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Bharat Jhurani Coaching Center: Attracting women

My holiday season still continues, and will be so for one long month. I am in Vizag since mid march and that implies more than 70 days here, with about 30 more to go. In spite of these 100 days of nothingness, I am sure; I have not regretted it a bit. These were like the best days I could ever have. Just sitting at home, doing nothing all day, and immersing in all the activities that I have always wanted to do. I am so sure, that these are the best days till date.

I and vamsi went to Hyderabad on Tuesday, to attend an engineering friends wedding there. It was awesome in Hyderabad, and we had a great time. My engineering friends, and then friends from L, got to meet them all, and spend some amazing time together. More about that, in detail, in the next post.

In these two months, I have seen many people trying different ways to impress on women, and try to make a mark to attract them. I am no love-guru, nor an expert in this arena, but I think it is time that I share my little something knowledge and experience with the young brigade.

Before I begin, try answering these questions - Why do women you see out at pubs sometimes dress so SEXY? Let's think about it from the woman's perspective: An attractive woman gets attention from men all the time, no matter WHAT she's wearing.

Attractive women don't have to "accent" their beauty in order to attract men. A perfectly beautiful woman gets expensive jewellery and the latest trendy outfit for herself after shopping all day. A tall, stunning model spends all day at the mall shopping for just the right high-heeled shoes. A naturally beautiful woman spends hours in front of the mirror getting ready to go out, and puts on tons of makeup. For what?

Could it possibly be worth all the extra time and effort, spending hours to get that "extra little bit" of beauty, when a woman already has "more than enough"? Well, whoever said, women makes sense! J

Maximize the chances

Let's imagine that an attractive woman is getting ready to go to a party. There are going to be a hundred men and a hundred women at this party. If there are going to be a hundred men at this party, it follows that a few of those men are going to be the "best" ones.

She wants the "best" one, obviously. And that guy sure has options, so she needs to "fix herself up". She just wants to increase her chances of getting that guy.


Attractive women tend to be very competitive, so she would try her best to gain an edge over others, such that as soon as she enters the party, the "top guys", who have options, glance at her and make a "mental note" to talk to her later. The other women give her, what we call, "the bitch look".

Attention and Approval

Now that we are aware of some of the reasons why women go to great lengths to make themselves look more beautiful, let's talk about the one reason that has the most value to you guys. This reason holds the secret of actually attracting beautiful women. ATTENTION and APPROVAL.

It just so happens that an attractive woman has a sub conscious – a very accurate indicator of whether or not "the group" likes and approves of her. It's the amount of ATTENTION she gets. If a woman is getting a lot of attention, it keeps her feeling "OK". She knows that on a deep, primal level when she's accepted by the group and that she's going to stay healthy and have a good chance.

But this particular concept has a dark side to it, like everything good? Just like anything else that triggers feelings/emotions (very addictive chemicals); attention and approval can lead to a literal addiction.

It's like money, fame, power… all the famous ones… one just can't get enough. If you're a beautiful woman who is always getting attention and approval from men and you meet a man who doesn't give you that attention and approval, it has an instant and powerful impact.

Thus, if you want to learn how to attract women, then you need to get a clue about what creates the idea in her mind that you are one of the most "desirable" men.

How can you do that?

  • Become rich and famous
  • Have those killer Hrithik look
  • Instigate an ATTRACTION inside of her.

The third one seems to be the easier one!!

Here's the interesting thing when you attract women: When you do it, she can't control it.

If you're interacting with an unusually attractive woman, it's very important that you don't communicate to her that you are overwhelmed by her beauty or that you can't control yourself. Furthermore, if you actively control the amount of attention that you give her, and you don't show her "approval" too quickly (and even show her some disapproval), you'll often create a powerful interest inside of her.

And why is this?

Well, think about it for a minute. Imagine a super hot walking down 10 Downing Street (the local pub). For the first two hours, you keep having guys walk up to her and say, "hi, you are looking good" and "Did we not meet in the last party", and "… ". Every guy that comes within ten feet of her can't stop looking at you, and the ones that talk to her make it clear that they would be willing to do anything for her.

Then she meets a guy (You) that isn't like any of these other guys at all.

You are clearly not impressed with her beauty, and do not care a damn. She can't tell if you like her or not, and thus feel challenged by you (girls are competitive). For some reason she can't explain, she starts getting a gut level attraction for you (Remember K3G, the super hot POOH exclaiming - "kaun hai yeh, jisne peeche mud kar mujhe nahi dekha.. Who is this??"

Now what does she do? That's right: She gives him all of her attention and approval… hoping that you will give her some in return. In other words, you switch from the one doing the pursuing to the one being pursued.

This is how you attract women. You become the pursued, which is an art form.

So, now you are all equipped with the artillery and are ready for the battle. I am so sure, you would return with all victory and conquest after your next visit to 10D.

Well, the only difference, there is a high probability that the victory and triumph would be for the opposite party, and you would be just left with atonement.

Well, if you ask an IIM guy, who coaches for CAT about tips to impress women, this is what you should expect right?? So, guys, stop reading this, and look for your own unique way to develop that panache and the flamboyance to attract women.

Else, you can just follow my path, and write CAT rather.

P.S.: While, we here are looking for trivial means to attract women, Sharad Yadav has a massive plan to do that, and threatens to even lay down his life for the cause of women.

(Article inspired from seduction-chronicles.net)


  1. Fractional Analysis I would say!! Guys would never understand how a woman thinks... N Believe you me, I am not a feminist.. :)

  2. @ Ankita: Totally agree. This was supposed to be a loser guy's perspective, on dating tips, which would never work!!

  3. well these are the things, one should not do for attracting women :).

  4. @ Cnu: yeah, n tht was what i said in the end right!! Obviously such tips are more welcome from you!! The leader of the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid to the topmost peak!

  5. Not only women's thinking , no one can understand what the other person thinks,no difference guy or a gal. tips like these as said are supposed to be a loser guy's perspective. at least they will theoritically feel themselves comfortable in making a statement that they know how to tackle a women.

  6. @ Praveen: It is not about wht the other person thinks! it is more about wht you WANT the other person to think..

  7. May lord bless you for breaking this code! tum messiah ho! tum bhagwaan ho!

  8. Gosh!!! all this outta persnl experience??? :P seems so....

  9. @ Ankush: ahem ahem!!

    @ Dark_temptation: nah! Human life is too small to learn everythin from our own mistakes!!