Monday, May 22, 2006

How BJ copied.. pasted.. and published his post... - 2

If the curiosity in you propels you to ask me " where I was all these days?" Read on. I was completely engrossed in completing the second book of Kaavya, as now she probably would not be in a mood to do it. Ha.. Even though, we may not get to see her second book I did not want to deprive my dear blog readers ( Whether dear is attached to the 'blog' or 'readers' depends on your gender... smack!) the oppurtunity of going through my nonsensical second post by the same title. I know that the previous post has no bearing with the title, except for the small post script, and i have been receiving lots of hate mail for that( Thank you for the mails, for commenting in a public arena would be even more disastarous).

Now to the topic of Opal mehta. i, for one, surely believe that she wrote well. She may have copied, or lifted sentences or paragraphs all together( The word is plagiarism) from other books but she brought new light to the entire genre of chic-lit books. Now, how many of have heard of the plagiarized authors or their books?. But, kaavya was famous even before the controversy brole out. Maybe, she was popular for she was all 17, for she had been paid a huge ammount, for her excellent prpoganda skills or for the fact that she looks gud( the last was reason is my own :) ).

Whatever, it takes stuff for a product to sell. marketing can only do that nuch - market the product, and maybe get the potential consumers towards the product. After that, the product has to sell on its own. Anyone, who has read HOW OPAL.. would hopefully agree with me that the book was a very comfortable read, and it was a very light book. Anyways, now nothing much can be done, and i hope kaavya returns back to writing.

The other day on TV, i was watching the protestors against the quota regime. The way they were being beaten. I am sure if they were animals( Now, te afct that man is a rational animal is a different issue..) Maneka Gandhi would be on a hunger strike by now. I mean even animals are not treated so ruthlessly, and thses were medicos - the future doctors of the nation. A nation where doctors are considered next to God.. Damn! and all this for a few extra votes.

The real motive motive of the UPA government seems to be the upcoming elections in UP, which has the most number of BCs, and the congress does not have a favourable hold in the state. How can the politicians droop so low to be in power?? I know that there have been worser instances, but this one would directly hamper the growth of the nation. When it is already time for even the existing quota regime to be gradually done with, introduction of new quotas is surely not called for. Ha!! if this is to happen, My future posts, and scores of fellow bloggers like me, would be posting from a foreign location. And then after many years, and after generating huge wealth for a foreign country, attend the Bharat Pravasi Diwas, where India would still be begging for investments.

RDB paved the path for such actions of the government, and i pray nothing happens to Arjun Singh. When peace doesen't work, such things would come into picture. History has shown that the most violent of the protests and agitations have been held by youths. Once again, Bhagat singh would have to take birth and cleanse the system or atleast shake it up. In a recent survey by INDIA TODAY it is observed that Arjun singh has fell to the 27th position from a cosy 5th position in 2005. and what is to be blamed? He should take a cue from Praful patel( 1st position) who has revolutionized the aviation industry or even from our own Lalu prasad yadav. Guess, which position he is at?? secondva!! and he deserves it for turning the railways around. han laluji, ab shekhar anna ko aapki tang khichne ka naya masala milega !!!

Even as you read this sentence there are four new connections of new phones being taken in India. wow!! that is the pace of growth of cell phones in the country. Laudable. read it in the same issue of INDIA TODAY. ( Please, i don't want to plagiarize)

I m now off to get my cell phone recharged and get the damn 50 cent dialer tone out, to stop it from draining my meagre balance. and trust me, the second book by kaavya would have been great!!


  1. oh schadenfreude, oh schadenfreude, how lovely is your drama...

  2. ya agree with abt the kavya issue..
    the poor girl has made to suffer a lot(which she does not deserve entirely)...

  3. India Today- guess u r inot its marketing now ?
    jeez, mein kya kuch mahino keliye amria chali kya gayi, india mein log faltugiri karna shuru kiye?

    hey, nice post macha.

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  5. @Robert : Thanx robert, i gotta improve my vicab by a word.. and plz, i m not a sadist...

    @Sowmitra : Atleast someone agrees wid me on the kaavya issue...

    @Dharmu : No, no dharmu i m not 'yet' in the mktg dept of INDIA TODAY, but it certainly is a gud mag..

    @ANONYMOUS : I m really grateful 4 the info, but would b more grateful if u had left ur identity.. Nd if its a spam, plz ignore it...

  6. Kavya would be glad :D

  7. Abt Congress I being desperate for BC votes in the UP elections....
    Following are likely to result in the rout of the congress -
    1)With "forward" castes forming 30% of the population, the congress has just ensured that 30% of the population vote enmasse against it and its allies.
    2) The "backward" castes have forgotten that a party called Congress exists :)

  8. @raghav : Hmmm, hope kaavya is glad at me..:-D

    @The bean counter : After racking up my small brain completely, i still don't understand y BC's would 4get abt congress??

  9. Anonymous7:18 pm

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