Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shall we dance?

Dance is such a relieving way to let go of all the tensions in mind. I am no good dancer, but yes, to thomping music, i can't help but thump my feet - Dance.

Dance your blues away. Dancing is known to be one of the cheapest and most effective means to driving stress. This is one reason you would find most dancers, with a glowing face, seemingly happy. 

From when i can remember, I get immense pleasure in dancing and as i have already said, i don't know dancing. well, don't know how to dance in the traditional dance way, like in a group. I dance for my self. I have no formal training and I am extremely shy, when it comes to dancing alone in front of people, well of course unless i am dead drunk.

infact, i once even tried learning dancing in the traditional format - Salsa, and enrolled myself for the salsa classes during MBA. Well, not to say, it was a complete disaster, and i just attended 2 classes learning how to shake my hips the right way.( There was no PROPER company, Chitta i'm sure you would agree)

While dancing, it feels as if some abstract thing is slowly taking away any charge, positive as well as negative, on my mind and leaves behind neutrality. ( Ah! lotsa gyaan!). There should be something called the art of dancing on the lines of the art of living, as a basic venting mechanism to let go of all the frustration.

The following picture has nothing to do with dance, but well.. for those who get it.

Dancing Tits

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