Sunday, July 29, 2007

Induction.. Now 2 Hostel!!!

If you are thinkin why am i repeating the post on induction.. well, this write up is the one about the hostel induction. Out here there are various things that we facchas get inducted into. The Insti, hostel, ur gang( gult, mallu, etc..).. n then the committee.

As written earlier, during those three hellish days of the insti induction, i was already down and out, and was crying to get back home, cursing my very decision to write CAT. After the exam from 12 to 3Am, i had my induction( the formal one) in the hostel.

I just stepped into the city of nawabs, and entered the hallowed portals of IIM Lucknow – a place I always yearned to be in. As soon as I arrived here, I was allotted, what would be my hideout for the next two years – My hostel room. Hostel number 10, known as one of the most happening hostels of the insti, and yeah! That it was. I thanked my luck for being allotted a room in the city! Little did I know what was in store?

note: for the uninitiated, city are the new hostels, which are more spacious, clean and party centric( Titanic, vast terrace, well, etc..).. while the older hostels are called slums

First night at IIML (no perverted thoughts!)

Induction was scheduled the next day, and I consciously slept early at 11 itself, just to be awaken by the door bangs at 1AM. One of my fellow facchhaa informed me about the informal induction, well, in other words – Ragging! Thirty odd seniors, some of them drinking, most of them smoking, but all of them out rightly alert were ready, in what we call the well. In front lined up were a similar number of juniors – my batch mates, all with sleepy eyes!

After some informal dilly dallying, and some mild task round( bringing in the supplies), we were asked to give our intros. Well, how can anything happen in a normal way at an IIM? A broken chair was brought in, and we were asked to stand on the chair – which itself was counting its days, standing. INTRODUCE, in chaste Hindi! For south Indians , this was a task as big as probably getting through CAT itself. After lots of mocking, and pulling of leg by the seniors we were let go at 3:30AM., after a short round of drinks with them. My first at hell. Now, Time to sleep. Little did I know that this would be my earliest hour to sleep for days?

Second night

Now as anywould would swear, the actual action (in all terms) in an hostel happens well beyond midnight. A test from 12 to 3 AM (yes u heard it right! A test in the middle of the night!) After that I was grippling towards the room, when the formal induction of the hostel was announced. The choicest of spirits, with lots of other stuff lined up. I thought I was in for a party, but could not be more wrong! We were given roles – superman and r****. We had to form appropriate pairs among ourselves and entertain the seniors. We lined up, again, this time in pairs. Performed all kinds of profanity, and titillated the audience to all the jhatkas and matkas. After a tiring duel of 2 hrs, were we allowed to go near the alcohol, and the tiredness in us, assured that we complete till the last golden drop? And dropped dead! 6 AM in the morning!!

The hostel induction done!! And now the seniors are all friends!!

p.s. : I wrote this as a task for the alcom committee. Hope they don't consider this their propetry and sue me under copyright laa


  1. Cool....so how was the ragging?

  2. hey great..
    Hope, that you enjoyed it..
    while reading ur post, i always taken back to my school days..bcoz my schooling is from Lucknow and its too much fun out there..
    Hope, you had a great time there..
    Take care

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