Monday, February 27, 2006

AD- MAD world

Finally the links to the ads above are working, and hopefully the earnings would start flowing in soon( Touch wood).. But the basic question - What necessitated me 2 have ads on my otherwise clean blog??? The society. Yes, no matter how astonishing, or surprising it sounds, that alone is the truth. I have got addicted to this phenomena of blogging, and the society around me does not recognize PASSIONS, so i had to show them some meaning in this endeavour of mine, Thus these ads.
On the more factual side, the entire world is driven by marketing. I remember one of my teachers in school telling me that if all the ads were scrapped, of all media, the prices of popular essential commodities would fall by atleast 50% of the present cost. The marketing dept. is one single dept., in any large organization, which manages to blow up tha max. amt. of money. REASON : BUILDING UP THE BRAND NAME. and, does it count?? Unfortunately, yes!! I m sure all of us would prefer wearing an ADIDAS than any other Tee, not even its clone.. Y??? The brand name. ADIDAS hai to acchha hoga.but is this always true. well, maybe yes. A company spending half of its input in promoting the end-product would obviously want high standards 2 b mantained. But, does this mean the local manufactured items 2 b "fit 4 nothin". nope!! Just that v need to have a knack 2 pick up the right things, at the right price.

Ah!! I can give sermons on advertizing 4 hours together and still not get exhausted. I guess that would b the best future 2 me, considering my limited skill-sets. Anyways, by now i hope, u have got a gist of the rationale behind the ads on the top, so do ur job and let the proverbial chula be burning at my place... He!! he!!..

Keep clicking,


  1. ads increses the business but at the end of the day the ads that are in desi styles works and hi-fi ads are shown the door

  2. yeah i agree, i have earned 0.16 dollars so far... not bad for a start...