Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tasteless they say

This post is not meant for people who are not aware of the site pagalguy.com and not recommended even to those who don't visit it frequently. There is a disturbing post out there, which i quote here, and i would not like to spread it.

Continue at your own risk.

pagalguy.com, started of well, targeted a very niche market of MBA aspirants, which has seen a substantial rise in numbers from the time the site was launched. recently they even celebrated their 2 millionth registered user. It has 11 million odd posts in 30 thousand odd threads. topics as diverse as movies, to the last AIMCAT, PM to velagiri, it covered everything, and it was quite informative for people like me, who got a chance to meet so many matching my way of thinking.

Then why did they have to this??. Hosting a video where some C girls are swearing at a rival college, and using 'Tasteless' language. giving it a fancy title - "Indian institute of tasteless language".

To attract more users?? Does it need to stoop to such a low level to gain such numbers? It may defend it saying, This is what happens in Top B-Schools of the country. Yeah! true, but do the aspirants( to whom the site is targeted) really need to know this?

What about the students featured there?? All girls! Future leaders. Creme of the country. I wish these girls take up a defamation suit against these people. PG would say it has blurred the faces to protect identity. A siple search "IIMC XL" shows the video in the top 3 results of YOutube. unblurred here, mind it.

Instead of this, if there was a video or n article on more important issues like "fake" B-schools, trends of the latest courses in these Schools, interviews with successful students, it would be momre beneficial to its student. This is like the typical Indian Masala movie, where i do want to spread the message, but wait! it has to run on the box office, so show mallika sultry boody, and a rain dance by Kangana. Why?? so, to include the first benchers, the lechers! n go to hell with the real purpose of the message movie.

Commercialism creeps in, and has not left even this place. Sad!!

Seriously did not expect this kind of gimmick by a site of such stature to whom i had high regard, and partly owe my being here at L!


  1. I totally agree with your reaction to the post on pagalguy. But dont you think leaving a comment on their web page under their comments section would have more effect? ofcourse at the moment i dont know whether you have actually shared your views with them or not. i tried leaving comments but my id din work - probably coz i hadnt logged in for last 3 years

  2. @Scarecrow: Don think leavin a comment on their page would serve much purpose.. This post was jus to express my anguish at their immaturity.