Saturday, February 11, 2006

My cousin's wedding

Well, okay I admit, once again i have been too late in posting and this time I m to be blamed for not learning the art of time management well. All these days were so hectic that my poor soul could'n sanction enough time to write anythin'.. Now, what kept me engrossed for so long?? - My cousin's wedding in JAN( He stays in the opposite appartment, thus making it compulsory for me to be closely involved), trip to IIT Kharagpur( Kshitij'06, their Annual techno management fest), and the usual college grind( which I bunked for most of the month)..

About my cousin's wedding. it was on 23rd Jan and we had relatives come all the way from Washington, London, Dubai, and ofcourse Jaipur and some nearby places. So hosting them was no joke. To top it, my brother also took leave and was with us for 4 days( Spent hours chatting to him, and sermonizing him about the importance of Entrance exams). By the way, my brother, Jatin is 3 years younger to me, and would be appearing in his Engg. entrance test. Back to the wedding, It took place at the GURUDWARA, followed up by a reception at Hotel Daspalla. Oops, forgot to mention the engagement ceremony on 22nd. It was a cocktail party with a limited number of people being invited. it was a rockin party, with most of my cousin( Me included) gettin fully drunk, and getting back home in a chauffer driven car.

The marriage day was rather ceremonious, and i got the chance to be the best man for the wedding. So, I had to remain glued to the bridegroom( My cousin), and wear a plastic smile on my face all evening. After the wedding, I, along with my still bachelor cousins went to the coffee shop at 2AM in the night( or was it early morning). Yes, bachelor life is surely fun!! After the wedding day, the responsibilty of escorting the newly wed couple to the airport, sending them off for honeymoon, was thrust upon me and my cousin Jeetu( 2 years elder to me). In the evening, all of us Youth batch, comprising me, my brother, My 2 male and 2 female cousins, set out for a long drive which had become common those days. We drove till Rushikonda, with the stereo blasting full music and attracting attention of those passing by. We 6, scaled the entire city those 4 days, in Jeetu's new Hyundai Santro. We went to cafe coffee day and smoked Hookah, tried to go Chrome( the local pub) and 10D but later realised that it was a dry day( Republic day), had regular visits to Fresh Choice for a black Coffe, and had become addicted to midnight coffee. On the whole it was a rockin time.. and everyone gelled well with each other. it was a memorable period of my life.

After that, it ws the same routine, back to the college, after an extended holiday. and here I was again off, to IIT Kharagpur on 31st. More about it in the next post.


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