Thursday, July 03, 2008

Am Famous

Yeah.. I am featured on the latest issues of Business today!! thanak you thank you for all the accolades. here is the print shot. okay, to make things straight my back is famous for now (yeah! that is me in the green tee). I was just wondering how exhilirated i feel seeing my pic in print inn a national magazine. I should sure become a politician to satisfy this need of mine.

Thanks to my brother, Jatin for locating the pic.

It has been a fun 3 weeks in campus. Second year relatively seems to be chill, and am sure its not going to be like this for long. how can it??.. It is IIM L after all. just waiting for the wind sheeter to move away for the storm to hit.

Was involved in loads of activities. pulled up a brilliant hoax. managed to make a record in selling the maximum number of t - shirts by one single committee. We as the Student Exchange committee came out with IIML INDIA tees for the batch to flash along with the exchange students. here is the pic.

One more thing for the STEX committee. we had a brilliant Overtures (intro of the committee to the juniors) with a wonderful video. thanks to the creative heads, along with the organizational heads!! lol
had fun making it. amazing experience. spending nights together in that endeavour, and then the satisfaction with the final output is something that cannot be expressed. ofcourse, alongside the memories of making it would be etched for a long time to come. Here i am acting like SARKAR for the shoot. was edited out later though!! :(

and finally one more media to bombard you with. The Video that we presented in the overtures.

If a picture speaks more than thousand words, i am sure a video speaks a lot more.


  1. I'm guessing your brother is one of the following:
    1. Married

    2. Really proud of you bein in IIM so is searching for you in a magazine article about your insti

    3. Incredibly observant

    because there is no way I would have noticed anything or anyone in the photo, let alone you, except the two chicks in the foreground ;)

  2. @ Rahul:

    well dunno hw u treat ur Bro.. But my bro loves me, and he would go abt finding me in anythin related to IIML.. even if it is the diro's article..

    n u noticing it.. well din expect much 4m u anyways