Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tv musings...

Hello.. Whose blog hav i landed in??? I hope some "Videshi taakat" has not hacked into BJ's blog and scammed it all over!! Oh! my God, Please giv BJ the strength 2 overcome this pain!!!...

Well if this is what comes 2 ur mind after a first look at this.. Think again. This is me - the same old Bharat Jhurani, posting from the comfort of my dark, humid, no-ac-in-this-hot-summer room, on the same old crappy blog. Yes, the looks have been changed 2 save one from monotonicity, and as someone said - "Change is the spice of life"..Well there are a host of interactive tools lined up for the blog 2 make it more utilatirian, and that would keep me busy for the next few weeks. In the meantime, I m also working on Blogroll - a service where one can link all the known blogs at one neat clutter free place. So, those of u who would want 2 have their url's tagged here - please lemme know. ( note : If u wish 2 remain anonymous u can mail me at bharat_jhurani@yahoo.com). One condition : The blog to be linked need to meet a threshold needs 2 necessarily be better than the one u r reading.. Hah! BJ, u hav put the threshold as low as the cellar of a huge appartment complex. I mean common, i m sure any blog can b better than this crap. Uh! :-D

By the way, if at any point u find this place more cluttering than a college going guy's room , please let me know. Nd also b kind enough 2 let me know of the latest developments in this arena, including the news that 'My girl' Aishwarya Rai had a fall, and was shouting "BJ,.. BJ.. where r u??..."

These days,i m as busy as a condom salesman in a place called ugandesga, inhabited by Tribals who are atleast 653 years behind us in civilization. Most of my time is whiled away on the internet, that is after i manage 2 get the household stuff, and b able 2 sit on the comp without any hindrance. i hav been so addicted 2 the internet that my mom suspects that i have a girl friend, and i whiling away chattting 2 her 2 cut my phone bills. The recent purchase of a headset, along with mic, further led 2 the doubts. Neways, it is a known fact - My doodhwala knows it, that i am at present cery much single, and going by my antics, it is not goin 2 happen for a long ;ong time 2 come. the girl-friend thing. That is unless, i get 2 befriend Chota Anna from Dubai, and he arranges a Monica Bedi for me.

These days, my eyes are complaining very badly 2 every source, except me, and the other day they even managed 2 get into my mom's head 2 warn me of overusing them. Actually it is not my fault. The insomniac that God has made me, I don;t get sleep before my neighbour Bunty gets ready for his morning jog, and mornings the paper boy makes sure that i wake up before the sun reaches his head. So, I hav been readin, Surfing, and watching lots of TV.

On the TV - Sunday afternoon at 12 noon. Dozens of channels doling out lots of Old movies which can make one learn the entire dialoges of the movie by-rote. And admist this "Kutte, Kamine.. " There r these music channels which vie for attention, but make sure that they don't broadcast any songs, and make us a master in ad-mad show. Now i understand how i won 2nd prize at ad-Mad show last yaer at Tornado. On the local cable channel was the annual day celecration of a school, with all these cute children dancing out in perfect tandem and beaming parents gleefully showin them off to their colleagues."Look, that is my chintu.. there he is acting as a plant"...On yet another channel was the annual funstion of IIPM, who managed 2 get Bombay vikings 2 their fest.. singing "Kya soorat hai.. ".. 2 the cheers of the overpacked stadium.

Looking at all these made me think how ppl get so excited on the thought of coming in the tv. In this regard, i remember this sitcom that i had seen not-so-long back.

On a hot wednesday,a not-so-young boy, munna with curled locks, and with looks that matched that of Kaalia in Sholay, comes home running 2 his house and jumps - " ma, I have acted in a TV soap.. It is goin 2 b aired on sat night.".. Everyone in his house is very happy and his dad who generally keeps cribbing that his munna is "bekaar".. jumps and hugs Munna. He orders his wife 2 make sweets and after treating munna to his full, takes some to the office next day. It was actually a pretext 2 inform everyone of the achievement, his son has got. The mother leaves no stone unturned and informs every possible known person. The kanpur wali Aunty, the jamshedpur wale bhaiya, the jaipur wali mausi.. everyone gets 2 know about it by frantic phone calling by the mom.

On saturday evening, at 8:30, one hour before the scheduled time of the telecast of the soap - "kahaani Becharon ki.." the house of munna was beaming with activity. all the neighbourhood had gathered 2 view the event as if it was India Vs. Pak in the world cup finals. Come 9:30, and every one is mouthstruck silent. They c in anticipation, even the credits. After 3 mins, the TV shouts " zandu balm.. zandu balm...".. a commercial break. The next part comes and goes to make way 4 the break and then at abt 10:10( the serials are never punctual), the end credits start doling out, but there is no sign of Munna, even in a background. the shot scene was apparently edited away. Every one returns away 2 their respective homes, laughing at Munna. His dad's face represented that of a person who ahs lost his life's earnings in a gamble. Munna is dejected, and more so are his parents.

days pass by, and one fine monday morning, Munna was watching tv - National Geographic channel. his dad comes over. Munna does not see him in his concentration in watching the different mating process in dogs. His dad look at his face, looks at the tv, looks at his face then thetv screen and after about a minute of this exercise, he catches hold of munna's neck and shakes him like he was a bottle of champagne, shouting - " Ab to kutte, billi bhi aa gaye.. tu kab aayega..."!!



  1. very entertaining bharath, you've got a lottof patience

  2. Great write-up boss.. Am glad that a fellow vizagite hamare vizag ka naam is venerable blogging community main roshan kar raha hai.. Lagey raho dost.. Waise in which year ru studying ?

  3. hey bharat,
    first time around here, i must say its real enat post.
    very entertaining, *giggle*
    i specially liked the last part of kutte billi.

    and i guess my blog is more cluttered than yours. it never makes sense ha ? but do bloggroll me too.

    i would love to read more about you doodwala and paperwala.

    majja maadi

  4. Do watch the movie.. Its gr8.. Did u finish ur final yr ? I finished mine..

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