Sunday, January 27, 2008


emotional condition, the antonym of "happy". Sadness is often associated with depression, suffering or grief..

the wiki definition of sad.

why do ppl feel sad?.. when they don get something they want. When we fail to achieve something we seriously desire. When we yearn and something happens and it does not, we feel sad.

sadness is something we all experience in life, that's life, just tht some people experience it more often!!
if there's never sadness, we probably wouldn't know what is true happiness..

now there are people called "SADIST".. no i am not referring to anyone. Such people derive happiness by making others sad. what a misnomer SADIST is?

to N**: trust me, i call you sadist fun sake, i don think even after gettin sloshed tht you can actually make other ppl, atleast me, SAD!!

crying is a kind of defensive mechanism that occurs automatically, after some incident. Defensive mechanism as it sounds like...we are supposed to feel better after crying. Just like when we are afraid or shocked, we shout.
So, if you feel like crying, just cry...
It may actually deliver you out of sadness!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


this is how tees would b designed in the future( or r they already like that??)

the jugaad mind of the indian consumer would be ever at work!!!

p.s. : only for drivers( the alignment of the black strip is so!!!) GAWD! what can an MBA do to a person!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

To jaipur!!

Wrote this last sunday in the train to jaipur.

Started off at 6:10AM from the New delhi station. Was quite an exciting night.
Reached delhi, the same old trusted New Delhi (a total misnomer! Nothing is new about it, except probably the new deluxe toilets) at around 10:30. Stocked my suitcase in the cloakroom, and headed off to the bank of baroda ATM outside the sation – This is where Nisha meets me. Just two weeks earlier, one week before the dreaded end terms I dared to venture out on a holiday to del. The thoughts reminisced in my mind. What wonderful weekend that was.

Nisha, as usual, reaches before me, and has already done all the logistical arrangements. The auto heads straight to PVR Saket – our planned destination for the night. A late night show out there. But, as they say, one needs to plan for the expected; as well as for the unexpected!! As my luck would go – No tickets available for the late night show of “welcome”. Now what do we do? It is just 11:30PM and my train is at 6:10 tomorrow in the morning. A full 6 hrs to pass.

We just stroll around in the mall, walking aimlessly, with not even a smoke allowed by the lady( God! Its been near to 10hrs!). We contemplate going to Comesum, walking into a disco, or just hang around. Lots of arguments, and deliberation, we walk into a Café coffee day outlet – our home for the next two hrs. Pretty good place it was. Calm, yet noisy. Crowded, yet isolated. Perfect for a romantic mood. We spend long uneventful, but memorable (hey! Me getting into the coffee day mood!) time.

Now this was getting too much. My body could take no more coffee after two full mugs of Black coffee! We walk out of the café (the place is still bustling with people – who said there are no places for a night eatery in Delhi?), and start our aimless walk in the mall again. We then decide to go to Comesum, as nisha has never seen it. Negotiate with an Auto rickshaw guy, off to hazrat Nizamuddin station( Comesum is located there), and my purse gets lighter by a hundred more rupees.( Aah! When will I get a chauffeur driven car?)

Reach Comesum at around 2:30PM, and spend around an hour in the restaurant without even having a glass of water. Then with the plan to walk out we just wonder aimlessly ( song in the mind : Bheegi from Ek challis ki last local). We enter in the restaurant inside the station, and have light snacks and I even try to dabble in Macro Economics trying to teach nisha( Daddu.. has mat!). She had even brought the Operations research text, but please.. me just out from the end term exams.( She exploiting an IIM guy!!  )

At about 4, Nisha decides I would get late for the train. Have to drop Nisha at her place and then go to the station. One more round of negotiations with the rickshaw guy, and am light by 200 rupees more (Aah! Me now seriously missing my bike!!).

After dropping Nisha at Ashok Vihar, I head to the station having a smoke (long break I say!). Even treated the driver to a smoke, and there he opens up( Ciggie is the perfect ice breaker for networking!!), telling me about his experience, places to visit( and not to visit) on Christmas and new years, and various other things about Delhi. He even suggests a good tea shop near the station for quick refreshment. Interesting guy!

Waiting some time at the station, and buying a book – Everything You Desire”, I board on the train, enroute to Jaipur.

Now am back to campus. Was an awesome week, had a complete trip of rajasthan.
Lucknow > Delhi > Jaipur > Udaipur > Jodhpur > Jaisalmer > Jaipur > Delhi > Lucknow

More about that later, with pics!!

n btw, A very happy new year!!!