Thursday, June 30, 2005


Well these days the net and i have become reclusive... i.e. I don't find time..
Life has indeed bcome very crampy, hope they fade away as adjustment problems after a long vacation... All things seem so contracted, it is really irritatin'...
No, no I m not a complain box.. but..

The coll, Comp classes, GRE, CAT.. they hav greatly robbed my time... Well did i overload myself?.. Maybe i could hav arranged the claases sequentially instead of cramping them all at once. MAYBE, but if it is not now then my nxt really long vacation would b only after Engg. and that i believe would b too late.... So SUFFER ( or ENJOY, yes it is fun to be busy)in silence...

About the coll... well it is lot of fun, and crampy... Yes it is too congested? Our class of 67 is provided a room with only 20 three seater benches, out of which 2 are generally kept vacant by the junta, to avoid being too close to the prof, or too far... So 18 benches for 67, which compels us to sit in 4s or even 5s( 4 friendship!!) in a bench meant 4 three.. and well most of my classmates are gifted generously when it comes to the volume of the body, now i believe u understand the meanin' of CRAMPY, and to compound it this shit dress code in place which allows us in formals only, that means a tucked shirt above a neat trouser, with a pair of borin shoes....

Life is indeed very crampy...

C ya,

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