an IIM? A broken chair was brought in, and we were asked to stand on the chair – which itself was counting its days, standing. INTRODUCE, in chaste Hindi! For south Indians , this was a task as big as probably getting through CAT itself. After lots of mocking, and pulling of leg by the seniors we were let go at 3:30AM., after a short round of drinks with them. My first at hell. Now, Time to sleep. Little did I know that this would be my earliest hour to sleep for days?

Second night

Now as anywould would swear, the actual action (in all terms) in an hostel happens well beyond midnight. A test from 12 to 3 AM (yes u heard it right! A test in the middle of the night!) After that I was grippling towards the room, when the formal induction of the hostel was announced. The choicest of spirits, with lots of other stuff lined up. I thought I was in for a party, but could not be more wrong! We were given roles – superman and r****. We had to form appropriate pairs among ourselves and entertain the seniors. We lined up, again, this time in pairs. Performed all kinds of profanity, and titillated the audience to all the jhatkas and matkas. After a tiring duel of 2 hrs, were we allowed to go near the alcohol, and the tiredness in us, assured that we complete till the last golden drop? And dropped dead! 6 AM in the morning!!

The hostel induction done!! And now the seniors are all friends!!

p.s. : I wrote this as a task for the alcom committee. Hope they don't consider this their propetry and sue me under copyright laa

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Inducted.. class of 2009!

June 21st, 2007:
I had just stepped into the city of Nawabs, Lucknow yesterday and the morning breeze though a stranger to me, welcomed me with a cool hug. As I moved in the IIML campus, a hope and a belief crept in me - here is a launch pad for a successful career ahead in the corporate world. The welcome speech by the Director on the induction day was a clear indication of the mercilessly hectic life as well as the worthy returns thereafter awaiting me
In order to inculcate ethical business practices and sound value system in its new batch of students, IIML took the initiative of inviting Swami Muktinathananda, a monk of high stature, to inaugurate the new batch (23rd batch) of Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) students.
The tempo started building up right from the first day both by professors and seniors, though on different platforms and at different degrees. The whole day was occupied with lectures by the various prominent people in the administration. The evening, we thought was free to sleep (Valued Pleasure) but the students council thought otherwise. We had a batch meeting in the evening, notifying of a test from 12 to 3AM. Yes, you heard me right the test is midnight. Now this was least expected after a tiring previous night spent on the informal induction at the hostel
Somehow went through the gruel, and the arrogant seniors, who would point mistake in every step, and make us feel that we are simply not fit to be here. At 3:15, just grippling over to my room, I was in for a surprise. Those merciless seniors have organised the official hostel induction tonight, probably because tomorrow happens to be the birthday of one guy’s girlfriend!! We get into the required dress form to suit the assigned character – Superman and ***( will be screened out for obscenity). After entertaining them till 5, we were allowed to have the very much required pegs of whiskey and vodka. Slept at 6AM

June 22nd, 2007:
The registration is scheduled at 8:30 AM. Now who would explain to the authority that we have not slept! And I don’t think anyone would like to take the risk of not registering, or rather confirming, and his seat after going through the grueling billi successfully.
In the evening, we were all called for a health run. A long marathon round of the entire circumcircle of the campus, not once but twice. Probably, the seniors wanted us to realize the vastness of the campus. It was one long tiring run, damn! My stamina has actually come down, but to think of it. I completed the run successfully!
Have the seniors fulfilled their sadistic pleasures? NO!! Mentors assigned, CV submission deadline given, case study late evening (that is upto 12), then GD’s extending till 3AM. So, no sleep for one more night!

June 23rd, 2007:
When will this ordeal get over? When will I be out of this place?? Or more predominantly, when will I sleep?? These are some lingering questions and the only respite is call up your girlfriend (plz, am not an MCP, just going with the majority), and crib. Else call up juniors and future aspirants and scare them with the reality. Its no fun cracking the CAT! HELL was showing its true colours.
One earlier rise, and rush to the class! This time sans breakfast! One gets a feel that the profs are so good, it is the seniors. One more hectic day in hell. Rushing to the mentors, whose faces we have never seen. Run your ass out to find the way out of the puzzle called H13. Rush for the CV submission, and in spite of all the bhagadoudi never reach on time. The clocks of the seniors are all set fast am sure.
Now look at the new notice at mess (we were asked to keep in track with notice boards every hour, later relaxed to every two hours understanding the absurdity). We the facchhas were all divided into groups of 4, and given a group topic each. Now this is the trip! We have no clue who the hell is the partner! And now we go about searching for them. This is where management helps! Ok, we do met up.. prepare the presentation, and get all ready. At the venue, some are sent away for not wearing ties, some for not shaving and some to get their entire group! It was hell showing again.
After the long presentations, in which we all grilled and mocked to the core, there’s an announcement of a batch meet. The overcrowded room is filled with tense air. Smile?? One cannot even see a concave posture on any face! The student’s council president ridicules the present batch saying it is one of the worst batches IIML has ever had, and the likes. He reads out a list of 57 students who supposedly are not fit to join any committee and would require extra mentoring. Well, my name figures in that coveted (is it?) list. Then he reads out another list of 7 people stating that they have indulged in malpractice and would be reported to the PGP office, threatened with fatal consequences.
The whole room is silent, Drop a pin and it could give a heart attack to the feeble. And……………….

