Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What else??...

have marketing exam in another hour, and here after getting exhausted in the research, here i am with a post.

Recently got this mail. Quite funny, but actually true.
Unusual but thoughful.
Tell me how many of us are actually affected by this AUR BATAO syndrome?? Guess we all r suffering from it.Conversation between any two professionals, who are also Friends, these days do turn out to be
"hey how r u???"
" fine!!! What about u???"
"m fine too"
"so howz life???"
"aur batao?" ( passing the ball to the otherside)
"hmmm everything as usual.. U temme"
"Nothin much out here.. same usual routine!!"
"so what else???" ( passing the ball to the otherside)
"nothing much"
And it goes on like this until they give up!!

I am sure many of us (not excluding me too!!!) have such conversation with our friends.
We all suffer from this "aur batao" syndrome.
It just means our life is all screwed up following the usual monotonous routine, wat say?? Probably we need a change in our lives, something which is exciting, something that is adventurous, something which really makes us feel gud and fresh....Correct????
So go out and thoda chill maaro yaaron!!

Me doing my part.. Going to Vizag next week. Will reach there on monday.. yeah!!.. After a good six months, missin hte place so badly!!( Never thought i would!!)

After a week in vizag, i am off to mumbai( Cadbury.. My internship!!).. so its gonna b a fun 2 months ahead!!..

Thats it with me.. U temme!!!( Aah! This syndrome!!!)

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