Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My lone IIM call.. after all those arduous AIMCATS... toppin them, working hard.. and even managing a 99.36 percentile in CAT. what do i get?? One single IIM call!! IIM - Lucknow. Reason - My slightly low percentile in Verbal ability section.

Anyways, no use crying over spilt milk. Gave it all my might. A hard competition to all. It was scheduled on 17th feb at 2PM at Hotel Monarch, bangalore.

me in panel 2 numbered 9( y does it always have 2 b ??)

Was called in 4 the GD and essay at about 3. They were two panel members and 12 of us in the group. IIML is known for giving abstract topics and it maintained its reputation with us 2. Topic - The most effective way to eradicate poverty is through effective governance. As soon as it was dictated, we were asked to write a small essay on the topic, in about 150 words within 5 minutes. after the stipulated 5 mins, the papers were taken away leaving us to discuss. With such an open ended topic thrown in... it was literally a fish fight in the beginning. everyone hurling in whatever facts they had in hand. Me no less. Chirped in quite a number of times during the process. Overall it was a pretty good GD, but could have been better.

The interview :
the interviews were quite short for everyone, and my turn came pretty early at 4 : 30 itself.
I walked in. It was the same two people who were there for the GD.

My interview went on for about 6 minutes overall.

As i entered in i was asked if i would like to join the agro-business mgmt( ABM) offered by the institute. I initially relented and then informed them that i would like to keep it as my second option. From here started my unpreparedness!!!

initially, was asked the clinched question. tell me about yourself
answered it pretty decently highlighting hobbies, blogging, basketball, CR, etc..

Was asked some questions on Statistics, probability and simple mathematics. Answered them quite well, but surprisingly got confused in a basic concept of Probability. Told the definition of independent events when asked for disjoint events. Mixed up the two even when asked for an example of a disjoint set. Was so confused that they had to explain it to me. All because of unwarranted tense state. The lack of comfort showed so much on my face that one of the panel members actually had to say - Don't feel tensed. Be cool. It is not a stress interview.

Was asked what do i do in free time? said about sports, and then luckily mentioned Blogging.
The younger guy of the two seemed to get interested. He queried on the content of the blog, and also noted down my blog address!! the only feel good factor of the interview. hope he sees it before deciding my fate!!

With this my interview ended, with them asking if i had any questions for them. i replied no.
bid them a thank you, and left the room confidently.


  1. Anonymous4:16 pm

    I dont know why ppl consider blogging as some special ability! most of the 15-16 yr olds do this kind of stuff these days and they do bettter than you.

  2. @ anonymous
    yeah!! agree wid u tht this is no spl ability.. But i guess it shows ur interest 2 write!!! an important attribute required!!!

  3. Thanks a lot! good luck for the results!

  4. The panel guy will see this post too... you really sure about that??

  5. @hiperman :
    thnk u so much.. btw, the call is now converted.. m thru IIML!!!

    @Ramya :
    maybe yes.. maybe not.. but now..who cares??...

  6. congrats for conversion. have a rocking time in L

  7. @ golcha
    thnk u so much.. rock 4 sure!!!

  8. @ golcha
    thnk u so much.. rock 4 sure!!!

  9. Hey anonymous .I Agree that today most of the 15-16 yr olds do this kind of stuff these days.
    But how often do u see some stuff other than pics and plagarisation acts on their blogs.
    other point here is, how regular and how dedicated the person is, in his blog. Looking at this blog I think the blogger has left no stone unturned which in itself is big achievement as the person also has to manage other activities of his life as well.

  10. We love talking about ourselves,dont we??And give it a cool name,blogging...and now say that its some kind of productive habit...champs,arent we!!
    Anyways,congos for IIML,have a nice time there.