Monday, June 28, 2010

Post it

Well, already posted. now what??? :)

i am sure we have all seen those tiny sheets of colourful paper on everybody's desk, with some crap written on it.

Post it notes, as we know are those yellow cute looking small pages that are stuck all around the office desk just to prove that the owner of the desk actually works very hard.

Wiki defines it thus, “A Post-it note is a piece of stationery with a re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back, designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces.”. Ah! Just a small iece of yellow paper, having one small side with adhesives.

Of late, the use of post it notes has increased from its normal usage. We use it for different things, to do different activities, and we even use it online. Some of the funny things possible with the innocent loking, un suspicious post it notes :

1. Use sticky notes to leave messages on a door - do not do this at home if you have security problems.
2. Use them as temporary design elements that can be moved around.
3. Add a sticky note to food items to let people know any number of things, such as date of use, who the food is for, what the ingredients are, and so on.
4. wanna quit staring at the chic opposite desk - use these notes. no!! not for ciggarettes!
5. Dress up in sticky notes
6. keep a small flame going – Burn them all!!!
7. Make a small cheap book – Are they free in office??
8. Make clothes for your pencils and pens
9. Put small sticky parts on your eyelids and blink your eyes – Aankh Maaro!!!
10. and ofcourse, you can use them the way they are supposed to be used! To write reminders, dumb!!

I was recently at a friends place, and saw the complete use of these small tiny papers. This guy has quit his job, and to top it has recently got married. His sticky note read:
1. Make a LIST. ( ticked)
2. cross off item number 1. ( ticked again)
4. think of the third point to write
5. surf the net( tick, tick tick…..)
6. tell wifey “ sent 10 resumes!!!”

One thing where these post it notes also help is to spy. Want to know what your colleague is upto? Have a sneak peek into his trash bin and read all the torn out notes.

Want to appear doing, or planning to do a lot of things? Post it all, on these sticky notes and not on twitter!!!

Well, where did I get this awesome idea of writing a post on post it notes ( pun!! Yeah yeah!!). Again, at a friends place, where she had written quite important things on this yellow paper, and left it in open for the prying eyes. Her note:
1. Take medicine
2. eat rusk
3. buy a washing machine
4. use the washing machine
5. buy an iron box
6. use the iron box everyday
7. eat breakfast everyday!
8. things I can’t talk about on this blog!!!

Well, I just remembered something, let me write it down the notes lest I forget it.

p.s.: note on the note: “Smoke!”

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