Sunday, June 24, 2007


the last one in my itenary. Took me near to three months to complete witing about 6 interviews. tht is to little work according to the standards of the place i am presently in.

Anyways, The IITB GDPI thing was on 17th march. had flied back from bangalore the previous morning, and put up at my mama's place in powai. I was scheduled at 1:30 in the afternoon, and it was pretty borin to even think of speaking out in the hot sun. Anyways, helpless situation.

The whole thing was quite nice arranged, but i felt the IITD thing to have been better organised. We were around 9 of us in the group discussion and it was a case discussion. My participation in the case was prety bad, patrly due tom y laziness, and to the fact that i have already cleared IIFT, and am anyways going to prefer that to this. But, the zea to be able to show converts was the only driving factor.

After a harrowed wait of about half an hour, it was my turn for the interview. There were three panelists. As soon as i walked in with the file, the firs thing they asked me was - "How was your participation in the case?". i honestly, infact with a slight attitude replied that i was not that god. After some delibrations we moved ahead.

Unfortunately, the interview moved towards the technical side, and 80 percent of the questions assked were from acads, in the time period of about 15 minutes. Now that is somthing bad, and unexpected. My answer to most of the questions was a big " I DONT KNOW" or a more diplomatic " I AM NOT TO SURE".. and so.. Finally they wished me luck and thus ended the interview.

p.s. : After the interview process, we had a PAGALGUY meet at cafe Mocha in the hiranandani complex, POWAI. That was fun! 25 odd people. All MBA Aspirants. I didn't know anyone personally, except through the virtual world by their ID's. We had brezers, pastries and also HOOKAH! And then hanged around out in the complex for sometime. It was quite memorable.

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