Tuesday, May 06, 2008

IN the summer time..

Wrote this in the flight to Vizag

In the jetlite flight. Mumbai to Vizag. Yes baby! Me back home. Nah, don’t worry, me not kicked out of Cadbury yet. Have been sent to vizag for two weeks for a part of my study.

The fortnight is going to be a wonderful, eventful and laded with loads of fun, I am sure.

Have not informed anyone at home about my arrival. Would be good to see their surprised faces, filled with a sense of happiness.

About Cadbury’s and the Mumbai experience. It has been awesome. Landed in Mumbai exactly two weeks back on a Saturday. Went away with Girish (My cousin, working in 3G out here). Spent the night at his PG, and saw the real Mumbai life. Cramped places, fast lives, Single social fabric, filled with loneliness but still people have a smile on their faces. Still people are all bent on invading this metro.

Girish stays in borivalli, which is like on the other side of the metro, from my office at mahalakshmi. So, we went by the Local (nice insights from the local train travel, would come soon in a complete dedicated post for it), to churchgate station where I am supposed to be put up at the Government College Hostel.

Thanks to Rahul, Pavan and others I did land up with some roof over my head, with Rahul as my room mate. We guys from L went for dinner close by, and I retired early to sleep to be ready and fresh for my first Corporate experience. Of course, we also had a trip to the marine drive which is like jus a 2min walk from the hostel also happened.

Now me at home, already a week done, and the study in full process. It feels great to be executing the thing overall, Have realised that planning sitting in the head office is one thing, and hitting the market and executing the plan, talking out with various stakeholders, and convincing them of the plan is a completely different ball game all together.

More in the coming posts….

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    Hi Dear,
    hmm great..must be enjoying at home..

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