Next I find myself, dancing out at the insti party, after having a lavish sumptuous dinner. Now this was very much required after those hellish 3 days. All top brands – Signature, Bacardi, Smirn off laid for us to grab. A dj playin foot tapping songs, and half of the junta drunk to the core. Come on dude, it’s a booze on the house party – first time for many.! I myself drank 6 pegs, and my friend who had limited himself to sips and smells till now, had a hang of 2 pegs. It was one awesome night, ofcourse sans much sleep!

June 24th, 2007
Slept at around 3 AM last night to wake up at 10 in time for the chairman, board of Governors - Mr. J. J. Irani ‘s welcome speech. Business ethics, value system and the likes were stressed upon, and he wuite nicely filled the hall with his witty anecdotes and also struck an emotional chord emphasizing values in the TATA context.

The rest of the evening was chilled, with nothing much to do. That implies the much required sleep. And get ready for the actual grilling beginning tomorrow.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

After Exams.. Summer Time...

This is one of those pending posts, that was long due. What did i do this summer?? Am i reviewing the movie or something?. No!! the Summer just gone by, was a very eventful one. lots of things done, for the very first time. And it had to be. This is the time i Graduated for the first time!( Abbey, ek hi baar grad hote hai!!).

First things first, went down to aruku with some friends - 4 of us. Went on a Saturday morning, and returned on Sunday evening. For the uninitiated who are still wondering what the hell is ARUKU?? It is a cool hill station, close to Vizag city, famously referred to as "OOTY of ANDHRA". Well, for college goers, it is nothing else but a safe haven for their drinking stupors on a marathon level. It was fun out there, escaping from the scorching heat of the city and living the tranquility with slight drizzle of a small tribal hamlet in the right atmosphere of a cottage. We even went down to Borra caves, which are believed to be over a million years old. Me being the only local in our group, i was fekkoing at its best. trying to explain every random shape in the cave to some natural phenomena. creativity at its best!

then was the trip to kolkata. Had to go there to escort my granny. It was just half a day out there in Kol.. but it was fun filled. My cousin Vishal n Bharat( yes, i share my name with him).. left no stone unturned to ensure that i see all the vital places in Kolkota.. Even went by the underground metro rail.The return journey was eventful. It is not everyday that you find a hot girl in your compartment in Indian rail!. and to top it, she was pretty impressed by the fact that i am getting into an IIM( i ensured that she comes to know of tat fact, thanks Bharat( my cousin)). Also realised that the so called bad habit - smoking, is actually quite socializing. Met a guy in the side compartment who himself walked up to me to offer a smoke. Guess, he must have seen me smoking near the bathroom last night. I also met one his friends,and even the TT shared a smoke with us. Now this is something different.

I always wanted to work part time, and earn some money in the bargain. I got this opportunity in two ways this summer - Market Research and TIME classes. Yes, i was offered a faculty position at TIME, teaching or rather tutoring CAT aspirants, occasionally taking classes for Campus recruitment programs, GRE and even ICET. It was very hectic with some days me ending up taking classes for 8 hours. Not that i am complaining. I made neat money out of it. A nice experience and am looking forward to it. in fact, i would prefer taking classes in all my future vacations. it keeps the mind so much fresh, and interacting with so many intelligent minds is quite a challenging job.

Another endeavour of mine this summer was the market research project. More about it in my next post.

By the way, after all this stints with part time jobs, K.s.Vidya of THE HINDU considered me appropriate for the article on Pocket money for youngsters. Some extracts out of it..

.....Easy jobs at call centres, growing job market and much-hyped globalisation have changed the spending pattern of college students. “It’s easier to be brand conscious if you have the money to spend,” says Bharat Jhurani, who recently completed his engineering from GITAM. Presently he is working as a faculty member at the TIME institute, teaching four to six hours in a week earning Rs. 100 for each hour. Alongside he is also working on a one-month market research project for a consulting agency for which he hopes to earn a tidy sum of Rs. 6,000.

Set to join IIM Lucknow in June, he took up the transition job offer to spend his time more productively.

“My parents used to complain about my frequent requests for money and wanted me to earn to understand the real value of money,” he says. In college he received roughly Rs. 350 every week for petrol and other expenses. Mobile recharge took another Rs. 400 and occasional trips with friends would have him approaching his parents for some more. “I am not a spendthrift really, and my parents are quite okay about the few occasions I have some extra expenses,” he adds.

Although he never felt the need to take up a part-time job, he feels that taking up a part-time job is not as easy as it sounds.

“Getting the ‘right’ part-time job is easier in bigger cities than metros,” says Bharat. Parents, he believes, still have strong notions on respectability of jobs.

“Dignity of labour is yet to sink in here. There is still a long way to go before parents can accept their children taking up jobs as waiters or at petrol pumps,” he adds.

The whole article

now this is what i call popularity!!.. he he!!