Friday, January 01, 2010

Targets on a new year

Well, one more year passed and quite an eventful year it was. What’s so great about the New Year dawning in then? Nothing really. It is just, that time of the year, where the calendar and the diary need to be replaced. People go to all extent and wish many other things changed! Hello, it is just a change in the year – 2009 to 2010.

After partying hard last night, I slept at about 2AM something. At 7AM, my new blackberry started ringing, and woke me up. Damn! I should have disabled the alarm. My prayer to God in the morning –
God Bhai (well, this is the way I refer to him).. So far this year I've done well.
I haven't boasted, I haven't lost my temper, I haven't been grumpy, cribbing, greedy, selfish, nasty, selfish, or overindulgent. I'm very thankful for that. But in a few minutes, boss, I'm going to get out of bed, and from then on I'm probably going to need a lot more help. Please help.

This is the way life is – nothing much changes in a single day. Just because the year changed does not mean anything changes.

Talking about the party last night – it was an amazing party. I went there with three other friends, and it was “drinks unlimited”. I had made up this resolution (more about them later) to reduce the intake of alcohol and save the liver from cribbing. But well, unlimited drinks dude, I had to reach my target (sales ka banda hun!). I pretty much got drunk.

I got a call from a good friend, MoBulAri at about 10PM.

Bharat: “yeah dude.. happy new year.. slurp!

MoBulAri (MBA): “dude.. these things can wait. Have any idea if any bookstore would be open now?”

Bharat: “ bookstore.. try the airport, no other reason why anybody should open shop at his time? By the way, why do you want a book shop now?

MBA: “My wife saw this dream in the afternoon where I gave her a diamond ring

Bharat: “Aha!” (should he not be asking for a jewellery shop? When did they start stocking diamonds at bookshops? Hope he is not referring to Arindham Chaudhari’s book!)

MBA: “And she asked me what does the dream mean?

Bharat: “Aha.. slurp” (dude, unlimited beer inside, don’t waste my time)

MBA: “So, I want to gift her this book – THE MEANING OF DREAMS!

Bharat: “%&^ $%&^$% $&$^% phone rakh saale!

I was back to the party, cribbing to Ahen how MBA (referring to MoBulAri here, not the last two years in Lucknow) wasted time – precious time, when beer is served unlimted. I so wish I had powers like a camel, where I could store all the beer needed inside somewhere! I ran to the bartender (oh btw, they had female bartenders here. Ooh!)

There was VJ bani of MTV fame, and she did a good job of keeping the crowd occupied. At about 11:30PM, she announced it was time to get ready. (for what?)

She announced that there are just 30minutes to go for the new years eve, and she wanted every husband to be standing next to the one person who made his life worth living.

Well, it was kind of embarrassing. The bartender was almost crushed to death. And the wives were just looking, more concerned about their appearance, than the behavior.

The party went on well, and I had set targets which I over achieved. Yes, I am a sales guy, and targets are something that drives me.

At about 10PM, I realized that I had just downed one beer, and it dawned that I should be extracting more bang out of it. So, I set myself a target of 6 beers before the clock strikes 12 midnight. It was mutually signed off with Ahen.

11:30PM. Damn I just finished my fourth beer, and only half an hour to go. The bartender was totally crowded by swarms of people (thank you Bani), but I did manage to squeeze in and asked for two bottles in one go.

With time running, I had no other option but to do a “rang de basanti” with the first bottle (drink the entire bottle of beer in one go!). I did. 11:40PM, and I had one more to go. Was the target too much? Should I actually revise it? NO. targets are always stretched, else they would not be called targets. Damn it. I have to finish the sixth bottle.

Slowly gulping it down, not caring for anyone close by, I did finish the 6th bottle, and heard Bani announce – “5 more minutes left!”. Yes, I completed my target well before the closing, and I still have time. I should now strive for the awards. Over achieve it.

After a tough ordeal at the bar, I managed a bottle of beer, and was again drinking. My friends at this time, were wondering if I had fallen off somewhere. No guys! I am just running.. running ahead of the targets.

The clock struck 12, people cheered, crackers bursted, we hugged, and here I had my seventh bottle in hand – half done.

Awesome feeling. Targets overachieved. Achievement : 108% (do the math!). Great beginning to a new year. See even i get carried away by this change in one day thing!

Well anyways, to all my blog readers - A very Happy new year to you!! have a RoKing time ahead!!


  1. Happy New Year Bharat ...... :)

  2. @ Kilua: happy new year to you too!!

  3. “I so wish I had powers like a camel, where I could store all the beer needed inside somewhere!” …hahaha…dude, your comic timing is fantastic, to say the least! I give you a “guffaw” for this!

    “There was VJ bani of MTV fame, and she did a good job of keeping the crowd occupied. At about 11:30PM, she announced it was time to get ready. (for what?)”
    Hehehe…what a classic example for an innuendo this…”for what” tickles the readers’ bones (and a few more organs in the body) for sure…! I give you a "cackle" for this!

    Over all dude…you have definitely overachieved just about everything and I must say that your blog has to be retitled : “Banda ye bindass hain”!

    Have a rocking New Year and keep the sequels to the love story rolling on!

    May you reach stellar heights in your career in the days to come! Cheers and Goodluck!

  4. @ Uma: thnk u so much for that. wil sure try havin a sequel on the love story!! All the best to you too!!!