Monday, March 06, 2006

Everythin' about wine...

Have u had a look at the new dashboard of blogger.com, Its more simple, more clear and finally more easy-to-navigate.. Probably, 1st march is the bloggers day, or s'thin of that kind, Or else, what explains simultaneous upgrading of so many srvices on the blogging community - new version of myshoutbox, Launch of blogcharm.com, redesign of the dashboard,.. Aneways, all 4 the good...

This piece of news has really rised my interest 2 go 4 a high end mobile phone, I mean clubbing Blogging and photography( My two prime interests) along with the normal phone facility is simply 2 hard 2 resist. What say? Now how do i explain this 2 my dad?? Any ideas...

Now to my favourite topic - Alcohol. Am i obsessed with it?? Yes and No. Yes because i like reading about the different varieties available, the uniqueness of each, the minor subtelities, etc.. and No beacause I m not that an avid drinker, It is just on some rare occasions, that i drink, Just 4 company sake... So with some extensive research on wines i have come up with some trivia, which may not b useful in a anyway, except sheer pleasure...

Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved.-- Old saying

Some of the greatest pleasures of life lie in simplicity. The humble grapes that are fermented into wine only go on to prove this point.

Whoever invented wine( God bless him) -- intentionally or by accident -- may have never thought the drink would go on to perennially grace fine-dining tables across the world.

Let us explore what is it that has had many a connoisseur( Its me!! ) appreciating, adulating and finally commending this drink as nonpareil.

New world, new tastes

At one point in time, wines were synonymous with the vineyards of France. While Bordeaux and Burgundy still remain eternal favourites, Italian, South African and Californian wines have also made inroads into the connoisseurs' taste buds.

Some of the latest wines in the market are from our own country. Areas near Nashik and Bangalore( Now u understand my desire 2 relocate 2 Bangalore!!) have come up very well as the new wine districts of the world.

A wine is distinguished by:

~ Name of the shipper/producer (For example, Cockburn Smithes, Sula Vineyards, Davenport Vineyards, etc)

~ Area or region where it is produced (Alsace, Bordeaux, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Hunter Valley, Canberra region, etc)

~ The year of production

~ The kind of grape from which it is manufactured, determining the texture and smoothness. White grapes include chardonnay, marsanne, riesling, etc while examples of red or black grapes are barbera, cabernet franc, pinotage, etc

~ The aroma or bouquet (a distinctive and characteristic fragrance) of the wine

Certain years -- when the crops were exceptionally good, resulting in excellent wines -- are called vintage years.Each wine-producing region has its own list of vintage years. It is well known that the more aged the wine, the steeper the price. This is because as the wine matures, it acquires a flavour and texture that is simply fantastic. Vintage wines are especially very expensive.

In general, wines have between 11 to 14 per cent alcohol. It may not sound very intoxicating, but trust me, you can get very drunk on wine!

Red wine

Red wine is made of black grapes. It is usually served at room temperature, ie, 14 to 18 degree centigrade (remember, room temperature is with reference to France, where wine originated.)

In India, you can keep it in the fridge. It is an ideal accompaniment for red meat.

Red wine glasses are smaller than white wine glasses and have a broader rim.

Apart from the taste, red wine is purportedly good for the heart and makes your skin glow, so long as it is consumed in moderate quantities (not more than two glasses per day)...

White wine

White wine may be produced from white grapes or even from black grapes whose skin is peeled off. It is served chilled at about 8 to 10 degree centigrade.

White wine glasses have a narrow rim. The wine goes well with white meat (sea food or chicken). Generally, white wines are drier than red wines (ie, they do not leave a sweet aftertaste).

Champagne - The true King of good times...

Celebrations and champagne go together, for what reflects a spirited environment better than the bubbly, effervescent champagne?

Champagne is made from a mixture of black and white grapes. After fermentation, it is infused with carbon while bottling.

It is also known as sparkling wine. But remember, only the sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France is called champagne. The rest are simply called sparkling wines.

Champagnes are popularly used to make exciting cocktails. Some cocktails that you may find include Champagne Flamingo (with campari and vodka), Champagne Cocktail (with angostura bitters), Black Velvet (with Guinness), Mimosa (with orange juice), etc.

This was all about some of the selected varieties of alcohol, More are in the offing...

Please take my word, and don't get addicted 2 it.. Our life is too short and there is no harm in experiencing all pleasures, but v should take care that they don't go overboard...

Bye 4 now, My dad's at the dinner table and this would b the right time 2 raise the proposal 4 a new cell...

Keep wining( er!! Sorry winning),


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