Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What else??...

have marketing exam in another hour, and here after getting exhausted in the research, here i am with a post.

Recently got this mail. Quite funny, but actually true.
Unusual but thoughful.
Tell me how many of us are actually affected by this AUR BATAO syndrome?? Guess we all r suffering from it.Conversation between any two professionals, who are also Friends, these days do turn out to be
"hey how r u???"
" fine!!! What about u???"
"m fine too"
"so howz life???"
"aur batao?" ( passing the ball to the otherside)
"hmmm everything as usual.. U temme"
"Nothin much out here.. same usual routine!!"
"so what else???" ( passing the ball to the otherside)
"nothing much"
And it goes on like this until they give up!!

I am sure many of us (not excluding me too!!!) have such conversation with our friends.
We all suffer from this "aur batao" syndrome.
It just means our life is all screwed up following the usual monotonous routine, wat say?? Probably we need a change in our lives, something which is exciting, something that is adventurous, something which really makes us feel gud and fresh....Correct????
So go out and thoda chill maaro yaaron!!

Me doing my part.. Going to Vizag next week. Will reach there on monday.. yeah!!.. After a good six months, missin hte place so badly!!( Never thought i would!!)

After a week in vizag, i am off to mumbai( Cadbury.. My internship!!).. so its gonna b a fun 2 months ahead!!..

Thats it with me.. U temme!!!( Aah! This syndrome!!!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

normal Indian Driver

This was written onflight on the way to Mumbai

Now me in the flight (GoAir) to Mumbai. Surprisingly enough, they actually started boarding passengers an hour before the scheduled departure, and actually took 10mins earlier than the scheduled time!! Nevertheless the service quotient sux!! Not even a free water bottle to the passengers! I am so thirsty!

The driver Iqbal, turned out an interesting character with quite an interesting background. I started off the talk with the best socializer – smoke. Asked him for matches. And then after a little coaxing, he started off his story. He was driving the rickshaw for the last night for the days to come. He’s got a job somewhere as driver, and would be joining tomorrow. He explains how much of a crisis he is in. HE pays 250 bucks a shift (day or night) to the owner for the vehicle, and then the surmounting fuel charges. On top of that he declares having lost 400 bucks in gambling, just before starting his day( evening in this case, as it was a night shift). He also explains how he preferred driving for the night rather than having alcohol( Royal Stag), which his friend offered to treat him.

He initially declares being a 5th class pass from bihar( Some village near Patna), and how he had to come to delhi at the age of 12 to find some work for him and his dad. He could not concentrate on studies, and used to spend away the money his father gave for the fees. So he eventually got thrown out. Thus started his journey of doing odd jobs. He later declares being just a 1st standard pass (coaxing effet). (“ Sir, ab aapse kya chipaana. Asal mein hum ekvi pass hai"). Inspite of this, the impressing factor was his ability to be able to read English, though he does not understand much of it.

The talk now shifts to curses, souls and witches. He explains how his Sister-in-law was caught by a spirit, and started doing strange things. Got external power, and even got the guts to push his father (her father in law), in the spirited condition. No amount of me trying to tell him that the only spirit that existed was in the form of Royal stag, could not change him from his belief. The talk ended with the arrival of the destination, and we bid a good bye, and all the bst gestures and departed.

nice interesting chat it was.