Friday, April 04, 2008

Classroom Blues!!!

QAM class going on. Prof. Shukla is on with “correction factor”, etc random, arbit. Want to get out of the class for a quick siesta, but to no avail. I don’t want a grade drop!!
What the heck? Why don’t I sleep in the class? Look at the S brothers, right there in the first bench; V on the other side or the quintessential A who I don’t think was awake in any class (Except probably that FM class where the Prof. had brought his beautiful secretary for CP marking).
Y there is tryin hard to be awake.Oh! Now he has actually rested his hand on (Nah! Not where you thinkin. Perverted. ) the desk.
Now moving to my left, S has moved from her assigned seat. The prof. has already warned her not to disturb others sleep by the murmurs (Noise actually!). Thankful to her, as she is the real reason I am in class today.
Nah! No infatuation, I rather sleep, but thanks to her wakeup call and threats of a grade drop and prospects of being her junior, I had to drag myself till here on a cup of tea (Sans Brush of course) and two drags of smoke. So much for survival!!

One more day!!

“Number of positives should be somewhere around half!!” Could not really make anything out of it, but, who cares?? Slept at 6 in the morning and thanks to S’s call, woke up at 9:39 for the 9:40 call. (I am sure she’s gonna be a great JIT specialist)
Got the quiz papers. Scored a dismal 4/10. Wait!! This is 600% increase from the pathetic 2/30 I scored in Mid exams.Good going bharat, but at this base, the passing mark would come only the next year.

The prof just sent three guys out of the class. They dared to indulge in some other activity (Creation of noise) when they were required to sleep like the rest of the class. A, sitting beside them is still following the norm or rather diktat religiously. Sometimes, I find these classes so much similar to kindergarten classes, where all of us were required to go to sleep in unison and anybody not adhering to it( Arrey! Dad also prescribes the same sleep at home. Home much will I sleep?) is punished.( was in a boys kindergarden so no better incentive than sleeping. Sob! Sob!)

Prof. : “Can I cover this before that?”
Students: “ You can’t.. it has to be inner outwards.. We don’t want to be supermen!!”
Bad Joke. *&^&%$^