Thursday, July 24, 2008

3 idiots

one book that i really enjoyed reading is - "Five Point Someone", by Chetan Bhagat. A very light read, and the perfect timing. I was just into engineering then.

The news that the book is about to be made into a movie by none other than Munnabhai Hirani had been making rounds. but no real news. VOICE based on chetan's second book made more news. Now we get some concrete info in that front.

Rajkumar Hirani's 3 Idiots starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, Madhavan and Boman Irani has gone on the floors. The film is loosely based on Chetan Bhagat's novel Five Point Someone. The first teaser poster of the film is out and has a huge blackboard with mathematical formulae scribbled on it.

The cast


The first characters of the novel are Hari – who is shy and wants to be handsome like Ryan. Hari is average and is bad at vivas. He falls in love with his professor’s daughter and whenever Hari tries to impress his professor, he brings down his image.


The second student is Ryan, he is handsome and adventurous and he always says that he loves his friends more than his parents and he don’t want to mug up things and he gets low grades, in the college exams .He wants to do things in his own way and he tries to do that and he too gets into the five pointers.


The third is Alok-A simple boy who wants to get good grades and earn money to overcome poverty of his family.



Work in progress

Sources reveal that Hirani doesn't want to give away the look of his protagonists soon, which is why the teaser doesn't have any of the actors in it. However, work on the film is underway and Hirani plans to wrap 3 Idiots by December.

Begins September

The source adds, "The shoot of the film with the supporting characters has already begun, Hirani and his team are in Simla and the film is scheduled to be shot in Ladakh, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai as well. Aamir and rest of the cast will begin shooting in early September."

Shantanu Moitra has given the music for 3 Idiots while the lyrics are by Swanand Kirkire.

Class is on

Apparently, author Chetan Bhagat was the first to see the poster and quite liked the final result. "Since the setting is that of an engineering college campus the poster had to have elements of a classroom."

The poster has been designed by Rahul Nanda.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tasteless they say

This post is not meant for people who are not aware of the site pagalguy.com and not recommended even to those who don't visit it frequently. There is a disturbing post out there, which i quote here, and i would not like to spread it.

Continue at your own risk.

pagalguy.com, started of well, targeted a very niche market of MBA aspirants, which has seen a substantial rise in numbers from the time the site was launched. recently they even celebrated their 2 millionth registered user. It has 11 million odd posts in 30 thousand odd threads. topics as diverse as movies, to the last AIMCAT, PM to velagiri, it covered everything, and it was quite informative for people like me, who got a chance to meet so many matching my way of thinking.

Then why did they have to this??. Hosting a video where some C girls are swearing at a rival college, and using 'Tasteless' language. giving it a fancy title - "Indian institute of tasteless language".

To attract more users?? Does it need to stoop to such a low level to gain such numbers? It may defend it saying, This is what happens in Top B-Schools of the country. Yeah! true, but do the aspirants( to whom the site is targeted) really need to know this?

What about the students featured there?? All girls! Future leaders. Creme of the country. I wish these girls take up a defamation suit against these people. PG would say it has blurred the faces to protect identity. A siple search "IIMC XL" shows the video in the top 3 results of YOutube. unblurred here, mind it.

Instead of this, if there was a video or n article on more important issues like "fake" B-schools, trends of the latest courses in these Schools, interviews with successful students, it would be momre beneficial to its student. This is like the typical Indian Masala movie, where i do want to spread the message, but wait! it has to run on the box office, so show mallika sultry boody, and a rain dance by Kangana. Why?? so, to include the first benchers, the lechers! n go to hell with the real purpose of the message movie.

Commercialism creeps in, and has not left even this place. Sad!!

Seriously did not expect this kind of gimmick by a site of such stature to whom i had high regard, and partly owe my being here at L!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

things one should not do

This is no discourse. This is something from my own life.

I guess people should know their limitations and interests before they venture out into something, just for the heck of it. n then give it a name - " Thrill".

