Monday, August 07, 2006


hello ppl.. ouch!! I can already feel the ire on your faces 4 takin so long 2 post. But what 2 do?? I was so busy squatting mosquitoes while eating jack-fruit!! Just kiddin'. I was actually on a high all of july. Common', it is the first time in my life that someone( and a big MNC 4 that) has offered 2 pay me a huge ammount 4 doing some coding in front of a TFT screen( called the computer). Nevertheless, I agree tht a month is too long a period, and i deserve a slap on my back. Ouch!!

It has been an eventful month, with wishes pouring in from all quarters. I also had a trip to Tirupati along with my parents, and the wonderful month ended with a dismal performance in the mid-exams( who the hell created them, and that too thrice a sem?? ) and admist all this the continuing news that our classmates are placed in different companies, completed the days.

More about my trip. It was a long impending trip that my dad had planned months ago, but was just waiting 4 an oppurtune moment. Finally the time came. We left on 19th july, by the tirumala express, and after 2 days stay atop the hill returned back on the 22nd, ofcourse leaving our hair over there. I have got my scalp shaved off, and am now in DAVID BECKHAM - WILL SMITH - VIN DIESEL, with a little of SALMAN KHAN, look; sporting my shining head. The trip was wonderful, and i was dulcet at the magnitude of the following the temple commands( Second in the world, after the VATICAN). The darshan, the accomodation everything had to be booked pre-handedly 2 avoid the long agonising wait. I was told that a particular Seva that takes place on every friday morning has a waiting list running for a couple of years. If we reserve today, we would be bestowed upon with the oppurtunity in 2010!!!. The temple town was bustling with activity, with small time vendors, sharing space with the scores of beggars, and the security personnel, which has beefed after the Mumbai blasts. on the whole ,it was one memorable experience.

Now to a long impending commitment on my part. Many of my peers, my juniors, etc.. have been asking me about my placement experience, and i would like to justify them at this platform. before i start, If you are expecting "a guide to be placed" or something?? Read no further. Coz, i don't think i am eligible enough to guide someone on such important things.

23rd June 2006. A day me, along with my classmates have been looking forward to with a lot of hope, eagerness and anxiety.
The day our placement seaon was starting. TCS was the first company, and we all had screwed up our ass's the entire holidays trying to read about the company and preparing ourselves for the recruitment test.The written test was on the first day, and the quant standard was something even a 10th standard guy would feel ashamed to attempt. It was so damn easy. Breezed through it. Next day was my technical interview, and after a long wait of more than 5hrs, with a clean shaven face and a neat demeanour, i faced the interviewer. I was totally out of speech at the interviewer's, a not-so-young person who seemed to have just quarelled with his wife, questions. I was like - "which language is the guy speaking?" kind of situation. First time at a interview of this level and i commited all the sins that are to be avoided in an interview. The verdict : screwed it up. I M REJECTED.

26th june 2006 : WIPRO was coming today. I was again recharged, and promised to bang with a venegeance. The written test was slightly tough, but nevertheless got through it. Now for the technical interview. This time over i was more confident, well prepared( I studies more than that i do for the sem exams). Finally, after an intriguing wait, was called for the interview at 7:30 in the evening. I went in 'bang on' to the interviewer - a middle aged guy, with a stern look on his face. I showed him my resume, my credentials, and started answering his questions very confidently. He asked me to draw the Micro processor architecture, and when i started it with the registers, he questioned : "Why did you draw this part first?".. i am like "how does it matter??".. Even after answering all his questions, and bearing him grilling me for about half an hour, he said, wit a discerning look : "I am sorry". I was aghast. looked at him in a confused way, and tried to ask him the reason. but he gave another look at my GPA's and repeated : "I am sorry". I wanted to box him on his face. If GPA's were the criteria( Mine is 8.40 ), why the hell this half an hour torture??. I stood up, with a very deep desire to say " F*** off", but said "thank you" and returned back. There go the wipro plans, also. I AM REJECTED.

29th june 2006 : CSC was coming to our college.

30th june 2006 : The day i was destined to be placed. More about it in a week( trust me!!...)

BTW, My brother, Jatin has got a seat in GITAM( yes, My college!!), and he would be joining in the first week of september. Hope, he does not prove to be a hindrance in my undergroung activities at college( read, things meant to be confided from parents:-D...)


  1. Good Update...Nice read...Well we all know you got selected in the next interview...So do write about it. :-))

  2. hmm that tirupati seems to become a commercial place than a devotional place these days...
    anyway congrats for your placement...

  3. hey, i had the impression that u had joined the mafia! welcome back and helll...post regulary from ur tft ok?

  4. Hey leaving the post hanging at such a point is not a nice thing to do at all!

  5. hi dear,
    just surfing n got to stop up by ur blog...
    nice tirupati trip and placement experience...
    nyways..all the luck to you...

  6. heylo bharat

    thanks for stoppin by mine...
    hmm tirupati nice stuff..
    im also planing to go there pretty soon..lets see how things fall into place

    and congrats once again on csc

  7. hey also it helps to be a little careful while mentionign the names of companies...and the employees..

    wouldnt want u to get into trouble

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