Tuesday, August 14, 2007

7 weeks into a B school

Its officially the eighth week of my stint out here at a B school. And one thing that could pretty much sum up my time out here is " THE EXPERIENCE". Everything out here has been so new, so exhiliriating, so different, so challenging.. One thing is for sure - I don't know what learning of the course would i be applying to the real life situations, but ya, the learning in terms of a person i am sure would stay with me for life, constructively.

First the induction, giving us the initial jitters, and ensuring that we get enough scared that the weak hearted actually leave the campus!! The whole of two years was pretty much summed up in those three hellish days. We thought that all the pain was done with after that, but little did we know, that its gonna be like that for the coming two years( more precisely 20 months)

One thing that i really admire in the IIM system is completely straight, very transparent and very strict. Simple rules of the game. 2 fakkas( f grades) and you are asked to repeat the year. and some more combos of dakkhha'a and fakkas to be able to repeat the year. The grading is a little mysterious, with the relative grading in vogue. U may get 38 and still fail, while a 35 in some subjects may pass u. Similarly with the upper grades.

Had our first mid terms last week. And one hell of a week it was. slept like around 25 hrs in the entire week. Not that i studies all week. It was like one of the most chilled out weeks out here. no presentations, no projects, no submissions.. just simple plain exams!! The marks are not yet out, and that is the reason of my chillness regarding the issue. The marks got here would determine, how many movies i see during the end term exams.

We pretty well completed the weekend by getting totally drunk and doped sat afternoon, so much that i could not even take full advantage of the insti party later in the night. Just had to do away with real juice most of the time. Now that is what i call lack of patience. free liquor on the house with a live disc, and we rather spend money and booze in the afternoon.

Now to plan for the section party. One thing i have noticed about the IIM system is the parties out here. No party is complete without booze in the extreme form, and no conversation is complete without a smoke. All the college canteen talks, the rumours, even the stock market discussions take place only at gupta's - the smoke joint out here.

one thing very valuable out here is your PGP id, or your room number. Everything is post paid. Just lift anything and flaunt your ID. Its been such a long time that i have actually moved around with a wallet on my rear. now you know why i don't resemble ayesha takia any more.

After the mid sems, we thought the first week would be chill, as happens in an engineering college( there the party continues till one week before the next set of exams) I could not be more wrong. The plethora of workload begins again. And to top it, we had our final presentations for the various committees.I had INDEX, PRISM and STEX, in my kitty. With IIC, ALCOM and BHAVISHYA left out due to lack of time.

DISHA is one new initiative out here, implemented from this year. Our preparation for the summers. We have regular classes, tests, CV preparation workshops, all happening in the better part of the 24 hrs day - the night!!

August 15th, the country all over enjoys a holiday on that day. We enjoy it doing assignments. Now i understand the reason for brain drain all these years. Obviously, how the hell will the student know th importance of the country if the independence day itself is not kept free??

Even sunday was totally filled with lectures comprising The functional induction program, with alumni from various fields coming in to explain us the careers in various verticals. It was quite infromative.

I realise that the post is very haphazard without any structure, and that was because i intended to sum up the maximum possible events happening out here. this is just a comprehensive list of the ones i was active in. There was also a international conference on agri business and scores of guest lectures, most of which i spent in deep slumber on my cozy bed.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mid sems done..

The past one week could well be termed as the most chilled out here in helL.. had exams!! heh! yeah, no assignments, projects, deadlines.. what else does one care for?

Saw the maximum number of movies, this week!.. boozed at a high frequency... n did all kinds of bhagchodi possible. No! if you are thinking that i could sleep long?? NO!! that is one thing we can never get!just slept around 30 hrs the whole week. not that i am complaining.

now some details about the exam!
We out here have six subjects in the premid term with four of them carrying on to the post mid, and two subjects being added.

the rules out here are simple and rigid. Grading system is followed. A+ to F.. staring from 10 to 0 in that order. the rule reads - 2 fakkas( lingo for an F) or 4 dakkas( for D).. or 1 fakka and 2 dakkas.. n you are out of the campus asked to come back next year to repeat the course. So it does get on you. and dries you. After all who would like to leave hell??

For more details on the mid sems.. read Shankar

More on life out here..
have tasks going on to get into the various committees. This is one thing unique that i found here. First thing, the whole process to get into a committee is so transparent, and clear and ensures that only the right person gets into the right committee according to his abilities. The process runs across 3 weeks - interview, mid term review of task.. final review.. n then a presentation. Secondly the rush to get into a committee. back in engg. we literally had to pul people to participate. Yeah, many do t primarily for the CV point!! lets see whats in store for me..

the guest lectures out here are simply mind blowing. have such top notch people comin on the campus that you just can't help but feel honoured to be here. We had a chief judge, the founder of subex-azure, etc.. Now a Mc Donald guy!!

and the number of events that one can participate is great. Me and my friend Amirinder took the initiative of enrolling in a market research project. got shortlisted and also had an interview with the guy in charge.it was a good experience.. interview on gtalk. Was quite funny.

We were informed that it is better to mute the talk, when the other person is talking as it would echo. now it goes like we are speaking to literally no one.. n one gets the feel that the person on the other side is actually doing something lot more important than listen to out blabber. then my friend, who always carries disaster in his pocket, actually cut the call by mistake. What can get more funny. We trying to call the person - supposedly a big shot alumni of IIML, and he trying to do the same. and he actually goes to the extent of typing - "R U thr?" No prizes on guessing.. we did not get the project!

one more funny, actually not that funny, incident took place last week. me, abhinav an KK had some tiff, and i literally dragged them out of my room, in the right spirit of course. now would they keep quiet? No ways. They lock me from outside with a huge 10 lever lock( KK probably has gold in his room), and they even get logs and all shit possible to seal my balcony. So, literally no way for me to come out of the room on my own.

Even my neighbour who tried freeing me was threatened - " agla tu hoga..". now after that who would come forward. these sadist idiots.. D F's.. were deriving pleasure by smoking on my face through the window.
But ya, one mistake they committed. Let the phone be with me. the constraint on me was 2 re. balance. So a max of 2 calls. had to make the right call. Prakash Babu comes to my rescue and am free. i go to their room, give this dirt smile and blow smoke on their face in a sense of triumph!! he he.. innovative game it was.!!

Just now back from a pcom batch meet. Ahh!! not worth writing it out here. now, at 5 PM, it is official sleep time out here at IIML!!
gud nite.