Saturday, September 27, 2008

MTV Marketing

MTV has managed to be the youth icon for a decade or so now. (Ah! it voted Orkut as the youth icon last year, though )

It has been showing some really creative bent of late, and it reflects in each and every activity of theirs.

MTV managed to keep the buzz alive on its flagship hugely popular reality show - Roadies, even when the season was not running. Constantly showing repeat runs, involving the game participants in another reality show - Splitsvilla, and even launching the Roadies Cheatcode DVD set. This has managed to keep alive the same enthu all across, and also keep the cash registers ringing.

Also in adopting the latest youth fabs as the medium to reach out to them, MTV was always the front runner.It make use of Social Media marketing and is using the Orkut community MTV Roadies Battleground to create an Online Contest which is similar to the show's TV version, making it completely interactive.

The roadies show is now ready to go more international after the last year's stint at bangkok. Its Australia now. The posters for the city auditions are mind blowing if anything.

The campus programs also manage to mantain the same fun language. the recent event that it has launched in premier BSchools - A typical BPlan competition, but positioned it as " DO SOME DIFFERENT SHIT". The whole tone of the competition is quite informal, quite appealing to its target segment - Youth. Right way to attrat the young managers to join Vizacom18.

Also, the latest series to hit its screens - "FULLY FALTOO FILM FESTIVAL". The ads presented here are filled with humour. The poster itself would create the curiosity to watch the show atleast once.

Admimst all this, hoow can it miss out India's OSCAR entry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andhra Wedding

Marriage day!!

Okay guys, before you start assuming things, and the grapevine catches fire, let me calm it all down. No, I have not got married and nor do I think I would be married in the next five years at least, if not more. one more basic thing. I in all probability wouold not et married in Andhra Style, well, unless Trisha hops on proposes, and insists on a telugu traditional wedding. Ah! She was looking so hot in Athadu.

Well, anyways.

This post is about Srini (Nah! He has not got married). His sister got married in april, and we were all invited (nice innovative ppt he had made for the invitation). Quite a dare I should say. Inviting us. Finally, as expected, not many could turn up as everyone was deep buried in their quests to manage a pappu (PPO). Me and Santosh (Yes, the ITC sutta guy, who himself does not smoke!) decided that we would attend.

Marriage on Wednesday. Tusday night 8PM, me and Santosh casually talking on gtalk. We realize that Srini’s sis is getting married, and also that we are both vella sitting home, so decided to go. Even till 9:30 PM I had not informed anything at home, and then I suddenly break the bubble, announcing I am off for a day. Mom’s quite used to these kind of shocks I guess. So, off I go, Konark express, general class at 11PM.

It was one horrifying journey with no place to even stand. I finally manage to reach at about 7AM. Srini was kind enough to come to the station to pick me up. Little did I know that I would be doing this chore for all his other friends who were to come.

Saw the true telugu kinda setup in his house - ones they show in movies. Relatives all over, rituals going on and on. Everyone decked up in the maximum jewellery (I am sure even Tanishq would not be showcasing this amount of jewellery in its shows), and the brightest of the silk sarees. Surprisingly, the men were too simply dressed compared to their better halves. Kids again are all in the showy spree. Donning full suits in the hot Summer.

Lunch is one thing that deserves special mention. 100 kgs of chicken, around 40 goats and I don’t know what other animals are slaughtered for the event. ( Source: Srini). The grandness of the marriage function is measured by the opulence shown in the food. The more the varieties, the better it is.

We had a ball, and and hogged like pigs. We also, completed touring the entire City( that is what Srini claims, it is no better than a village). the entire "city" would take a complete 3 minutes, 38 seconds to see it all. Now you should know how large the "city" is.

We returned back inn the afternoon itself, after the wedding, and by night i was home.

On the whole an amazing memorable wedding, and am now waiting for Srini to get married for the same feast. I am sure that would not be long, say another 2 years maximum, and yes, many of us – friends want to surely go to his wedding. TG dude. And also, to FEEL HAPPY, and NOT SORRY on ourselves. To get some solace on seeing Srini’s…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amnesty ads in China

Amnesty International (commonly known as Amnesty or AI) is a Western based international non-governmental organization which defines its mission as "to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.( Source: Wikipedia)

The motto of the organisation is - "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"

The recently concluded Beijing Olympics were spectacular, no doubt about it. Beijing Olympics was the platform China had created to showcase its might, its arrival to the world.

Amnesty tried its full might to highlight the human rights issue in the nation through this platform.The Chinese authorities pledged that human rights would improve through the hosting of the Games. Amnesty swears to hold them to their word, particularly in areas linked to preparations for the Olympics judging their progress and inform the world. The core aim being to assess the impact of the Games on human rights in China, to highlight important related issues and to get the world involved.

Some of the ads it had come out with, to highlight the issue to the global masses are -

When i first saw these ads, had not heard much about amnesty and its activities, nor much about the grave Human rights issue in the neighbouring country. The ads have striked an emotional chord and have gone down well conveying the message in quite a relevant manner.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vizag trip - Genesis'08 rocked!!!

A Small idea. A small Venture. It just crossed my mind one lazy evening, talking to a junior.

The outcome: A decent scale event. Venue: a star hotel. Money involved: over Rs. 10,000. 40 odd participants. Vizag's best Verbal coach assisting me during the proceedings. A memorable evening.

