Thursday, May 11, 2006

How BJ copied.. pasted.. and published his post...

Hello ppl..
One thing that i know about myself for sure is that i m a very lazy person, and my ass is comparable with the stingy miser, in a old hindi flick, who charges money even to sneeze.. Lots of things were planned out for the holidays, and whole lot of schedules sketched of the to-do things. They ranged from preparin for the ensuing campus placements, to building a decent physique( I m not a skiny sulking, but a few kilos at my biceps would add that magical touch i guess, And then i would b flaunting them as" Yeh Dhaai Kilo Ka Haath.." ala Sunny deol in Damini...), going for a early morning walk, and above all following the schedule as far as possible. Well, I guess th 'as-far-as-possible' condition of mine is too general and my lazy bones are taking advantage of this.

Well, If one would have noticed.. i have been using lots of Hindi movie quotes of late!! Reason - Seeing all crappy bolly movies over and over again... to kill time. Doing s'thing useful in my language meant, do something that would be useful for the future.. Something that would benefit me in the long run... So, I joined the Vizag film society. In future it would save me the time of watching these english flicks( Now, i end up watching every movie a couple of times is a different issue).. Coming to this film society thing, this is a relatively nhew concept in this part of the world that i live.. inspite the fact that people here are crazy about movies, and there is a stampede at the theatre for a week or so, when the movie of a big star releases... So, it was something like the absence of an ac in a hot, humid place. Bad comparision :-D See i have this tendency of drifting away from the main topic and drool all around and around..

The film society has been exhibiting latest movies of late( Zeugma intended), and in the process i have seen CRASh and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, both oscar winning movies, and which would atleast take away an easy 2 years away from me before i get the chance to watch it on the big screen..( My place, has this enimity with hollywood, and makes sure the movie releases only after everyone, including th washerwoman's son has seen it on CD.. piracy.)

Other than sleeping and watching movies, I have been going to the steel plant for my industrial training, and one thing that comes to my mind on seeing it is "AWE!!..!! with an open mouth. The feeling that comes to the mind on seeing the magnificient structures, and the complex automation , one is left as awe-struck that a 3 year 4 months old would be on seeing the sea for the first time. But all this awe is robbed away, once the concerned guide opens up his mouth and starts doling out gyaan of the technical knowlege he has gained all these years. I do agree that it is important, and we being electronic engineers need to know the fine nuacance involved in the working, but dude, we get to learn those even in the classroom.. We have come to the plant to experience the huge structures, and see the beauty of science..

And before signing off, let me make it clear that i have not plagiarised any part in the blog without any due crediting, except English and Love and in these cases, i have no idea of the original author and would be pleased to credit him at the first instance.. Any takers??
Seeing the plight of Kaavya Vishwanathan, has pinched me to make this statement, and i don't want 2 b ridiculed as " How BJ copied.. pasted.. and published his post..."

Keep watchin'


  1. *seen doing jeetendra steps around the lobby in the office*

    -me first, me first-

    hey BJ, nice post.and how far has ur dhai kiloka haat gone, uh?

    as far as movies, i am a movie addict, was always crazy for first-day-first show.

    but now, i watch it online, not much fun but as no other entertainment, started watching movies from 50's.

  2. hey... i really enjoy commenting, unlike most of my friends, so i hope you dont mind too much. s'always gr8 fun reading your blog, and this one was esp. funny, the washerwoman's son... struck a chord since i'm often left in the same quandary! :)

    how long does your ind training last?

  3. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.