Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer shining!

Never thought that there would be an advantage of not knowing any language, but here I am sitting in front of two people commuting in some strange language (Malayalam), and I can’t make anything of it. Talking about the advantage – I don’t have to speak anything (Good it saves my voice). What the heck? I have not come all the way from Mumbai traversing 1000 odd kilometers just to be a silent spectator after completing my job of briefing the moderator. Aah! Wish I knew Malayalam!!

Seriously, I so want to myself interact with the consumers for a better feel of the reaction towards my product here, but am helpless! I am waiting so eagerly for Delhi – Where i myself would be able to interact with the consumers.

I am flying down to Delhi on Monday, would be in the capital on 19th afternoon. Junta in Delhi do ping me, would love to catch up with ya.

My project is going great guns. Am on a all India tour working for my product. Was in Vizag recently, went down to Mumbai for two days for the mid term review, and am now in Cochin ( Yes, God’s own place). Next it is Delhi, and then back to Mumbai. After that a short trip to Vizag to complete the study I started out there. It is a challenging project I should say, and if it turns up in the shape I have visualized, I am sure to be the next FMCG big guy in the country. (Aah! Long dreams I should say!)

Cochin’s an awesome place. I have put up here at MG road (Every major city sure has this road!), and went down to the marine drive yesterday evening ( one other place every major coastal town in the country boasts of!) along with Nirmal Rajoy – My senior at L, who is now headed to AVB group.

Now here I should talk about my last Saturday night in the Vizag trip. Me, Mukesh (Senior at L), Abhinav (Who came down all the way to Vizag from Bangalore > Vijayawada), Gauri, Golu, Sailesh, Abhishek went down to 10D pub. One awesome night it was. Started off with light drinks, graduated to tequila, and then any drink that followed, and gave it a grand finale with the fire shots. One helluva night it was.We partied wild till the wee hours of morning, and then after driving down the others home, me and Abhi were in for some more fun. We went down to Vizag’s night mess – The road outside HSBC call center. Finally, Mom had to call at around 5AM, asking me if I was interested in getting back home any soon! Mom and Dad had to go for their daily walk at 5:30AM, and I had locked the door so that I don’t face any disturbing sleep charges. Now it was high time I get home, lest I be the reason for their missed walking routine and bear the flak.

We got back home at around 5:30 when the sun was up, and people had started their morning jogs. We party revelers had not yet slept. An IIM can seriously screw your biological clock and make you completely unsocial, and insane people blame the call centers for their odd timings! They at least work! We are here awake all night doing nothing productive (Ah! Of course distressing ourselves, if that can be called anything near to productive)

Abhi had a train to catch at 6, and we slept at 5:30 thinking we would wake in 15, but that was not to happen. As expected, we woke up at 9:30, and Abhi was in a fix. Poor guy had a bus to catch at 7 from Vijayawada, and also some pending work to be done. Tight situation!!

We rushed to the station and he managed to get into the yashwantpur express at 11. Hope he reaches on time. I get home, bear the flak for being out all night, and ignoring the social acceptance protocol. Now it was time to get ready and “start” packing. I had a flight to catch at 2 in the afternoon for Mumbai. Dad, mom and Bro all came down to send me off and we went to the airport in a cab. And yeah, I traveled Indian Airlines (Finally something other than a low cost airline!!)

Reached Mumbai at about 5, after a brief halt at Hyderabad. With this constant fear of not being allowed into the hostel, I reached Churchgate, and luckily managed to find Pavan and Kuchi out. I asked Pavan to take in my suitcase, and walked in confidently myself avoiding any kind of eye contact with the watchman out there. Voila! I was here! Back in the hostel. Albeit only for 2 days. Have to leave for Cochin on Wednesday. Slept all evening and night and was in time for the office next day.

2 days in the office, made all travel arrangements, and started off for Cochin on Tuesday late night. Yeah! One more non-low cost airline – Air India. Ah! My fascination with these flying machine (nah! not the jeans brand). Now, Here I am in Cochin raring to go.


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    Hi bharat,
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    Great dear..

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