Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well.. thsi must b looking like a ritual.. Me always posting on the last day of the month!!! Omens. Follow them, like said in " THE ALCHEMIST". Well, the results wagon is out.. the days of ups and downs begin.. One moment i m on a high.. nxt m at a depressing low. Its all in the game.. n m havin fun!!!

Jan has been an awesome month for more than one reasons :

1) We had a long list of holidays for about 15 days.. our last actual vacation in coll i guess.. N i made the most of it.. Sleepin!!!

2) Had a trip 2 Hyd for some workshop by TIME. It was fun, intercating with some of the best brains of the country.. trying to compete with them.. and eating all day.

3) I had my first sip of MARTINI at 10 downing street.. Man!! Telling u.. it may be expensive( What the heck?? Yes, it is expensive at 250/- bucks a glass).. but it is totally worth.

4) Hmmm!!! Well, i guess even a blogger is entitled to have some privacy!!! He he!

well, that is all for now. one more thing, My next post would be useful to guys aspiring to get in a B - School in general and IIFT in particular!!! So keep waiting...

Well, it maybe useful for anyone infact, anyone who cares to read the random crap and craves to pass a small number of his/her( No prejudice) precious seconds.

It feels good to give a small tease of the next post.. smack!

ps : sorry for the SMS lingo, have to rush!!!

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  1. What SMS lingo? it looked like you'd typed it out in MSWord and pasted it in here ;)
    And... I'm confused. you said your next post had to do with B-schools... but you wrote about being quoted in The Hindu???