Sunday, August 31, 2008


The movie.

Amazing. Jus seen it. Exams going on, but the reviews were so tempting that had to see it. So there we all started off, after a full plate of good south Indian Biryani in Lucknow, to PVR.

n whoa! What do we find?? Half of IIM Lucknow is out there. The reviews were really tempting.

*Rock on*

The movie starts showing some 4 middle aged guys, unfamiliar faces, who by the end of the movie become so known. All of them are sad with some thing or the other in their lives, trying to divert their energies on something which they dont love to do, but they are doing it.

Sounds like Dil Chahta Hai?? Yes, this movie is about friends( 4 here), and their lives. how it all came to a stop.. their friendship.. their care.. Their MAGIC.

The screenplay needs a special mention here. instead of the typical - show some scenes in the present.. then go to flashback, showing a happy go lucky friends.. n then come back to the present to set everything right. Rock on differs here. The past and the present is so beautifully blended that it just goes on. and the long hairstyles of each of the main characters in the past makes good differentiation.

ONe more special thing to be mentioned about - FARHAN AKHTAR. The producer?? NAh!!.. The actor.. The Singer.. this guy has an amazing screen presence, and his baritoone voice sets it straight. Filled with attitude and charm.

The music rocks, the performances rock, the looks grandeur. It sometimes feels like watching one of those live rock show telecasts on VH!. It is a movie for today.. u have I Bankers.. businessmen.. Failed business man.. All tied up with their passion for music and MAGIC.

The well interspersed music and the humour in the movie just adds in to the gist.

i am not saying that this is the best ROCK movie made ever, but yes, in India this marks a new beginning.

Well, MAGIC is the name of their band.

Surely, this movie would inspire the budding rocksters who definitely need a boost in this country. Except for Parikrama and a few more, there is no worth mentioning bands in India.

n yeah, would love to see the movie again tomorrow itself.. but as Farhan says in the movie - " Compromises to karne padte hai"

So, by the time i write my end term 4 exams.. U ppl.. ROCK ON!!!

p.s.: Me reaching Vizag on 2nd sep, for the end term holidays. YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nerolac - New Ad

Goodlass Nerolac manufactures a diversified range of products from architectural coatings for homes, offices, hospitals and hotels to sophisticated industrial coatings for most of the industries.

Iits recent "touch a child's life " campaign run across major has been received with decent response, and now it has come up with a new TVC.

Nerolac impressions, recently had launched Nerolac Impression Style Zone, a paint store which allows consumers to experiment with colours so that they can create their own stylish homes using the Nerolac range of paints.

Nerolac Impression Style Zone enables the consumer to “touch and feel” the paints before actually selecting. This takes a huge leap from selecting colours from shade cards and leaving the result at the mercy of the painter. Nerolac Impressions Style Zone is a step towards helping the consumers to make an informed paint choice.which previously had the tagline - "AAPKO BANAYE STYLE ICON", has now come up with " SHOW YOUR RUE COLOURS"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This one time, at brand camp

Yes, the brand man.. Tom Fishburne, has churned out a book of his cartoons.
It is called - This one time, at brand camp"

Tom is a hard core marketeer, and a wonderful one at that. He says, he started cartooning, drawing behind the HBR cases during MBA.

His cartoons, which just started off as an hobby, have reached great heights. It regularly appears inn many publications, like brandWeek, Market Leader, Asian wall street journal.

Mor about him, in the coming posts.




Thursday, August 07, 2008

Castrol AD

One more ad in the animated series. and this time it is none other than the GOD, the Super Star himself.

Quite funny.

Friday, August 01, 2008

web advertising

Nice ad.

Large sites have complete marketing departments to sell their website. Here i am talking about the marketing of the site itself and not its product. For example, no doubt Yahoo is great, it is doing nice, but yes it needs to rope in new consumers to increase its hit rate and its number of registered users. how does it do that? Marketing. yahoo has complete bilboards in major cities, has radio jingles, Tv ads, etc.. all cajoling the consumer to get online and use Yahoo.

Not all sites can afford that. So what do they do? Advertise on the web itself, pulling people towards it. This is like a TV channel placing its ads on its own channel. how can such a concept work? it will, on the web medium. it does atleast as far as building a recall is concerned.

The ad above is of such a site. It uses clever funny flash animation which sticks in the minds of consumers for long.

One obvious advantage with such a media is - LOW COST, or rather no cost, except for opportunity cost probably.

Great going!