Friday, September 23, 2005

Where were u, when it was dark? er.. Raining

Rain rain go away
come again another day..
little johnny wants to play
Rain rain.. go to spain...

Don't show your face again..

A small rhyme v, as kids, used 2 sing whenever it rained.. Then, it was just a
way of frenzy, without actually meaning it.. It was euphoric, and in a sense of
excitement, v all cousins sang in a chorus..

Y m i speaking about childhood all of a sudden.. nostalgic? not exactly.. Last
few days my place has been receiving pretty genorous doses of rain, and i
observed some kids, in my apartment, with the same excitement.. Then did i
realize the meaning.. How rain can throw our life into an havoc!! A case study
here... er... my experience.

Right from Sunday morning, it has been drizzling in Vizag and v were confined
indoors for most of the time.. Evening i had planned 2 go 2 a movie wid my
parents( after a real long time), and was very keen on it.. but lo! the rain was
determined 2 play spoilsport... Nevertheless, i convinced my mom of the
credentials of the movie( APARICHITUDU), and v did go.. Albeit completely
drenched in the super cooled theatre. The theatre probably had a tie-up wid the
doctors( what else could explain the low temperature set on the
air-conditioner?). Anyways, v had a great time in the chilled theatre and the
raging movie, and on our return got 2 bath , in the purest form of natural
water, once again.. this time amidst the different processions of the
pot-bellied "Lord Ganesha"..

Monday morning, woke up lazily, as usual, only 2 find a heavy rain outside.. Mom
asked not 2 go to the coll.. I refuted. Srinivas baba sir is to take 2
classes and i can't afford 2 miss them( I actually like his classes!!).. The
rain was real heavy, and some friends called 2 check if i had any info about the
coll.. At around 8:30, Varun broke the news - It has been declared a holiday,
and then started my woes??.. I was confined 2 my house, fortunately dad also
decided 2 wait 4 the rain 2 wean away, and v had a long chat till 11AM.. Dad
left 4 his work, and i fell into the grips of boredom.. Tried 2 read something(
as power had already run away, fearing the rains..), but how long could one do
that??.. Cursed myself 4 being stingy last evening by not buying a copy of
Business today.. i read( or rather studied) the entire newspaper.. It was just
12:30.. the clock hands seem 2 have stuck 2 their positions.. wonder how ppl
used 2 pass time, when electricity wasn't there??.. I slept all the afternoon(
Even Ravana is put to humiliation..), and evening woke up at the cool air by the
fan, which i had left 'on'... The power had come, but the cable connection was
still afraid of the rain, or maybe the rain has managed to kill it.. Any ways,
at least the comp is there at rescue.. I started my movie fare - Aashiq
banaya Aapne
and BLADE...

Tuesday morning, Upendra managed 2 wake me up by his call informing me of the
rain.. Damn! one more day of boredom!! No i am goin 2 get away, at least 2
someone's place and hang out there... Got a spate of calls, from my classmates,
soliciting my suggestion - I asked them all 2 come 2 the coll, and they abided..
I traited!! Got a last minute call from my bro( studying in the hostel at Sri
Chaitanya), that he is not well.. so went there 2 pick him up.. and by the time
i reached back home, Vamsi called and informed my mom the "good news" that it
was a holiday even today.. called him back, and gave a good dose, along with
some piece of mind.. He promised 2 compensate by giving me company( actually he
himself was bored, and had a car at his disposal),... V played on the comp( Yes!
the power has braved up against the rain, or maybe just got used 2 it..
whatever.  Thank u - APTRANSCO).. At 2:30, after vamsi left, I continued my
movie fare - Virudh.. ( bah!! it was borin'.. want to squeeze the neck of
my cousin, who referred it to me.. ).. To overcome the virtual house arrest, I
headed off to the CAT class, in spite of a drizzle.. Thus, the day passed on
well ( at least better than yesterday), but the deluge still continues...

Now, I really wish the rains go away 2 Spain, or 2 the farmers who need them

Request 2 RainGod :   please pour at regular intervals, instead of
blessing us " Chappad phaad ke"... It has happened in Mumbai, New Orleans
and now Andhra... all at very close intervals?? - Hope it is not a scheme, to
reduce the population!!!


  1. how ironic isn't it...there's always something to put our egos back in the dump,

    as for the human spirit there's no match for that

    enjoy the rain and don't ask it to go away :D

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