Wednesday, June 20, 2007


know its quite late in posting this. n well, now i m sure that i am lazy. Just a typing job and this is the time i take.

well, not exactly. Was travelling all these days, and did not have access to a computer for long duratons.

Well coming down to business, the fifth one in the sequence. This one - MDI, hapenned at IIM Bangalore on 15th march. Had to fly form bangalore after attending the NITIE interview there on 13th!!

We were just 8 in the group in the morning 9:30 batch, and 3 did not turn up. So, just 5 of us - 3 guys and 2 girls. For the group discussion we were given a sheet of paper with 2 graphs on it. It had the movement of the GDP growth of the country and the various sectors contributions form it. The GD was pretty good with everyone chirping in a good number of times. It went on for about 15 minutes.

Then the interview. Here the unique thing was that we were not numbered and were told that anyone could be called anytime, after anyone. So we had to be on tenterhooks, always ready. As luck would have it i was the last one to be interviewed.

At around 12 noon, i expected to be called in but one of the panel members himself walked out for a sutta. Then the lady walked out and called me in. The interview startd of informally. As to where i am from, what does my father do, which other calls i hav, n stuff.

Then after the person came back, they started serious quizzing. First some stuff on probability in electronics in which i faltered. They started mocking at me sayin how could i get 9.82 percentile in quant in CAT. Probably trying to check my coolness level. he they asked me to rank the top coleges in the country. This was again tricky, as MDI's place also needed to be put tactfully. The lady then after looking at me resume, asked me some stuf on blogging and went to the extent of asking me to write a couple of lines on the ongoing interview process. During the time i was wrting, the two panelists turned towards each other and started chatting to each other. Funny. Then they grilled me on some current affirs and thus ended the interview.

During the whole 10 - 12 mins of the interview i was being asked to eat some mixture from the plate, drink water, and the panelists were trying to act very informal. They even joked that as IIMB has not given me a call i should eat up this pack and ask them for one more pack of mixture. Overall, the whole interview was very very relaxed, could be called the exact opposite of a stress interview.

Thus, done with the MDI interview. I had a MAGGI in the canten, and went back to the guest house to have a sound nap.

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