Iit all started one evening chatting to a junior, who was depressed with his CV for the upcoming placement season in his engineering college. Some more juniors ask me about this. and there i get this idea. Should i not return something back to the people i have been brought up amidst. A CV WORKSHOP.

Spoke to my juniors to access the market need for the same. It was promising. Booked my flight tickets home, sacrificing the planned LEH-LADAKH trip. Reached home on tuesday evening itself, with the morning spent hopping malls in Delhi with someone special.

Tuesday: Reach home at about 8PM. At about 10, get out of home for a session with my cousins, and primarily with bro.

Wednesday: Vinayak Chaturthi, the Ganesh god festival, so met up all relatives to fulfill that formalities asap. Jatin, My brother left for hyderabad to attend some technical festival on robotics in an engineering college there. Feel more crippled. Now who is going to help me out with all the niceties. I am alone. Went out for a session with one of my cousins, and one other common friend. Drank with glory till the wee hours of morning, making the drinks atop a car, and driving crazy all the way to the new hills near GITAM. The venue for the upcoming software companies.

Thursday: Did all the groundwork for the workshop. Went about working for my PAN cad, and other official work. Set up appointments with possible stakeholders.

Friday: Went down to GITAM, to access the need and spread across the word informally. Also, to setup a team of people among juniors who could help me. Teachers day, so even they were happy seeing me, and was a day well spent. Ended the day with madu frens at Sandy lane, drinking away to glory.

Saturday: Lotsa work to do today. Nothing concrete has been happening on the workshop front. Went ahead with booking of the hotel venue. Thought TIME would help me out with it, at least sponsoring the venue, but to no avail. Daspalla is booked and TIME raises tis hand from this venture. Booked Meghalaya instead - my venue for the workshop. Went down to Career Launcher giving them a proposal of sponsoring the event, or at least using it for their publicity. Abdullah sir is really admirable. his business acumen and the person himself have a charm of their own. My first sponsorship, with the money coming in immediately. Printed the posters and the receipt tickets. Yes, now i can start off. The day was really good. Manage on more sponsorship from Praxis. Went pub hoppinng in the night along with iruag and her friends. We first went down to The Park for a beachside party, where we even got clicked for the newspaper.

And then hopped down to Chrome( a pub with the name of the new google web browser, one am using right now).

Sunday: My friend and junior, Abhishek, who has been helping me out from the beginning, was the one who woke me up with lots of pain that morning. i am dead in slumber. He calls Jatin, asks him to call up home and get me awake. Have to go to TIME AIMCAT Venue for marketing. We did. It was a lukewarm response, and i further built up contacts there. Identified a junior, and neighbour, Radhika, who was entrusted upon with the duty of selling a ticket booklet. Inn the evening went down to an SIBM event, with the same TG. Triued some marketing there.

Monday: Jatin is back from Hyderabad. I spend the whole day in GITAM, going to various departments, to various classes marketing the workshop. I even went to the management college, with the help of Naidu, for further marketing. In the evening, i went down to TIME to market in their classrooms. It was overall a decent response.

Tuesday: THE D DAY. Am tensed form morning. Y?? I dunno. I start off for some more sponsors. I get updates from my team that not many passes have been sold. The event could be a total flop. After all the motivation shots from Nisha, Ahen, Mom, etc.. pull up a strong face, and start getting prepared. "Nothing is going to happen. I AM THE BEST." Theses words keep echoing in my head. And anyways, maximum what may happen? I may just end up loosing some money. Big Deal?.. nah. It was a wonderful learning experience. I have a pint beer in a can, as suggested by Ahen, for good Luck.

The workshop begins sharp at 6PM, as promised. We have decent turnout. Ram Mohan Sir joined me for the event, and it added to the confidence. A person from SDV News had also come down to cover the event. The CV gyan, Ram Mohan Sirs small speech on the does and dont's. Then the GDS, and critical inputs to each. Calling upon a random group to the stage and shooting it all for critical minute analysis. Then the interview gyan, and normal chat about CAT and best practices. It was followed with a detailed question answer session, where i was assisted by Dinesh and Vamsi- My GITAM Friends. Jatin And Abhishek had been managing the logistics from the beginning, at the venue. Overall, the session was a hit, and the participants went back a happy lot.

The night demands party. All of us cousins go down to the terrace bar for a relaxed beer and chat. And then head to the bus station for some Hot idlis. It was one of the most satisfying drinks i have had. A memorable evening.

Wednesday: My last day In Vizag, for these holidays. Next trip would only be in march after completion of MBA. Met up akived at CCD, and then headed to the PAB card office for application. Afternoon i waned to see a telugu movie, a luxury not available in Lucknow. So went to Srinu from Srikakulam on Jatin's recommendation. Evening, me and Vamsi spend some quality time at YMCA, smoking away on deep thoughts.Went down to Ahen's house to pick up a parcel for her, and then head home.

Dad, mom, Jatin and me, head down to Dhaba Express for dinner. After a real long time, all four of us were savouring a dinner together out in a hotel. It felt so good, spending quality time with family. After dinner i head down to Green park for a session with Sailesh, Abhishek, Goel, Siteesh and Jatin. A short session there and a long drive at the beach and some time in Naidu's room, i return back home to finish with the packing.

Thursday: Flight at 11:40AM. Meet up everyone in Family. finish the last minute packing stuff, and set off to the airport. Away from vizag for another six months. My last leg in B-School.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


My 100th post.

and have something special, very close to my heart to share today.