Monday, April 17, 2006

The Sem - End Xams

ok people.. Once again I m very sorry 4 the huge gap between the posts... but this time i promise ( and trust me, It will be abided) the frequency of posts will increase exponentially. The reason 4 the gap is the semester xams - they were dreadedful.

The recently concluded semester xams were a nightmare, to say the least. The VLSI xam, which marked the beginning of the externals was the worst xam that i have written since childhood, probabably. Everything in the exam went against me. Right from the fact that i had no self transport( So, had to rely on the pathetic, nearly non-existent public transport system) to the fact that my confidence level for this exam was at an ebb, everythin joined together and conspired against poor me. To top that, my limited memory failed me completely and so did my sparse presentation skills. The xam was so bad that I doubt i may fail!! Seriously dude, that would be a disastor.

I did'nt want to write this post and so have been consciously avoiding blogs, but that just did'nt help. I tried hard 2 get the thought of the xam out of my mind, and 4 this i hav been seeing lots of movies( Shaadi no. 1, Appollo , Assassins, Road to perdition, Garam masala, Philadelpia..) but even that did'nt help. So, finally i succumbed and am posting thsi... :(

On other things in life - V hav our sem-end holidays till mid june. And my industrial training at visakhapatnam steel plant begins tommorrow.

Saying this i sign off 4 now, with the promise to return back soon...


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