Friday, October 07, 2005

Papers Galore

Hello everyone..
Sorry 4 the late post, actually was kinda busy.. in assignments, presentations, and LIFE!!..

I and sirish presented a paper on "frequency division in mobile communication", at tech-twirl 2k5, organised by Avanthi college, last week..and guess what?? V won the first prize of Rs.2000/-(wow!).. and then started the usual nagging for a treat by friends.. It feels gr8 2 b the best speaker among some 30 speakers, from various places..

Yesterday, I along with many of my classmates went 2 Al-Ameer college, to present a paper at Technocom - 2k5.. the place suxx.. man, u call it a damn engineering college.. It looked like a long abandoned cottage in a forest surrounded by mountains allover.. NO cell network, no STD in sight, no canteeen nearby!!... Pity those who are cursed 2 spend their precious 4 years in that hell..( Sorry, no hard feelings anyone)

The days ahead would be strenous, and please bear wid late posts.. My Pc's motherboard has screwed up, so no other alternative other than goin 2 an internet cafe( I am posting 4m an internet cafe, right now.. aagh!!), and amidst xams, doin that would be suicide..

The spam that i receive these days, most of my surfing time is sacrificed deleting them.. so much that these days, i dump away the entire BULK mail folder, without even a glance.. My appeal 2 all the spamsters:
To all spammers:

1. I do not wish to purchase any property.
2. I do not wish to visit your "cool" web site.
3. I do not wish to extend my schlong, thankyou very much!
4. I do not wish to receive any free debt counselling reports.
5. No, I do not need to send you my banking/eshopping account details.
6. I do not wish to purchase black-market pharma products.
7. I do not wish to see nude celebrities.
8. I do not wish to purchase MP3s at 1 cent/song.
9. I do not wish to avail of any loans, credit cards, or share-plans.
10. I do not want to participate in chain-marketing

Please if u're listening, exclude me 4m ur mailin list...

I m sorry, 4 the haphazard manner of the post.. it was an accumulation of a lot of things in one, so could'nt help it.. :)

Best of luck to all..


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  2. poor bharat...those spams really giving you a hard time aren't they??

    and hey congrats about the prize...it always feels great to outtalk someone :D

  3. Irony of life..er.. blog... Here i write the vagaries of spam.. and s'one is spamming my comment box itself :(