Thursday, February 28, 2008

ON the way to Mumbai

With the class getting over at 11:45 something, I had to rush to the room for the last minute settings. Have not even printed my air tickets yet, thank you Tanuj. Tum nahi hote to mera kya hota? I am sure I totally believe in JIT concept, what else could define my style of doing everything at the last moment? Should reach the airport by 1:45 if not earlier. And it is already 12:45 and me still in the campus. Come on Srini lets start. Well, by the way, Srini is coming to drop me to the station. We take the bike form Ritesh( My wingie!), and there starts the Indo trip.
NO clue of the way to the havai adda, we somehow reach the airport in time( I sometimes wonder if it JIT or SHIT concept that I follow. SHIT – SOME HOW IN TIME). We even lunch at a roadside Dhaba near the airport, and a coke at the port. We meet Mukesh, Mahesh and some other Seniors at the port. They had come to drop Mahesh, who was heading to Bangalore. So same flight till Delhi.

It was quite a boring flight, and being a low cost carrier( JetLite), I did not expect much anyways. Was pleased with the toffees on offer initially. And was totally surprised when they actually started serving snacks! I was actually tempted to ask them if I would be charged for the same. NO! FREE!! SURPRISING!! Way to go JetLite. Oh! Btw, did I say? The flight was late by half an hour. They very well covered up for the inefficiency by all the service in flight.

Landed at Indira Gandhi Airport at Delhi at about 4. Gawd! It is so far from the city. So much towards Gurgaon,( Greater Noida sure needs an Airport, and GMR please allow it to have one without hue and cry!) that I actually had to fork out 175 bucks for the prepaid taxi that I hired to reach CP. This is where I am meeting Nisha.

PVR Plaza, in CP. My meeting place, be it Nisha, sana or anyone. Well, this is one place I have like come to know in and out. As usual, I arrive earlier and am kept waiting. Just move around here and there and Nisha arrives. The whole evening has been dedicated to her, and hopefully it would be a good evening. I am sure.

We just wander aimlessly, where she wants to go the SAME coffee day outlet we visited last time over, and I was more interested to find a PNB atm. Was running out of liquidity big time. Finally found one, and relieved the machine out there of some cash. Even she wanted an ICICI atm, which we eventually located, and she too did the honours of relieving it. Now back to our wandering. We could not locate the said coffee day outlet and decided to settle down at the nearby Kathi kabab outlet in the better interest of our legs, which had started aching by now. And my back too, what with the huge backpack?

At kathi, we went berserk on an ordering spree, and even met akimana who dropped by to say a hi. My friend from Vizag and is currently working in Delhi. Was fun out there, and we spent nearly an hour or so. Now it was 6:30PM and I still had about 2 hrs to do velagiri. Now where to go? Not hungry at all, and wanted some peace of mind for a nice chat.

What better place than Central park right admist CP. Started out for the park. A magnificent park built right above the underground metro station, which is actually visible from the glass sides that the dome is built of. Spent a good 2hrs there in the park. And then started off to our respective destinations. She left by a rickshaw, and me to the airport in another rickshaw, relieving myself a further 120 bucks.

This journey by rickshaw, is well, worth a complete post in itself!!!


  1. Wat is this indo trip?

  2. JIT and SHIT-loved ur concepts
    How creative

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