Saturday, September 29, 2007

what if i told you that you are already in????

I know guys. please stop grinning. This is one more of those long gapped posts, and this time it has been really long that i have posted. AGREED! Cant help it. This is what a B school does to you. Loads you with so many things that one has no time for activities that do not add to the resume!!! No time for activities that you actually enjoy, but know that it would not be quotable. It is like " you have 24 hrs in a day, and the time spent on such activities is all mundane, and gone down the drain!!". I don't care!!

i would not mind spending this time into the drain. i love blogging, and i owe it a lot. It has given me a formidable network. A hobby that really destresses me out! n it is a real feel good factor to me!!

One small warning before you proceed. I am right now in a very "good" mood, and the contents further down may be quite "biased, narrow minded, and very disturbing". Proceed at your own risk!

Its been quite an insightful 3 n more months spent out here in helL. Always something new crops out. Some or the other event for others to prove their legacy over me. A chance for the junta to prove that i am fit for nothing.

i was never a topper, neither in school.. not in college. never. But had no regrets. Coz, i always believed that i was the best. and that i was. Always came out victorious. Always the envy of the batch. I knew, if not pure acads, i was the prefect mix in all.
but here, no!!! Everyday, this feeling is more strongly drilled in my mind, that " I AM USELESS"

I M A LOSER. so much that one f my classmates actually said.. " Abbey, tu jis team mein ho.. woh kabhi jeeti hai??" He n ya, actually!!

What all small victories i get as a team are attributed to others. I AM A FREE RIDER, or so would others say!! but any loss - " Abbey, tu bharat ki team mein hai na, isliye"

Got second runners in WHACKOPRENEUR.. " NO, that was because you had a good team. Everything must have been done by them".. Won third in ops quiz.. " You are one cunning ass.. U always team up with the right guys, so as to win with the least effort."

What happens to this " right team" when i lose some thing???

guess thats the way life treats you. Still gotta get used to it. Will learn. true, IIM does teach you lotsa things

he!! neways, i m so sorry, to have got you too into this sad shit. the humour will still continue!!!