Yeah! This is exactly how i reasoned this decision to my friends - "Yaar, life bahut hi chill ho jaati, thoda excitemtn aur thrill laane ke liye uthaya hai"

Y??.. in no way was my life less thrilling, that i needed to extend it to the heights of depression. Seriously, the next step to thrill is depression. NO! I don't want it.

Jus get me out of this quagmire.( Quagmire on my gtalk status says something else though".

But now, no moving back. Now that i am into it, i have no other option but to fight it. n fight i will. Just need to see how far i reach?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


One ore of my depressing posts. Read further at your own risk.

It keeps me wondering sometimes. Why do people get depressed?? why is there so much unhappiness around?? is there someone who is completely satisfied with life??

Then i realise. With so much expectations around why would someone not be depressed?. How can one escape the vagaries of this funny thing called LIFE.

Just don't understand why some people behave the way they do. Why do they say things that are not really welcome. Why?? Why??

For short term happiness they go about screwing their life, and the worse part - they are not alone. They take people close to them, people who care for them, people who wish them luck, along with them in this "ADVENTURE" of theirs. All for that small period happiness which they believe would last forever. Why don't they realize this? This is not a fairyland. Why don't they come to terms with reality.

And actually, when they do realize the reality it is too late. they are too far to come back, and even if a few lucky do come back, they are not unscratched.

Depressing. Quite depressing. What option are we left with?? Slow songs on the lappy, in full volume, with fellow wingies whining to reduce.

No Respite!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Confront your soldiers with the deed itself; never let them know your design. When the outlook
is bright, bring it before their eyes; but tell them nothing when the situation is gloomy.

Have been reading The art of war by Sun Tzu. Amazing book. I am left wondering, how did Sun Tzu come up with a book long back which is still so very relevant. (Know there are loads of books like that).

One more thing to ponder upon is the striking similarity between a war and corporate life. It is not without any reason that Corporate warfare was coined. I have this keen interest in following what are the internal things that happen behind the board room wars that are more visible. It gives so much insight as how a person strategizes and wants to keep secret all his moves, while he would go to any extent to know info about his rival.

In War, it is as important to know your rival as much as it is to know yourself.

Moving on, i have laid my hands on Watch Out! We are MBA, by Nishant kaushik, an NMIMS grad. this is one more to the list of campus stories made famous by chetan Bhagat's Five point someone. A very light read, and going through it gives an idea, how close all the B Schools in the world work (Snapshots from hell also talked about the same kind of rigour).

Coming to my actual life, have been full with loads of activities and parties in campus. It has been a wonderful academic year till now. the first 4 weeks have been so engrossing and i don't even realize that it is already time for the mid terms (beginning on 17th july). Don't remember a single night in the last one month when i have slept before dawn. Well after the sun has risen.

Hope it continues the same way.

More later, now off to meet a mentee to review her CV.

So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Am Famous

Yeah.. I am featured on the latest issues of Business today!! thanak you thank you for all the accolades. here is the print shot. okay, to make things straight my back is famous for now (yeah! that is me in the green tee). I was just wondering how exhilirated i feel seeing my pic in print inn a national magazine. I should sure become a politician to satisfy this need of mine.

Thanks to my brother, Jatin for locating the pic.

It has been a fun 3 weeks in campus. Second year relatively seems to be chill, and am sure its not going to be like this for long. how can it??.. It is IIM L after all. just waiting for the wind sheeter to move away for the storm to hit.

Was involved in loads of activities. pulled up a brilliant hoax. managed to make a record in selling the maximum number of t - shirts by one single committee. We as the Student Exchange committee came out with IIML INDIA tees for the batch to flash along with the exchange students. here is the pic.

One more thing for the STEX committee. we had a brilliant Overtures (intro of the committee to the juniors) with a wonderful video. thanks to the creative heads, along with the organizational heads!! lol
had fun making it. amazing experience. spending nights together in that endeavour, and then the satisfaction with the final output is something that cannot be expressed. ofcourse, alongside the memories of making it would be etched for a long time to come. Here i am acting like SARKAR for the shoot. was edited out later though!! :(

and finally one more media to bombard you with. The Video that we presented in the overtures.

If a picture speaks more than thousand words, i am sure a video speaks a lot more.