Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CSC has bought me...

ok.. no bullshitting around. I have an agenda : gotta speak about 29th june 2006. Wait. Before that.. Am i on time for this post??? I don't think so. This lazy ass of mine doesen't budge from its place and my fingers are trying to compete with them in lethargy. Me - the Sufferrer. Does it not sound a lot like Natwar Singh. " The hand has no hand in the affairs"?? Oh!! What am i scribbling?? All crap. just arbit stuph, ven i am suppossed to do some important thing.

June 29th 2006 : Another day of placements. Already two top companies of the country have declared me to be too qualified for them( that is what i would like 2 believe!!). Well, for the uninitiated, TCS and WIPRO have just rejected me. well, anyways, one more day and i am all charged up. I am now more stronger and maybe won't feel so bad even if i am rejected this time over. the company people were suppossed to be here in the college by 9, but they missed their flight or something and could come only at 3. Yes!! 6 hrs behind schedule. and now the constant rumours that it is not exactly interested in us ( GITAMITES).. and its here only as a formality!!!

Well, anyways, we attend the apti test, and the results declared at 6 confirm that i m in for the second round. The technical test. Well, the last two companies audaciously declared that i am not technically sound, and i was ready for an hat-trick. And, with all DBMS, C++, JAVA crap in the paper my apprehensions just got stronger. It was a 75 questions paper, with 40 mins in hand. surprisingly, the results confirmed my entry into the next round - the GD. this at 10pm!! I was all this time in my casuals, and had to switch over to the formal attire. Couldn't take any chances. the difficult part was done, now its all Gibberish, a cakewalk - GD and a HR interview. The light blue shirt, i just bought yesterday from big bazaar, along with my brother's trousers( My brother Jatin gifted it 2 me), with a light blue tie, and matching shoes, i was adorning a proffessional look!!

There were 15 candidates in my GD, that took place at an unearthly hour - 11:30pm. people were sleepy and lethargic, and very unenthu'. the topic given to us was " Should politicians have an upper age limit". Quite a boring topic to be discussed at such an hour. We were expecting something on the more instinct feelings of human!! Whatever. Banged the gd, and was the best, as i said it was a cakewalk. The results were out at abbout 12:30, and here i am called for the interview. Reached home along with Prasada Rao, at 1:30, and am supposed to reach the college tommorrow morning by 8 AM!!

30th june 2006 : Woke up at about 6. Actually go up from the bed at 6. couldn't sleep the entire night. I did not want to miss this oppurtunity after coming all this way. I had to shave, as i was quite lethargic, and very unsure of me being called for an interview yesterday. I thought the tech paper would itself whow me the door to a bar, celebrating my hat-trick. Now i hope the interview shows me the way to the bar to celebrate. Anyways, got ready in a jiffy, and was present in the college sharp at 8. The interview happened at 10:30, and it was a bang on. It was quite a vague HR interview, with the normal questions like "Tell me abt urself?", "What do you do in ur free time?"( the blog came to my rescue there), "What kind of music do you listen to?".. and after some further chat( yes, i wuld like to call it that), the HR lady interviewing me( who had her face burried in her laptop all this time) gave me a smile and declared - "You are selected boss!!", handing me over the form. I was on top of the seventh cloud kind of feeling, nothing could define my excitement. i called up Dad and Mom, and they were the happiest people on this planet. It is not everyday that such things happen.!!! Pappu ko naukri mil gayee!!!

We were called for the result declaration session and were given company t-shirts as gifts, and the HR lady tapped my back commenting "He's a sweet guy". Now, I dunno what i had done to appear sweet?? Anyways,all this jazz happened till about 12, and here i was a job holder, flirting away the rest of the day. It was one hell of a job-hunt, but as they say - "Alls well that ends well".

Thus, that finishes the marathon post on me being placed in CSC. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the title of the post was actually on my ORKUT id all these days, and have been getting all kinds of scraps like "What??" to "Bike hue insaan!!! ".. So, no belittling statements on that. that is an order. :)

On other fronts, my life's been going good for the last couple of days, and i have been having a rockin time at colllege. its fun. And i am seriously going to miss it, for sure, next year after i get out... :(

Now before i complete, a small announcement :

Students who are interested to become an AIESECER, v are currently in our annual recruitment drive and I am in the organising committee. So, those interested are requested to please get in touch with me( Only college going Vizagites..)
And for those ignorant people who have not heard of AIESEC, It is the world's largest Student run organisation. For further details - AIESEC


  1. hi buddy..
    nice to go through ur placement story...
    so sad of not having hat -trick(hey dont take me wrong) im just kidding... i can feel hows the excitement of giving ur interveiws n all nad now finally you are in that organising committee..
    have a great life ahead...

  2. Nice. So when do we get the treat?

  3. man u self-deprecate ur talent in such a witty way.. Kudos dude.. Csc is lucky to have u.. Bad luck for the other two who beleived u were too qualified..

  4. hi dear,
    congratulation and celebration...

  5. thanx for welcoming me dear...