Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Summer done.. now W.I.N.

7Am. and m still awake. Woke up so early??.. Nah!, din sleep the whole night. Thanks to Prof. Sahay, and his unrealistic assignments.

It was quite an eventful night. Woke up at 12 on a call, and headed straight to the common room for the INDEX work, albeit after a trip to the mess. It was fun out there, with each one of us coming with stupid, idiotic funny ideas for the fair. A thermocol cow, which needed to be milked, a layout for the tent, with a inlet but no outlet!! n loads of other things! Secret right now! )

Later Dua was kind enough to lend me his Santro keys to drop the girls back to their hostel! Two beautiful girls with a hot guy in a Santro! - Perfect for a ride! Well, yea it could have been the perfect ride had the driver known how to drive well, but for a person who has got his license after the inspector could buy a new mobile for his wife, we don't expect much! Do we? So, after many bumps, some breaks, and me trying to move the car with the handbrake on, I finally managed to drop the girls and return back safe!

n after finishing the final touches of todays work, returned back to room for a night not yet over!

now lets get back in time a little. IIML had the bi-annual show, called placements last week. Quite a funny process all together. one day you sit completely free, and the next day you keep jumping from one GD to interview, not even knowing which interview you are sitting for.

yours truly has manged to get into CADBURY, and will be spending two good months in the financial capial of India - Mumbai, during Summers! April and May! So now you know who to please for free chocolates!

One more exciting situation occured the other day night on the way to the railway station to drop a friend. More about that later.. keep Waiting!!!

p.s. : Well, by the way, W.I.N. is the name of my Index team( Acronym for " WHATS IN a NAME?"